The teachers from school district 58 were picketing on the 24th, the employer according to a release dated June 5th have also decided to lock them out on three days June 25, 26th and 27th. This is along with a 10 percent cut in pay. The release was published and available on the picket line from striking teachers and outlined what they wanted. A fair deal is their main concern which can be interpreted as a contract. Smaller class sizes and the availability for help for special cases are also on the plate, as well as a pay raise. The public health sector just got a long-term year contract with many of the unions representing them.  The deal is reported to have been ratified. ,

Teachers usually have July and August off ,this practice dates back to agricultural demands on family farms for help and skills transfers to prospective young   farmers.

Today in history: June 26th 1945

The United Nations charter is signed in San Francisco.


Editors note: having a contact gives certainty to all involved and the public in General, in our view it is as important as any other issue.