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The current monarch of Great Britain just celebrated her 88th birthday, that was the official birthday it is celebrated some months apart from her actual one. Elizabeth the second was born on April 22 1926. She was crowned in 1952 on February 6th. Her ancestor Victoria was monarch for 67 years, she has served 62 years and 4 months to this time making her 93 years old to reach the record of Victoria. She has caught  up to George the 3rd who reigned 3 months short of 60 years  to take the second longest crowned monarch in Great Britain.

The Crown of Great Britain has not got power in Canada any longer, neither do her ministers, the legal governing authority is  the Parliament of Canada, however we are not representative government as the Americans are. Referendums and other actions are not binding on Parliament however the parliament can only last 5 years without a general election by the people. The Queen is still technically the commander in chief of our armed forces through the Governor General, this is ceremonial and not functional as the Chief of the defence staff, usually a military officer, is accountable to the Cabinet for this, which can make decisions according to the laws parliament arms them with.

The whole thing is dependant on people who vote in or out members of parliament. Private business is subject to laws of parliament which include permits and regulations that they seek to have as advantageous as possible to their interests. The invisible hand of market capitalism is less invisible in Canada then in the US.

The public interest is something more directly valued then the trickle down sentiment in the US and the recent letting of permission by the Federal Cabinet for a pipeline in British Columbia has many demands above simple economics here. The 209 conditions are as potent now as they were before the approval. As are the 5 conditions of the province.

A birth right extends to all Canadians with residual benefit to her commonwealth historical links as a trickling effect. We value our resources and expect the spending of them to be responsible and as sustainable as possible. An as the implementation of their use comes about, that they would not be dispersed as a drunken resource binge. That public safety and enjoyment of aesthetics will be as important as wealth creation.

So to those that historically braved the seas and risked life and limb for the future peace and prosperity of nations, such as David Thompson,and Simon Fraser ,we say, good day!

Editors Note: lots of luck and good fortune to the federal MPs in British Columbia

Today in history: June 20th 1837

Queen Victoria  becomes monarch of Great Britain.