There is an art show going on at the Old Court House Gallery here in Merritt, British Columbia. Robots is the brain child of two young men one an artist and the other a manager. Critick: Large oil on canvas renderings show impressionist near abstraction views of life. The less then perfect paint applications give the message of a passive on compliance to uniformity.  The form lends to giving expression to those that may question the why and will of a manufactured existence.

The Court House Gallery is at 1840 Nicola Avenue the  Joel Reid’s Robots show runs to June 28th with an artist reception on June 26th.

The shows closing reception was held on June 27th, Catherine OBourne, John Yellowknees, and others were in attendance and the artist Joel Ried was there to introduce the works a 48×48 painting titled face value sold for just over a thousand dollars. The work was in acrylic and was not displayed in the premier wall spot. Joel said that 10 years ago he was called an emerging artist and says he still is. He calls his style expressionism.

Today in History: June 19th 1970

The patent coöperation treaty is signed.