The city is trying out a new way of marking cross-walks, the main work was completed in a timely fashion and as a right of spring by painting contractors, but this week the works foreman and a worker were using a torch to bond cross walk bars on the cross-walks across the way from MacDonald’s of Voght Street. They tried one application last year and it is still serviceable this spring. ” the stop line is very well preserved” ” we are not early opters they have been used elswhere” works foreman.

Cross-walks are by far the safest way to cross a street, however using groups and high-visability clothing is another way to increase your chances of not getting injured. There is no substitute to eye contact with drivers and awareness. Watch for some pickup trucks that have metal pieces between side windows and the back window, especially if they California stop. A person was killed here off Nicola avenue wearing dark clothing and relying on the cross walk to be safe after dark.

Not all pedestrians are licensed drivers to rely on there actions may be folly, and right away is cold comfort to permanent chronic pain.



Today in History: June 18th 1983

Sally Ride becomes the first  American women in space.