No  person is  an island to their self Photo KDG

No person is an island to him self
Photo KDG

The Normandy invasion happened 70 years ago today almost but not quite passed from living memory, soon it will be! The veterans and people who made political office after to win the peace will be gone  leaving only films and accounting in books and a skewed conversations and reminisces. Then will there be a re learning needed? We hope not.

In 1948 the United Nations published the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the aspiration of  a good future for the person and small nations put forward as a goal for humanity.  The declaration was based on the thought that freedom and an inverted triangle might make sure a better future then dominance and compliance had done over the centuries.

Think of those that remember this event but better still use your freedom to better your life and in doing that better everyone’s  by cooperating in an interdependent world.


Today in History: June 6th 1944

Seventy years ago today the battle of Normandy begins, with one hundred fifty-five thousand allied troops landing in France.