Voght park, the site of many events including fire practice and the Merritt Country Run

Voght park, the site of many events including fire practice and the Merritt Country Run

This coming Sunday is the running of the Country run here in Merritt. The annual event is organized as a non-profit to raise moneys to help young people who may be barred from participation in life by a lack of financial support. The event is structured as a non competitive fun day however a serious non professional effort is not ruled out. some runners in earlier years have also competed in Marathons of a more competitive nature and leading to the Boston type marathon. A half marathon is available to those that may try. A running group has met weekly for conditioning in training for the event.

The non competitive fun and inclusive demeanor still applies and we caution that exertion should be reasonable to your physical conditioning level and never rule out a talk to your doctor about a run that may push your level of strength. half marathon, 10k walk/run 5k run/walk are available for registration. At this writing there are 83 people participating. Beside business and school teams.

The run includes an event t-shirt ,rates at a 10 dollars for twice around the track – Through 105 dollars for a family.


Registration closes on Friday June 6th at 6:00 PM: http://merrittcountryrun.ca

Editors note: There is a history of this sort of effort to support activities  like minor hockey participation here in Merritt, including volunteers running the hockey concession and proceeds going to keep fees down .As well as the fireman fill  the boot campaign.



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