There is a teachers, work  action, scheduled for Monday the 26th the local swimming pool is offering support for children effected by the work action, by having a theme day. A person at the pool said the day has no significance other then support for children that may have the day free. They are asking them to bring a lunch with nut free snacks, a source says that there are to many allergies linked to nuts and the pool does not want to have to supervise children with that kind of risk. A retired doctor says that peanuts are especially linked to that sort of thing.

The action affects the public school district and is does not include the college system. A member at work at a local college on Monday said they do not know what the issue is and does not know if they will be supporting it.

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The mainstream media reported 17 districts out on Monday, now there is a teachers strike day scheduled for thursday here at the city run pool , and for district 58.   8.30 to 400 pm For kids.

Today in History:May 27th 1941

The United States declares an “unlimted national emergency”

Today in history: May 27th 1703

Peter the Great founds the City of St Petersburg