The  carnival was in town starting Monday, for set up. On Sunday a man was measuring and putting out stakes in the field on Voght street. Next to the RCMP  station when asked if they had a sponsor  they said yes the local Elks club has sponsored us for 40 years and his contact was a local member Archie Rutz now. After dealing with brother Harold Winfield for a long time.

Both members are known to us and have long reputations in the City here.

The contact said that gambling is curtailed with licensing now ( seemed disappointed ) when asked if they could still play for stuffed animals he said yes but not for place a dollar win  a dollar, for sideshow activities like Crown and Anchor.

West Coast Amusements is a Canadian travelling amusement park company based in Langley, British Columbia. It was founded in 1962 by Bingo Hauser, who has been in show business since the mid forties. Raised and educated in Brandon, Manitoba, Bingo started traveling with carnivals at a very early age and became well versed in the business by operating a number of rides and concessions.

When he first went out on his own Bingo started an animal show, which is where the Lion in the WCA logo comes from. Bingo eventually sold the animals to zoos, bought a Merry Go Round and gradually built West Coast Amusements into the major Midway operation it is today.

WCA is one of Canada’s leading traveling amusement (carnival) companies, entertaining all ages with cost effective, safe, environmentally friendly, and fun services including rides, games, food, and much more.

WCA employs approximately 350 people every year and have four individual units that travel all over Western Canada and Washington State.

WCA is currently run by Robert and Wendy Hauser (son and daughter-in-law of Bingo Hauser) and most of the family also plays a role in West Coast Amusements’ midway operations. (Source Wikipedia)

They are advertised as being in operations here today , April 15th 2014 .

Today in history: April 15th 1955

The McDonald’s restaurant chain dates its founding to the opening of a franchise  in Des plains Illinois by Ray Croc.