The trans mountain expansion project has gotten its hearing from the NEB, national energy board. They still want your advice in the process. here is there latest on the ability to imput the hearing process:

Provide your feedback to help us optimize the proposed pipeline corridor & learn more about the NEB Hearing Order for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

Trans Mountain filed its Facilities Application with the National Energy Board in December 2013 seeking authorization to build and operate its proposed Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

Earlier this week, the National Energy Board (NEB) confirmed that our Application is complete and issued a Hearing Order, which lays out the key steps and schedule for the process to consider the Project. The NEB also released the list of participants for this process and information about upcoming online workshops to provide participants with information and assistance in preparing submissions. Read the news release, or see the full Hearing Order here.

Although we’ve filed our Application, our work to optimize the proposed pipeline corridor is ongoing. We value your feedback. It has, and will continue to be used in our planning as we continue ours. This current engagement focuses on locations where optimization of the study corridor is occurring or where a section of the existing pipeline is returning to service.
This phase of engagement runs until April 17, 2014. All the information you need to participate is available here:

  • Review the maps and proposed pipeline corridor details for your area
  • Submit a feedback form
  • Watch related videos

We want to hear from you. Our engagement is ongoing through the life of the project.

Have your say

Thank you for providing this vital feedback and making our project better!

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project Team

We in Merritt British Columbia have the experience of the single line that trans mountain pipelines operate on a toll basis going right by our community for the past 60 years.  the routing discussion has come up with two premises to base an affirmative opinion that the existing routing is the best option:

There are no land use, environmental or engineering reasons to develop a new right-of-way in the Merritt region

That the airport expansion plans have been taken into account and the pipeline can be modified to accommodate the use of the runway.

  Editors note: there are still 10 days to go to this online form and voice concerns.


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