There are always new Yoga retreats springing up about Merritt.There have never been any complains heard. Yoga retreats are intimate and and a bit reclusive, and they are pricey. this one is 350 dollars for 2 nights 5 vegetarian meals  and 4 yoga classes. With guided hiking and biking. ( private group retreats)

Called Tantu Yoga it is directed by a Lindsey Fehr CY  It is endorsed by the Arts Council, the City of Merritt, the Chamber and some local dance companies. They are proclaiming a new season and their poster centers on a very healthy looking tree.

Editors note : We do not recommend any private retreat no matter how well endorsed without trusted friends or relatives.

Today in History: March 25th 1584

Sir Walter Raleigh gets a patent to colonize Virgina.