The pipeline company that is applying for permission to twin their line from Edmonton to Burnaby is reporting a number of public meetings and consultations through their newsletter.

•    Aboriginal engagement to date has included more than 100 Aboriginal communities and groups and the execution of 76 agreements including Letters or Memorandums of Understanding, capacity funding, and integrated cultural assessments
•    To date, as part of a comprehensive stakeholder engagement program we’ve consulted with thousands of individuals through 82 open houses or workshops along the pipeline and marine corridors and more than 851 meetings between project team members and stakeholder groups
•    This filing also includes a summary of Errata, which identifies and corrects errors in the original filing such as formatting, incorrect page numbers, or a change in scale to a graphic source trans mountain pipeline

The update comes from a filing to the NEB National Energy Board on March 20th 2014.

Trans mountain pipeline has operated a pipeline by tariff for 60 years as it goes by here in Merritt.

Today in History: March 24th 1663

The Province of Carolina in granted to 8 lord proprietors for their help in restoring King Charles the second to the throne of England.