There is going to be an acknowledgement of the service of the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan on May 9th. The country lost 158 dead in its time in Afghanistan. The action was a debarkation from the policy of the Canadian government that came in the 1960s under Lester Pearson of peace keeping. Canadians saw their sons and daughters on a combat mission with engagement that also resulted in thousands of wounded .

Last week there was a report the last Canadian troops left that country. There have been a number of official retreats and can be confusing as to whether or not we are done in Afghanistan if you are not following it.

Since December 2001 Canadian troops have been deployed and various deadlines for deactivation came up in parliament and were extended including an extension announced by PM Stephen Harper that saw Canada remaining in a non combat role untill 2014.

Yesterday the last 90 some troops are reported as arriving in Canada. We look forward to May 9th when they are acknowledged for their service and hope that there is a clear closure and moving on to civil life that day.

We: think that Canada did a superlative job diffusing trouble and leaving it better then it was, which was an ideal that grade school teachers used to give to kids in decades past.

Today in History: March 19th 1962

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