There has been a real transition to self-governing among the First Nations people’s in the Nicola Valley.  Some real markers for the recapture of a near dead culture are here. NVIT is a first nations run public college, it has agreements with major universities for university transfer. They use the facility for traditional feasts and have a FN language dean.

Located behind the senior highschool is a mock-up pit house with architecture that models the original design and demonstrates the importance of circular dynamics of meetings. The Provincial park at Nicola lake also has ancient pit house remains as a topical interest.

The healing of local natives is in some ways apparent including a marked departure from excessive drinking and there is fewer tragic accidents in the last half decade.

The aboriginal mine training association posts employment goals in the near 1000 range and is well on its way to achieving.

There are catagory two, grade schools that are government certified including one at Douglas Lake, featuring kindergarten to grade twelve.

Kudos to visionaries like the late Grand Chief Gordon Antoine for his clear vision and patient resolve to create conditions for success.

Today in history: March 7th 1994

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