The local city council is wanting to re brand Merritt.the city has had the protected brand of “The Country Music Capital of Canada for a several years, this includes the walk of stars and the Canadian Country music hall of fame on Quilchena Avenue. The city hosted the Merritt Mountain Music Festival for more than a decade. and now the local council is putting forward  a rebranding program “farm fresh”. The City has a good farmers market  in the summer months on Voght street and the branding directed to re-enforce that would seem to have been  a fait to complete. However when the press reported it this week the backlash was considerable. So a public meeting for the 12th has been called.

Farm Fresh is depicted by a couple under a blanket standing with their heads covered  in a field.

The meeting is from 6-8 Pm at  the Merritt Civic Center, it is under the auspices of Tota an anachronism for the new tourism plan.


Today in history: March 6th 1899

The Bayer company registers the trademark “Aspirin”