The Nicola Valley Film Society is putting on Kon Tiki on February 17th at 7:30 PM  in the Lecture Theater of the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology.

This is a Norway /Denmark/ UK “2012” . The film has a G rating.

The film is about  travel by raft by Thor Heyerdahl. The voyage  was used to document ability of migration of Polynesian people from South America in antiquity. The film will be with out violence and intrigue and should be a pleasant departure from some of the programing we are used to seeing.

The raft traveled an average of 42.5 miles a day and the voyage took 101 days.  The navigation was not aided by modern navigation and relied on currents such as the Humboldt current and winds. This film is based on a true story of naturalist endeavor.

The film starts at 7:30 and season ticket holders need to be there before 7:15 to make sure of seating. No food or drink in the lecture theater. There is free parking at the college. NVIT is at 4155 Belshaw Avenue Merritt BC Canada.

Today in history: February 3rd 1967

Ronald Ryan is hanged, being the last execution in Australia .