Editorial  view:

There is an 90 cent Canadian dollar on a 73 cent US dollar against the Euro.  Most currency’s are freely traded and we can have confidence that the value reflects current economic conditions including confidence. Political leadership has a lot to do with the confidence of investing capital about the world. However things can not be covered by public relations but people in high profiles can think about the effect of their actions on confidence.

Take the politics out of governance where possible and replace it for an appreciation for the multitudes of young people who trust and have grown up with an expectation that life is right and worthy of their trust.

Don’t be a fraud or a person that undermines. Think about the effect of your actions. KDG

Bissel,s cleaner Photo : KDG

Bissell’s cleaner
Photo : KDG

Today in history: January 31 st 2010

Avatar becomes the first film to gross over 2 billion dollars.