500 volt 120 amp quick charger

500 volt 120 amp quick charger

Most of the main gas stations here in Merritt are selling regular Gasoline at $ 1.20.9 cents a liter. This happened about a week ago .However the best gas price can also be made if you take part in the loyalty programs. Extra Food offers 7 cents a liter in  their trademarked super buck program.

The DC 500 volt quick charger is turned on Voght street this week. A Source says you need an adapter to your particular EV. Tesla has a proprietary one at about 25 dollars.

Gasoline in Kamloops is at $1.14.9 , and a low in Courtney at Coast co is $1.12.9 a liter.

Today in history: January 30th 1964

The Ranger program Ranger 6 is launched.