Tesla is a manufacturer of all electric vehicles in California  has produced 30,000 + units of an all aluminium all electric car. A number of the cars have come through Merritt as  a number of chargers are here. Voght street has a charger for a two-hour charge and is ramping up for a direct current charger that gives one of these cars a full charge in 30 minutes or less.

A source says that the DC unit will be paid for by a prepaid system . Giving the occasion of privacy. DSC_2162


A source says that the 90 thousand dollar units will be joined by a mid thirty thousand dollar one, an about town unit starting in 2016. He also says that the best value for charging is the overnight one with simple 120 volt extension cords at home.

The average car about town is 40 kilometers a day something that can be gained  to full charging with the home charging option.

BC is 95 percent green electricity.

Today in history: January 24 1981

The first Apple Mac goes on sale