There is a meeting coming up for a society that plans on raising a lot of money for a movie house.  Five million dollars is the top of the thermometer that is posted on the sold sign at the site. With the red marker now covering  from zero dollars to 300 thousand.

The not for profit society is not required to have a business plan that shows a profit but needs to have its articles of purpose prove a social good that they intent to fill as a group.

The contacts for the meeting are listed as Dorothy Molnar and Dana Egan, both are downtown business people one the proprietor of The Grand hotel the other a principle with the Brambles bakery on Quilchena avenue.

The plans show pictures of vintage movie houses with multiple showing venues something that may be considered archaic but in the realm of  historical interest. The cost of architects is about 150 thousand and is displayed in the in the red raised marker on the fundraising thermometer at the site.

The group has the support of two city councilors, Clara Norgaard and Kurt Christopherson.

The meeting is December 3rd at 5 PM at Brambles bakery, the group is called Merritt Community Cinema Society

Today in History: December 2nd 2001

Enron corporation files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy