Sharon McIvor

Sharon McIvor

The local community college has a speakers series, its first event of the season last night featured a local member of their faculty, Sharon McIvor. Sharon has an activist’s bent to her career. She is A lawyer but generally refuses income from her place on the bar.  Does not like to practice criminal law,she has however a couple of presidents to her credit including O’Connor vrs Canada were she got on going revisions to the way victims statements are reviewed in sexual assault cases and the McIvor amendment to the Indian act that brought 46,000 grand children of the  Indian women that lost their status over time  through marriage. The women were restored in the 1980s by legislation but their grandchildren were not at that time.

Sharon voiced concerns on poverty oppression and missing or murdered women. she has a voice at the UN through a couple of committees .Sharon also voiced concerns about the relationship of First Nations with the Police. she also said that if it were proportional to population there would be about 19,000 missing or murdered non aboriginal women.

She feels that the way government is addressing issues is by providing money for training to groups, personal safety is the one she took ownership of for her people. She alluded to it being something but seemed less than satisfied.

Sharon McIvor says she was born in the Nicola Valley and can trace her mother’s side as always being here.

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