This morning we talked to a local wood cutter KIm Robinson. We said Archie **** is looking to have a tree fallen in his front yard on Parker drive. ” Archie said that he thought it would be thousands of dollars and was concerned that the pitch wood would be hard to dispose of from the Ponderosa pine that dominates his front yard in front of his house.

Kim showed us his fellers licence and said that it was needed to fall trees for money. He estimated that it cost 30 k to acquire a licence and that inspections are strict and frequent when he uses it to fall snags on the perimeters of cut blocks. “WCB have a real program to check your competence I know of fellers  sited for doing some back cuts and it was on their record for some time.

The estimate is from Kim an experienced  woodsman and he says that you can no longer be grandfathered.

Archie also though there may be a minister around that does that.

Here is the site of the  org that gives the credentials The BC forest safety council:

Editors note: Any one including a minister that does any kind of work for you and is not an employee of a corporation no matter how small is a sole proprietor and if they do not have Workers Compensation Proprietors optional coverage they can recover damages for anything that happens from your assets were you are negligent of diligence.Some house insurance packages will cover you for 3rd party workers but you better know before hand.

Today in history: October 30 1929

The Stuttgart cable car is constructed in Stuttgart Germany