Middleton Petroluem Services tech reading shell station for  the availability of e 85 fuel.

Middleton petroleum Services tech reading shell station for the availability of e 85 fuel.

The local shell station at the top of the hill on Voght street is purging the fuel tanks getting ready for an ethanol upgrade. The technician doing the purge says that ethanol is a cleaner so if they don’t purge the tank of bottom debris then the ethanol will do it and their filters will plug up.

E 85 fuel is up to 85 percent denatured ethanol fuel and 15 percent gasoline. it is often used by flex-fuel vehicles and is popular in corn-growing states in the US midwest.

Other alternatives to gasoline include diesel fuel making sure you have summer grade of winter (stove oil) grade fuel at the right times can be a problem and the cash out lay is greater for a diesel equipped ca;r but users say the economy is good over time.

There is a marked loss in gas mileage depending on the amount of ethanol in the gas, E85 may have less than half ethanol at times for a listing of ethanol free stations go to: http://pure-gas.org/index.jsp?stateprov=BC

Bio fuels are a good thing however the estimate that at 20 percent use of bio fuels would start to cut into the food supply still seem to ring true. Choices and odd man out are still attractive and are often tied to price and what  the person will pay for their preferences.

Update: Today October 1st saw fuel being delivered to the local shell, no e 85. A source says that there is 10 percent ethanol in the regular brand and none in the premium brand. There is a 9 cent price spread between them.

The 10 percent ethanol is said to be the same across the province for Shell stations.

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The Honda Motor Company is founded.