Wheel of knowledge

Wheel of knowledge

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation has a free pop in yoga class at 12:30 at NVIT in the foyer. There is a wheel of knowledge also to spin to find answers to FAQs, they are visiting campus in Penticton and Kelowna in the next few days.

There is a photo contest ” don’t forget to look” 3 prizes for photos of your pop in yoga.

Over 40 have a test, www.gohave1.com

Editors Note: prostrate cancer has come under fire for being over treated of late however detection is important in cancer treatment, may be on progression.

Question of the Wheel: Men can get Breast Cancer? answer yes because breast cancer is defined by the armpit and upper chest to the shoulder area.

Today in History: September 23 1962

The Lincoln center for performing arts opens in New York City