We planted watermelon very early last spring in pots indoors from seeds that I found that had been around for years 4 plants germinated. Because advice came that they should not be moved outside untill the overnight temperature got to 18 celsius they stayed indoors well into July. The end of July and August saw a spreading out over the ground of an interesting plant. When planted we made a sandy hill and cut out about a  5 by 5 foot piece of poly and placed it to keep the weeds down and the moisture in.

There is a full moon on thursday next that’s 10 days from now:http://www.moonphases.info/full-moon-countdown-clock.html  Around here  the common wisdom is to watch for frost on the full moon in September, it may not come and all of September may be available for growing  however it is the time to be cautious.

We pulled some weeds however we are interested in the organic value of the seeds produced by ground including the microbes that are in the weed community. We hope for an organic hardy seed coming from our few melons.

Watermelon grows best in warm climates however it can be grown farther north with some extra care and concern. It is a wonder feeling to produce such a beautiful fruit.

Today in History September 10th 2002

Switzerland joins the UN breaking its tradition of being neutral.