The local swimmg pool is down for maintenance. The Nicola Vally Aquatic Center shuts down every year at this time for about a month on maintenance. Pallet jacks from  Nicola Chain saw rentals and pallets of ‘supplies and materials are evident this morning.

The Nicola Valley Aquatic Center hosts the Merritt Otters swim Club that has a yearly regional meet here that s popular, the local; club has had serious success in its operations including involvement by former MLA Dave Chutter and family.
A source says that along with regular maintenance is a new floor covering a epoxy sand cover that looks like a beach. One souce thinks it is a hundred thousand dollar job and the floor has not been done for 18 years.
Editors: note the Nicola Valley Aquatic center and arena are flagship in the rec program in Merritt and are held with a lot of pride.


Today in history: August 22th 1910

Japan annexes Korea and begins a rule that lasts till the end of the Second World War.