There is some advice published in the window of the Community policing office in respect to riding a bike. ” when on the sidewalk overtake people on the left and ring the your bell as you pass.”
In the last few weeks I have been overtaken on the left while walking several times by fast moving bikes.Not once did any noise come from the bikes and there was a sence of danger as to the possibility of stepping left at the wrong time and being in a collision.
While a drivers licence will give the authorities jurisdiction over a bicycle rider on the publicly maintained highways. Not all riders are licensed and the ones on the sidewalk especially so. People licensed are subject to fines and complaints under the motor vehicle act
however there is no obligation for them to have 3rd party insurance like all other drivers on the road.
All that aside once hit you are hurt and maybe seriously no compensation can give that back. Prevention remains your best defence. Watch out and have a safe good day.

Today in history: August 6, 1960
Cuba takes all American property in a nationalization scheme.