Harry Lali  the unsuccessful incumbant in the May provincial election still has his sign up at his constituency office on Granite Avenue and Garcia street here in Merritt.  He moved out of his office some weeks ago however his name and MLA Fraser Nicola still remain on the outside of the building.

Harry spent many years in the legislature representing our riding, he was a cabinet minister in Glen Clarks NDP  government. His time and tenure was part of an era here in Merritt that saw great things and many close connections to Canadian governments and world dynamics.

It is to early to say if the era is ended here for us however we see the world as being different and closer. People growing up in the engagement era  that Harry had some dealings with are different then the  people in the news in the 20th century a very violent and chaotic time.

At some point some one will have to take the sins down. We are confident that the change in the personality of the world through engagement will remain.

Today in history: July 25, 1917

Sir Robert Borden introduces an income tax in Canada lowest rate 4 percent highest rate is 25 percent. It is to be a temporary measure.