Merit of Merritt

Its good that it is friday….

Around the world in an MGB. We talked to Peter Buckingham and his co driver Kerith Buckingham in the local Coldwater hotel last night. Their  around the world MGB was parked outside as if to rest from its 2010 23000 KM 17 country trip.  Peter said they had started the trip by shipping the car to Beijing China. Peter had also done a bicycle trip in Mainland China in 1982, making for a good start point for the 2010 trip. The trip included northern Iran and 4 -6 thousand year old ruins in the cradle area of the world. He also shipped his car to Melbourne Australia for that part of his trip and its KM tally.

Peter is now capping it off with a trip across Canada west to east and estimates that before he is completely finished he will tally 40 thousand KM.

We hoped that he would not run into( tongue in cheek) John DesBourgh on his  bike trip for MS east , however a friendly road side interaction would be nice.

Today in history: July 12th 1809

Alexander Hamilton dies from wounds received in a duel..