There is an airplane at the Princeton Airstrip about 100 kilometers from us in Merritt. It is a CF100 starfighter from the 1950s  it saw service in the Korean conflict.  The plane had the nickname ” the lead sled “.  It is up on a pedestal and bears the number 420.

The United States made a number of these aircraft available to Canada after it canceled it s own Avro Arrow program.

A local was noted for flying his over his home town of Merritt and braking the sound barrier as a hello to his fellows.

Diagrams and paintings of the Avro Arrow craft show up at antique outlets from time to time here. The company  A.V. roe was organized in Canada in 1945. Its links to  the UK and successes such as the Lancaster bomber the B25 Mitchell  made for a considerable fondness for the old world and its way of doing things.

Princeton BC Canada is a colorful resource town on the Similkameen River and a historic haunt of the Train Robber Bill Miner at the beginning of the 20th century.

It hosts Racing Days ( 45 years of horse racing this year) at the end of July and is in close to the Cascade Mountain range.

Today in History: June 13,1898

The Yukon Territory is established with Dawson as its Capital.