Highland Valley Copper, the huge copper mine that employs 1100 union and 300 staff about 50 minutes from here has opened a community relations office across from the post office on Vought street and the corner of Granite avenue. The Community affairs and environmental team cosits of 11 people at the mine with 2 -3 of them available at the Merritt office. HVC is going trough a major expansion and upgrade of the mill and its buildings.

Mariena Anderson, one of those staffing the office talked of the openness of the mine and said that public tours are available all summer for those that come to the security building at the mine,on tour days.  there is also a learn to fish event coming up in September which is for 16 years and under. A full day including lunch will see instruction in Fly fishing and a catch and release experience in the Trojan pond. The Trojan is the reclaimed water from the Highland Valley milling process that is stocked with fish. Kate Garthwaite is the contact on the team for registration. There is at least one member of the team available monday through friday. Feed back: HVC.Feedback@teck.com , ph1 250 523-2443

Today in History: June 12, 1776

The Virgina declaration of rights adopted.