According to the BC Hydro newsletter the program that rebates 5000 dollars on the purchase of a clean energy vehicle is extended. As well a rebate to install a quicker charger at your home then the 120 volt charger that is readily available is extended as well. the news letter is available at the link below.

There are plans for up to 600 public charging stations across BC by 2016 with 41 in place or planned now.

Editors note; it’s not clear whether 30 minute quick chargers at commercial operations are subject to rebates, we would think that those operations would start to feel a demand for them and since publicly advertised operations are subject to more scrutiny for safety that they may come under a regulation regime.

There are 4/ 2 hour quick chargers here in Merritt BC at unadvertised locations however they can be on smart phone apps.

Today in History: June 5th 1915

Denmark amends its constitution giving women’s suffrage.