The balance tipped on May 1st for the weather again here and some are saying that 30 degree celsius weather is expected this week-end will have us “complaining about the heat”. It seems that people are seldom completely pleased with the weather. One thing we are pleased with is the absence of pollution here. All the Bee hive burners are gone from decades past. The local garbage system has a modern land fill with no burning and standards of daily constant burial. The city has an enviable flower and plant program with beds maintained all summer. The Community’s in bloom program often has legs.

We in our impatience for time to go on should be comforted by Shakespeare’s darling buds of May that always seem to be on time here but only in retrospect.

The long-range forecast here calls for 24 degrees on Sunday with 27 on Monday . It seems that the weather and the psychological balance have both tipped.

Today in History: May 2, 2012

A pastel version of The Scream By Norway‘s Edvard Munch  sells for 120 million dollars.