The penny is out of production here , and the last few months a rounding of formula is in effect; to the nearest nickel. When we offered to pay the 3 cents of the dollar 98 for a large coffee at McDonald’s Sunday we were pleasantly  given a nickel back. Pennies are not about as they were . And the approximately 2 that would have been made for every Canadian this year is obvious by their absence. However outlets still honour them and an unconfirmed source said that they were able to put  a one cent debit transaction through at a local big box that had an add a penny take a penny counter dish at one time.

A counter person agreed that the demise of the penny needs to overcome a lot of poetry and folklore to be complete:

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Put a penny in your shoe for luck

Don’t give a wallet or purse without  a cent in it as a gift.

And of course in all respect to the British homeland, Margret Thatcher’s pennies don’t come from heaven they have to be earned here.


Today in History: April 29,2011

The Royal Wedding of William and Kate.