The hill side to the south-west in Merritt is green. It’s the one that’s visible just under some large condos that Claude Lelievre of Merritt Mountain Entertainment built and were abandoned some years ago. The warmth coming from underground workings that burned for many years is still apparent. The developer Claude Lelievre was said to be making a pond or lake behind the area when he lost all the water to underground workings. The hill-side also had billowed a small column of smoke. The smoke has not been seen for  years and the story of the water loss was talked about as its cause.

The area is shown on the Active Mountain Resort‘s web page . However the abnormal greening  is only apparent in early spring when the surrounding area has not germinated yet.

The Web page has not updated its calender of activities since 2005.

There are unconfirmed reports of  new owners and development plans.

Today in History:  April 8th 1954

Thirty seven people die as a Canadian Air force trainer collides with an airliner over Moosejaw Sask.