The Merritt  Public library is half way through their book sale, 50 cents for paperbacks 1 dollar for  hard cover. There are books such as the 2011 Writers Market, 2012 Martins Criminal Code, Strong’s concordance and a Copy of Emily post written by her daughter Elizabeth L..  As well popular pocket books are arranged in the multi purpose room on six tables, titles include Clear and Present Danger  by Tom Clancy, The Shadow Isle, Katherine Kerr, My Sister’s Keeper,Jodi Picoult and Judas Kiss , J.T. Ellison. A full table of children’s hard cover books are also available.

Magazines are 10 cents.

The book sale goes till the 23th of March, it started on the 12th with 10,000 books withdrawn from 13 district libraries.

Imelda Marcos goes on trial in the Philippines for bribery, embezzlement and racketeering

Today in history: March 20, 1987