We talked to a person who works for the CPR in the Fraser Canyon yesterday. The conversation was about the timeliness of the Coquihalla hyway. We agreed that it was for the World Exposition in Vancouver in 1986, to get people up-country. However the canyon has a peril especially around Jackass Mountain near Hope BC. He said that he is down on the Fraser river below that on the trains and they had a big slide  about 150 feet across recently. He also said they have special power to just push it into the river. ” It would have taken a long time to clear otherwise”.

The Jack Ass  hill on the trans Canada from hope is a sore to transport trucks and people talk about slides that may come as when not if. The royal engineers built the rail bed and roads in the Fraser Canyon before being called back to England in the 19th century. It remains a scenic but cautious route for one to consider if  you wish to see the historic parts of BC.

There is a lot of coal and wheat that is delivered to the seaport by rail  by the Fraser canyon it is worth a trip through it just to appreciate the scale.

Today in history: March 19th 1813

David Livingstone , Scottish explorer is born.