A motorman from Beaver Drilling gave us a conversation last week. He said he is working on a Double Drilling Rig , in the Rocky Mountain Foothills. For natural gas, his state of the art rig is usually involved in oil exploration. The motorman sowed me a key chain model bit and talked about whip-stocking a method of pulling back in a hole and stopping rotation of the String and hydrological turning the bit and controls a horizontally inclined take off. This makes for a managed drilling platform into a field.

Shale gas production has had a dramatic effect on supplies and the industry suffering is setting its hopes on conversions from high carbon use such as coal and oil to clean natural gas. according to the Horn River News in gas suffering Alberta, June 19th 2012, this may take years, and there are concerns it may not be timely for Alberta if major players go elsewhere.

Editors note: There has been a free fall in gas prices since 2009 do to high production,

Today in History: February 25,1919

Oregon puts a penny tax on gasoline becoming the first US state to levy gasoline.

Today in History: February 26th,1993

The world trade center is attacked killing 6 people in an explosion