spray for broad leaf
They are applying herbicides here for broadleaf weeds (dandelion) some people concerned both ways.

By the by there was a film shown here, admission by donation on Tuesday evening: awakening the Skeena. the river is a major BC river touting First Nations sacred status The website had a propaganda warning on it and it followed by a conference; Fraser River Conservation something, a source says that the group had secured 10 million dollars from the Federal Government some years ago to do some conservation work on rivers. That funding gone, the group was looking for more, the Royal Dutch Shell Company coal bed methane permits that came under a four-year moratorium, seems to overtly been credited to them. No word on whether they were successful in securing more. One thing certain the gal that swam the Skeena River to bring awareness got more than wet . Propaganda a side its ironic that the broadleaf spray happened in the same context as the film and conference.

Today in History. May 28 1977:
Supper club fire kills 165 people in Kentucky