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Price penetration, beyond meat…

The A&W has its beyond meat teen burger on for $3.99 until September 8th. The meat substitute is being sold in part as an environmental prerogative. ” It saves the double effort of raising grass then feeding it to cows top make meat. ” The meat patties look and taste similar to hamburger and has a number protein plant based additives.

Hay that pays, hey, twice the claim on the earth File Photo KDG

A mix of nuts, fruits, and plant protein.

The restaurant chain has an ” Ingredient guarantee.” The burger sells regular for $6.99. Available in Merritt until September 8th: Source Christine

On this Day: August 20th 1975

Viking 1 is off to Mars.


TGIF-Ethics down cycle…

File: Photo: KDG

Every one moves in a direction ethically sound to them. So Parliament has an independent ethics commissioner to keep the legislature true to some standard above us. He ruled on Trudeau visiting on the Aga Khans dime as being unethical even though the published standard is that it is only unethical if its not and established family friend paying the fares. But here is the kick, The RCMP security bill was out of sight at least$127,000 dollars. For a regime that came about in part by a feel good Liberal conscience party after the visage of a Vancouver connected drowned refuge child washed up on a foreign shore we all had ethical conflict.

That Christmas no one should have been comfortable in their celebration unless they rationalized it against things like the security bill for the Trudeau Christmas either subvertally or overtly. I guess we don’t need that rationalization any more as the deserving virtue of that image is now overwhelmed by moral tiredness and blame .

In the days ahead lets try to have our ethics go up and sideways instead meeting them on the way down.

On this Day: August 16th 1930

Fiddlesticks is published.

Happy relaxation day…

Hobbies are a good way to relax from pressure ,good landings as well. File photo KDG

On this Day: August 15th 2013

Olinguito confirmed as a species by the Smithsonian.

Every dog or vehicle has its day…

Nissan Leaf, gets DC quick charge in Merritt Sunday July 13th/14 File Photo KDG

On this Day: August 14th 1893

The first vehicle registration in the world is implemented by France.

Trees planted…

These trees didn’t grow.. Voght park, Merritt BC
File photo.

Carbon planet

All that is planted does not grow. However look at this from TD Bank.

Continuing to grow and enhance green spaces for everyone to enjoy.
Supporting the transition to a low carbon economy – with a CAD $100 billion target in low-carbon lending, financing, asset management and other programs by 2030.

Vibrant Planet

Carbon neutral bank

TD claims carbon neutral since 2010 in its operations. One of its mission statements is to ” develop colleagues and act with resect” Something that seems missing in the present social political climate.

Trying not failure

Even though the trees above failed to take effort always leaves a legacy of knowledge!

Canadian Chartered banks excellent.

The chartered bank system in Canada was in the forefront of the survival of the world banking system in the collapse of many large investment banks at the start of the great recession in the decade after the millennium turning. Lets hope they can be as productive in the carbon conflict.

Good luck.

Ethiopa Plants 350 million trees.

Ethiopians planted more than 350,000 trees in just 12 hours on Monday, the country’s minister of innovation and technology announced on Twitter. The mass-tree planting not only helps the environment, it sets a world record, the Associated Press reported.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed created the initiative to help restore Ethiopia’s landscape, which experts say is being eroded by deforestation and climate change, the AP reported.

CBS News

They had help from UN and government but its a good start.

On this Day: August 13th 1913

The first production of UK stainless steel.

TGIF-Bear safety …

Adult Black Bear Canada October 31 2013

Bear warning signs
Black bear attacks are extremely rare. A threatened or predatory black bear will give off warning signs to let you know you are too close. If a black bear stands on its hind legs this is not aggressive behaviour, and the bear is trying to get a better look at you or “catch your scent”.
A defensive bear
A bear that feels threatened will:
salivate excessively and exhale loudly
make huffing, moaning, clacking and popping sounds with its mouth, teeth and jaws
lower its head with its ears drawn back while facing you
charge forward, and/or swat the ground with its paws (known as a ‘bluff’ charge).
A predatory bear
The bear will approach silently, usually in rural or remote areas, and may continue to approach regardless of your attempts to deter them by yelling or throwing rocks. If the bear attacks:
Use bear spray.
Fight back with everything you have.
Do not play dead unless you are sure a mother bear is attacking in defence of her cubs.

Source Ontario Be Bear Wise

Report all encounters to the appropriate authorities, ( BC Conservation officer before an possible encounter with defensive or offensive tone you can access some info from Wild Safe BC human animal conflict mediation.

A tame bear is a dead bear!

Don’t try to make friends!

On this Day: August 9th 1944

Smoky the Bear is born to the US forest service.

BC hydro sleep at night in the heat…

The summer nights heat got you tugging comfort against air conditioning costs? Have a concern for carbon?Hydro says you can sleep in cooler by doing some things:

  • Cotton sheets, they breath.
  • Take sheets out and put them in your fridge for a while.
  • Take a cool shower.
  • Make sure your hydrated.
  • Take your mattress downstairs.

We would ceiling fans may be forcing warm air down (setting left over from the winter), don’t use or change setting. Cold water bottles or cold compress may be good to take to bed with you.

On this Day: August 8th 1991

Warsaw radio tower collapse.

New boxes ,a lot of plastic file photo

Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day.

August 7th is PPP day, while aimed at plastic lids that are hard to open it is also for shrink wrap overuse .Good luck!

On this Day: August 7th 1981

The Washington Star ceases publication.

Plastics up date. Input asked for.

Garbage system seems operator friendly File Photo KDG
Nicola River. Merritt BC…. have a great summer one and all

The provincal government is asking for input on plastic use and regulations, they are interested in views on banning single use plastic for packaging, reducing plastic in the seaways and landfills, increasing deposits and putting them on more items ,and reducing plastic waste overall.

Editors Note: Everyone can do something and if everyone does maybe less government intervention. How about New Years or other celebrations keeping the balloons from getting away, maybe using clips instead of tying so they can be reused. 7.5 billion birthdays at 2.5 balloons could by great funerals for all the people killed in a year from falling coconuts. KDG

On this Day: August 6th 1942

U-210 is sunk by the Canadian Navy.

TGIF-Buskers Licence Free

Merritt BC incorporation File :Photo KDG

An interesting quirk the city of Merritt is offering free business licences to Buskers.

Not a Peddlers licence

Merritt is a little different they issue a full business licence to those that rent or use public property to direct sell. A full business licence gives an inspection regime to the city because you invite the general public to your physical business. They regulate space for retail and other public safety issues. They may attend to inspect as a member of the public or rely on complaints. Many other inspection issues get attention through statutes that regulate health and safety and are by in large the responsibility of higher governments.

Busker a copyright liability

Unless a Busker has written his songs or has a public performers licence from the owners a copyright liability may occur from his playing. In theory the liability may fall on a property owner hosting the performance by permission or omission.

Move along, peddlers licence

A peddlers licence can give a busker at the discretion of an official a temporary licence. A bylaw official may at his discretion impose a move in a number of hours condition. These types of licences are usually only a few dollars.

Friday evening markets ok

Performers are registered by sponsors such as City or Chambers and are not generally soliciting money directly.

Direct sellers licence

A direct sellers licence is required to sell direct for certain industries such as funeral insurance, travel agencies, bill collectors and other vulnerable sales activities. They are also regulated under consumer protection acts that say they have to have a name tag and address on their person. and you have the right to stop payment on checks issued with in a certain time with out violating a contract.

Don’t support begging

There are lots of ways to support free expression safely enjoy the music and keep safe.

On this Day: August 2nd 2018

The first trillion dollar company.

Perseid meteor peak mid August, moon light trouble…

August meteor shower.

Look for meteors from the Perseid shower in early August. The peak will be early mid August and sources say that moonlight will be a problem. ( Can be overcome!)

Peak will bring up to 150 meteors and hour. Comets come from the direction of the Perseus constellation, hence the name. Tonight at midnight the shower will be 44′, altitude 35.6. (44 degrees from true north azimuth, height is degrees over horizon, from Kamloops BC.)

Clear sky August 3rd to 6th Merritt BC

Partly cloudy tonight however not enough to block all showers. There will be good clear sky in Merritt August 3rd – 6th.

On this Day: August 1st 1893

Henry Perky patents shredded wheat.

The local arts council is hosting a mayors gala for the arts on September 28th 2019. The event is having a big band presence with Playmor Junction and Michael Perkins. Dinner, Displays, Cash bar. The event is at the Merritt Civic Center 5- 11 PM and is an arts fundraiser.

Swing Music, Dancing, 1940s-60’s Big Band.

Reserved seating one hundred dollars, early bird rate to August 20th, on line only. Ticket sales end September 21st.

Editors note: This newsworthy event is made more significant by the local projects of the society Ie a community theater facility in progress.

On this Day: July 31st 1933

Gold and silver plates of Darius the 1st found.

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