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TGIF- Parliamentary privilege, working

Toastmasters club,  File Photo KDG

Toastmasters club,
File Photo KDG

The executive of government still need to be members of the house of commons ( Parliament) and a legal communication and interaction privilege exist in parliament and for some blocks around it. Parliamentary privilege allows the provocation of the executive and others and protects those that use it from being prosecuted for slander. House rules however limits the language to be used, you can not call someone a liar with out being banned front the house until either proven or apologised for.
They constructed the government and opposition bench’s at different sides of the house with a distance of ” two swords lengths and an inch”. This accommodates the privilege to use inflammatory accusation to provoke the truth.
It seems to have been effective this week in Canada.

On this Day: May 20th 1969
The battle of Hamburger Hill in Vietnam ends.

Kinder Morgan

Pig catcher for pipeline, File photo KDG

Pig catcher for pipeline, File photo KDG

The Kinder Morgan environmental response team is drilling this week in Nicwala park behind the local lawn bowling facility off Merritt avenue.
Different organizations are involved including Regulators from the regulator, provincial environmental responders and contracts that do the ” integrity work” on the pipeline that runs to Alberta through here to Burnaby.
Today they have a boom and collector spread out on the Nicola River in an exercise they have people stationed on the river with poles to catch anyone that may fall into the fast moving water.
A contractor from Hope that is responsible for the integrity of part of the line says ” every thing is GPS now we know where the welds are within 3 meters with our technology including the smart pig inline sensor”
Jason a person in charge of the response vans pointed out materials for sopping up oil as well as generators and small tools.

On this day: May19th 1921
The US sets quotas on immigration.

Merritt Country Run

 Country run held at Voght park File photo KDG

Country run held at Voght park
File photo KDG

On June 12th there will be the annual running of the Merritt Country Run. Featuring four events a half Marathon, 10 K, 5 K and twice around the park it will have something for all who would participate.
they are advertising a nee d for volunteers. The fund raiser raises money for youth and the registration includes a T shirt that encourages the program.
registration is required and Four persons may register as a team.

On this Day : May 18th 1926
Evangelist Aimee Semple MacPherson disappears while on a California beach.

Rocking on the river

Lowlands of Coldwater river, on way to festival grounds has log home... File photo KDG

Lowlands of Coldwater river, on way to festival grounds has log home…
File photo KDG

Kenney Hess and his country crowd is having a festival on the grounds of the old Merritt Mountain festival again this summer.
the Merritt Rockin river festival is on July 28th-31st 2016 and feature Sam hunt, Dean Brody, Randy Houser John Michael Montgomery and many more.
The festival grounds are on the Ewalt ranch, east of Merritt and include the Coldwater river meandering through on its way to meet the Nicola river.
The area was a center for coal mining from the end of the 19th century and looks down into the Nicola Valley and ghosts its railway roots.
Kenney Hess is a Canadian performer from the lower mainland of BC and has been a stalwart for country music at previous Merritt Festivals.
Tickets are at
Some campsites are sold out now there is a comprehensive list of protocols at the organizers web site including:”You can consume alcohol in your campsite, but you are not permitted to walk around the campgrounds or on roadways with alcohol. Alcohol will be confiscated and not returned and you could be subject to removal from the festival grounds.”

Editors Note: please think in terms of respecting neighboring property and enjoyment rights when planning to attend  or explore about Merritt. There are two travel info centers here to help you with the planning. As well there is a Chamber of Commerce office at city hall on Voght street Merritt..

On this day: May17th 1994
Malawi has its first multi party elections.

TGIF- Adopt a road

The City crews were out putting up a sign across from the MacDonald’s on River Ranch Road. The sign was an adopt a road sign and it is because the Vintage Car Club of Canada’s local chapter adopted the walking trail that runs from the River ranch road corner west to the Court House across from the Hospital. The trail was put in last year by BC Hydro in part, it is free of over head lines.
The club will be having clean up bees in the future as their part in its use, according to a source.

On this day: May 13th 1958

The Trademark Velcro is registered.

150 years, July 1st 2017

Next year will be one hundred and fifty years of confederation of our country. The country was privileged to benefit from the rule of law and process to bring willing participants into the fold.

Beaver hole

Beaver hole

To get into the nation a legislature debated the merits and passed a law. Then an agreement was signed and ratified by the populace.

Canadian Beaver File Photo KDG

Canadian Beaver
File Photo KDG

Since the early 1980s the process to admit or change the structure of Canada has matured and been made very stable. The constitution act  once enacted has reflected a sense of closure to the age and deportment of a mature nation, and next year on July 1st there will be an opportunity to appreciate that. To accept that closure and permanence. Perhaps to be thankful that people can rest from nation building into a life that enjoys the peace and security that it affords.

Lunch for the national symbol File Photo KDG

Lunch for the national symbol
File Photo KDG

A year and a couple of months will go fast and forethought on how and with who you will acknowledge our good fortune. It came from a lot of work. It will be an opportunity for one of those ” moments in time” that comes rarely to individuals.
Until then, peace, order and good government to you and yours and especially its recent demonstration in Fort McMurray.

Kudos to all involved.

On this day: May 12th 1870

Manitoba is legislated into existence in Canada.

Jobber parts

pats clutch
The cost of regular parts from manufactures can be a problem. However there are lots of jobber parts. These are made for replacement of vehicle factory parts that are expensive. Warranty as anything else is not effected by these things in a general sense because all parts are warrantied for ” manufacturers defect” and the failure must demonstrate that. Abuse can’t make warranties  void if there was a defect.

Canadian Standards Association SA

CSA Group provides manufacturers of automobiles, automotive components and motorcycles testing and verification services for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrical safety (for hybrids and electric vehicles), environmental requirements and industry standards.

Our laboratories are equipped with the necessary support and simulation equipment such as active chassis dynamometer, exhaust gas extraction, signal monitoring systems (CAN/LIN-Bus) and remote control systems, etc. With our EMC accreditations by the Automotive EMC Laboratory Recognition Program (AEMCLRP), the German Accreditation Body (KBA), the Luxembourg Accreditation Body (SNCH) as well the Taiwanese Body (VSCC), we are able to provide you with dedicated, knowledgeable experts who understand the necessary approvals to market your products worldwide.

This is the top of the line for comfort and confidence. Still for all the do it your selfers out there, thanks for keeping them honest by using Canadian Tire, Auto Par ,and  others stuff .


On this day: May 11th 1910
Glacier National Park is established in Montana.

Happy census day

Where are you living... File Photo KDG

Where are you living…
File Photo KDG

Today you are counted at the where you are domiciled. It makes a difference for local federal funding for hospitals etc.

Fill out the form or go online and enter the code from the form. There is a long and a short form most people get the short one.


On this Day: May 10th 1824

The National gallery in London opens to the public.

TGIF-Bug spraying, over head aircraft

Helicopters doing work can be an overhead hazard File photo KDG

Helicopters doing work can be an overhead hazard
File photo KDG


A helicopter was seen over the nature preserve off Blackwell Avenue , the Nicola River and Dr. Simons hay field. The aircraft was carrying an application bucket. Fields are sprayed for mosquito larva at this time of year.
The preserve has a large mature eagles nest on it the rotors of the bell 206 came within an estimate 100 of the nest.

Mosquito-control operations are targeted against three different problems:
1.Nuisance mosquitoes bother people around homes or in parks and recreational areas;
2.Economically important mosquitoes reduce real estate values, adversely affect tourism and related business interests, or negatively impact livestock or poultry production;
3.Public health is the focus when mosquitoes are vectors, or transmitters, of infectious disease.

: source Wikipedia

Helicopter drop buckets are also used in fire fighting and Merritt hosts a training center for summer crews to qualify for the suppression crews.

Creatures of the  forests such as eagles and even household pets fall victim to the expedience of emergencies, but a cavalier attitude should never be allowed to develop. In particular in practice situations.

On this Day: May 6th 1997

The Bank of England becomes separate from the British Government.

Europe Day

These young men were from Eastern Europe and were going across Canada, observing freedom of movement. File Photo KDG

These young men were from Eastern Europe and were going across Canada, observing freedom of movement.
File Photo KDG

On this Day: May 5th 1964
The Council of Europe makes May 5th, Europe Day.
( May 9th for the European Union)

Since 2003, Ukraine celebrates Europe Day on the third Saturday of May

Interior Salish Piece

Kathy at the Old Courthouse Galley says that this piece of art is Interior Salish First Nations and is a little uncommon as most art is Northwest Coast, First Nations in BC. The piece is being kept at the Gallery, on Nicola Avenue.
The Gallery is having a showing of 10 local artists starting Saturday including
three with international renown. Pious Chong, Arnold Mosley and others. The show runs from Friday the 6th to the end of May. Gallery times are three days a week Thursday through Saturday afternoons.
The show is to remember local “master” artist Dianne Kiernan would passed away to cancer recently. Dianne maintained one of the historical homes in the 1800 block of Granite Avenue, a half block from the gallery. she was an established artist in Vancouver but spent summers here.
Saturday the 7th of May sees the artist reception. The Merritt Courthouse Gallery is at 1840 Nicola Avenue in Merritt. :

On this Day: May 4rth 1953
The Old Man and the Sea wins Earnest Hemingway a Pulitzer Prize.

Nicola Avenue upgrade


Water and sewer File photo KDG

Water and sewer
File photo KDG

The city works foreman was walking up Nicola Avenue with blueprints under his arm on Monday. The city is starting a needed upgrade of the infrastructure in the Nicola Avenue. The road is highway 8 or 97C and a funding arrangement was made with the provincial highways branch to pay for the upgrade. local residents will be affected by signage and construction as well as the Old Court House Gallery and the Love to Dance studio.
Merritt is progressive in water and discharge pipe upgrades and summer rarely goes with out a project.

On this day: May 3rd 2000

The sport of geocaching begins using GPS markers.


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