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Wind breaks tree. File photo.

Sap is starting to run watch some of those big limbs for stress.


On this Day: April 27th 1981

The computer mouse is introduced by Xerox.

More then just Black and White

Community Art Show youth winner, 50 dollars prize. File Photo

There is an artist reception for the April March showing at the Old Court House Gallery on Thursday night, April 27th at 4 PM. The show is by high school students from Merritt Secondary School.
The show runs to March 5th Gallery hours are Thursdays/Fridays noon to 6, Saturday noon to 3 pm.
The show is a segment of School district 58s Canada 150 “what’s the big idea” Festival of the Arts.
Editors Note: May is the right month not March.
The Old Court House Gallery is at 1840 Nicola Avenue in Merritt, BC, Canada.
On this Day: April 26th 1970

A convention regulating world international intellectual property is in force.


DSC_3709 (7)

No its not the Ogopogo it was a fast moving energetic River Otter, in the Nicola river last week.


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North American river otter
LutraCanadensis fullres.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Mustelidae
Genus: Lontra
Species: L. canadensis
Binomial name
Lontra canadensis
(Schreber, 1777)
see text
Lutra canadensis

The North American river otter (Lontra canadensis), also known as the northern river otter or the common otter, is a semiaquatic mammal endemic to the North American continent found in and along its waterways and coasts. An adult river otter can weigh between 5.0 and 14 kg (11.0 and 30.9 lb). The river otter is protected and insulated by a thick, water-repellent coat of fur.

The river otter, a member of the subfamily Lutrinae in the weasel family (Mustelidae), is equally versatile in the water and on land. It establishes a burrow close to the water’s edge in river, lake, swamp, coastal shoreline, tidal flat, or estuary ecosystems. The den typically has many tunnel openings, one of which generally allows the otter to enter and exit the body of water. Female otters give birth in these underground burrows, producing litters of one to six young.

North American river otters, like most predators, prey upon the most readily accessible species. Fish is a favored food among the otters, but they also consume various amphibians (such as salamanders and frogs[2]), freshwater clams, mussels, snails, small turtles and crayfish. Instances of river otters eating small mammals and occasionally birds have been reported as well.


On this Day: April 25th 1959

The Saint Lawrence Seaway  better opens Canada to the Atlantic Ocean.

TGIF-Happy 91st Birthday Elizabeth Winsor Rex

The old court house on Nicola avenue , in Merritt
File Photo KDG


On this Day: April 21st 1952

Secretary’s Day is first observed.

Dispute resolution mechanism

Grass lands producing grass for cattle are in demand for feed lots and dairy cows They feed for winter as well. for meat producers.
File Photo KDG


The North American Free Trade agreement was touted as not a perfect fix but what was desirable was the fact that it included a dispute resolution mechanism or board.

There are lots of ways to solve an impasse :

Chapter 11 establishes a mechanism for the settlement of investment disputes that assures both equal treatment among investors of the Parties to the Agreement in accordance with the principle of international reciprocity and due process before an impartial tribunal. A NAFTA investor who alleges that a host government has breached its investment obligations under Chapter 11 may, at its option, have recourse to one of the following arbitral mechanisms:

  • the World Bank’s International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID);
  • ICSID’s Additional Facility Rules; and
  • the rules of the United Nations Commission for International Trade Law (UNCITRAL Rules).

Trade infractions or disputes also have an option:

Article 1904 establishes a mechanism to provide an alternative to judicial review by domestic courts of final determinations in antidumping and countervailing duty cases, with review by independent binational panels. A Panel is established when a Request for Panel Review is filed with the NAFTA Secretariat by an industry asking for a review of an investigating authority’s decision involving imports from a NAFTA country.

It seems there is nothing cowboy about the structure and article 19s binational provision seems like it would be attractive at this time.

There are 118 decisions listed with the NAFTA secretariat some taking more time that others and more reports. things range from red raspberries to hot rolled carbon steel plate.

Is it still attractive is a milk dispute out of reach for a filing?

Friends don’t take friends to….

Corn grown in the Nicola Valley
File Photo KDG

Need to be more friendly?

On this Day: April 20th 1918

The Red Baron shoots down his 8oth and last kill before his death on the 21st.


The Nicola Valley Film Society presents its Canada 150 special film tonight at 7PM in the lecture theater at NVIT. The film is in the Lecture hall, top of the hill Belshaw avenue on the north end of the city. Admission is free.
A number of films are being presented in the 150 program in different communities but film night is tonight.

First come first serve.

On this Day: April 19th 1987

The Simpsons first appear on TV as a short on the Tracy Ulman show.


Swedish Columnar Poplar

Nicola Avenue Beautification
Photo KDG

The new pavement on Nicola avenue in Merritt BC is getting beautification and it includes a type of poplar tree. Swedish Columnar Poplar is also known as Swedish Columnar Aspen. Transplanted at 10 feet it will go to 40 feet in an erect and towering disposition.

They are best grown in full sun.

On this Day: April 18th 1506

The corner- stone of the current St Peters Basilica is laid.


TGIF- enjoy the weekend

moon rising 5/6/12

On this Day: April 14th 1986
Hailstones weighing over 2 lbs fall in Bangladesh killing 92.

Happy Easter

Crocus flowers
File photo KDG

The forecast here in Merritt at 700 meters is for near 20 C for Sunday. Resurrection tulips are pulling hard…
On this day: April 13th 1997
Tiger Woods becomes the youngest golfer to win the Masters.



File photo KDG

The posters are up at the public library for the Nicola Valley Film Societies special presentation of “Water” for Canada 150.
Canada on Screen is a number of different films for the anniversary of confederation.
The screening is free on Wednesday April 19, 2017 at the local community college lecture theater. No food or beverage in the theater. Start time is 7 oclock, fist come first serve.

Rated PG

On this Day: April 12th 1917

The battle for Vimy Ridge ends with an allied victory.

Writ Day…..

The true north strong and free…Photo KDG:

Today is the last day that 3rd party advertising sponsors can run ads or poll for candidates as the writ is to drop. For independent sponsors to advertise and poll after this they must be registered ,and the candidate is subject to a spending limit on third party advertisement.

 October 2012 – The BC Court of Appeal found that the sections restricting third party advertising during the pre-campaign period were unconstitutional.  As a result there are currently no restrictions on election advertising conducted by independent third parties until a writ is issued for an election.  The requirements to be registered with Elections BC and comply with spending limits remain in effect for election advertising sponsored by third parties during a campaign period.

Three candidates are nominated in Fraser Nicola and can be viewed at:

Nominations end April 18th.

On this Day: April 11th 1710

Copyright law comes to effect in Britain through the Statute of Anne.


TGIF- election

Nicola Avenue Merritt lit up for after pavement and traffic island redo.

The writ has not dropped yet however there is an Elections BC office on Voght St. here in Merritt across from the Credit Union.

The Incumbent Jackie Tegart has an election office in the Rail Yard Mall, her constituency office remains the same at 2152 Quilchena avenue. Harry Lali is nominated for the NDP.
The Writ period is 50 days,( usual ) . The writ day is April 11th according to elections BC. April 18th is the last day to register as a candidate. The General vote is May 9th. making the writ period 19days in April and 9 days in May . That makes for 28 days of campaigning.

On this Day: April 7th 1906

Mount Vesuvius erupts destroying Naples Italy.

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