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Art walk July 4-31 2017

Art displayed at the Baillie house
File Photo. KDG

Local Art
The local Chamber is having its annual Art Walk again this summer. Starting on July fourth and running the length of July, local artists are having their art in local business places.

A limited number of  bracelets will be available on the 4rth for 5 dollars at the Chamber office on Voght street. A bead will be at participating business’s, complete the bracelet and you can enter a draw.

Local Gale Simpsons art is available for viewing at the Merritt Desert  Lobby Inn at this writing.

On this Day: June 27th 1750
General Wolfe begins his assault on French Canada.

TGIF$1.14.9 a liter

A fuel truck delivers gasoline to a service station
File Photo KDG

Gasoline is down another cent a liter here this week.  A good test weekend is coming this Sunday will be getting to near 40 degrees followed by 30 degree weather for the week ahead. Summer driving is apon us however grade schools last day of instruction is June 29th and June 30th an administration day.  Summer driving may increase after as a result. All 5 service stations in Merritt are the same price at this writing.




On this Day: June 23rd 1946

The Vancouver Island earthquake shakes the west coast of Canada.





Not monopoly,a freebie!


File Photo KDG

The City of Merritt offers the old site of the historic city hall in the downtown as a poetic remedy to downtown parking. The City offices that once had the towns two policemen and cells as well as the library and some of the fire brigade was torn down decades ago. The lot was paved and meters placed. The lot was not used and later after free parking was allowed started to be used.
The downtown core was born in the horse age and was a progressive Edwardian town, however parking was always at a premium in the auto age and non conforming off street parking always a contention.
The plans for a new downtown theater has a parking concerns that may be addressed by reserve funds or opening times. There are only a few blocks in the old downtown core and there are no parking meters in Merritt. What they have done is made extensive walking trails and off lease dog parks available and in a progressive way placed EV chargers and an interesting downtown tourist info center.
The free parking lot is at the corner of Granite and Garcia. The City tourist center at Voght and Mamette adjacent city hall.

Its worth a walk in the clean air and sensible layout.


On this Day: June 22 1825

The British Government ends the feudal system in North America.




The last National Aboriginal Day

Dr.Eugene Atleos speaks to staff members and interested public at the , NVIT Speakers series
He is now a former grand chief.
File Photo KDG

June 21st National Aboriginal Day this year will be its last observance as sources say next year it will be National Indigenous Peoples Day.

What’s the difference besides a lot of printing changes.

Aboriginal, a group of first people’s Indigenous a collective term for first people’s, so you should not have to struggle with Metis, Indian , First Nations, Native should all apply without offence to Indigenous.

Canada according to Former PM John Diefenbaker was not to be hyphenated Irish Canadian etc however indigenous will go some way in relieving aboriginals PP


On this day: June 21st 1957

Canada gets its first female member of the Cabinet as Ellen Fairclough is sworn in.


World Refugee Day

 File Photo KDG

No it’s not everyone going to space. It is the observation of the world-wide trauma of refugees and the events that cause them.

About 70 million people in the world today are refugees. Earthquakes, volcanos, and other natural disasters are responsible for many , refugees from strife remain the most actionable and preventable to this day.

The asylum program in Canada works to provide refugee protection to people in Canada who:

  • have a well-founded fear of persecution or
  • are at risk of torture, or cruel or unusual punishment in their home countries

Not everyone is eligible to seek asylum. For example, people are not eligible to make a claim if they have:

  • been convicted of serious criminal offences or
  • had previous refugee claims denied by Canada.: Source Government of Canada

On this Day: June 20th 1982

The asteriod Eureka is found.


TGIF-Hot dog

Down town core of Merritt, File Photo KDG


Tina Vesper is selling hotdogs in front of the Royal Bank. She operated a truck concessionary some years ago and would travel to public events such as baseball games.
The step up to the bank has been vacant of vendors since Manuel gave up his stand a number of years ago. Manuel had a union job at the local saw mill and did it as a form of self expression /enjoyment.

The Royal bank, Merritt branch is at the corner of Garcia and Quilchena in Merritt British Columbia Canada. Tina says Saturday she will be at the Home building supply corner of Voght and Coldwater. She has also set up shop at the Spirit Square and the Saturday farmers market.


On this Day: June 16th 1963

The first women in Space Soviet Valentina Tereshkova.

Happy Flag Day:

Norgaard flag

The flag the flies atop the hill entering Merritt from the west highway 8, it is kept by the ready mix company that owns the land and gravel pit. File Photo KDG

Canada got its flag from the minority government of Lester Person in the 1960s. Replacing the red ensign with a Union Jack in the corner it was the result of  a poll sent out with a  3 choice question  to all Canadians. the choice of a single maple leaf  was widely excepted and is an example of successful consultation around the world.

The record of parliament does not reflect this acceptance as closure on the debate was necessary. The fact that many personal preferences of politicians such as the “Pearson Pennant” were not taken may be in part the reason for public  acceptance.

Prime Minister  made June 15th 1996 flag day after coming to office in the 1993 election.

Editors note: There are many people of good will and make fine choices for parliament however there is a saying that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel,( worst case)  combine that with  nationalism and you may have trouble,you be the judge…

After sitting 210 days, an extended parliamentary session ends in December 1964 as the House of Commons votes for closure on the flag debate. The motion, introduced by the ruling Liberal party, puts an end to a wild session of name-calling and intricate political manoeuvering. Opposition leader John Diefenbaker says closure is bad for the parliamentary system and accuses Pearson of trying to impose his flag on the people. New Democratic Party leader Tommy Douglas says he’s glad to see an end to the Progressive Conservative filibuster, although the Liberals are to blame because they pushed for the maple leaf flag. Liberal member of Parliament John Matheson says the new design’s use of the national colours of red and white, rather than blue, is more “correct” for Canada because blue harks back to the Queen.        Source CBC


On this Day: June 15th 1996

Flag day is proclaimed ..


US Flag day


 american motor cyvle driver, US army captain

File Photo KDG


The United States adopted its flag on June 14th 1777. It has gained associated credibility in  number of conflicts and lost some of it in others.  The equality of people was supported in the US revolution, being self evident. Further no taxation without representation and other ideals it has stood for have made for a bloody and conflict ridden path for “old glory” to follow in the pursuit of freedom.

The US is also one of the most incarcerating countries in the world and is less forgiving to those that mix up liberty with licence.

Editors note: US incarceration rate is 716 persons per 100 thousand, they hold 22 percent of the world prisoners, and spent approaching 80 billion in 2007. The US is less then 5 percent of the worlds population. 2007 US Justice

2017: 660 odd to 100,000

On this Day: June 14th 1946

Donald Trump born, Jamaica Medical Center NY.

Golf-Fourteen holes

keeps his eye on the ball
at the Nicola Valley Golf and Golf and Country Club in Merritt
File Photo KDG

Water on the local links have deterred golfers this spring. Some came out when 4 holes of 9 were available now 7 of 9 are available because of water and fairway damage.

About 700 feet of rock rip rap were placed on the Nicola River bank on the north side of the links as well as some turf replacement in a coincidence that BC Hydro had buried electric cable and services last winter .

The seniors tournament for this Friday has been rescheduled for September 15th, the 75 dollar entry fee ( includes a prime rib ) stays the same. Carts an additional 15 dollars.

A 600 membership fee for new members is still being offered. The people on the links today were enjoying the course even though some of the esthetics were less then perfect. All trees remain standing and in glorious bloom.

On this Day: June 13th 1898

The Yukon territory of Canada is formed with Dawson as its Capital.

TGIF-Hung Parliament Opinion

The May 9th election saw a possible hung parliament! We gave 43 seats of the 87 to the incumbent Liberal government. Forty one seats to the last opposition party and three to independents.
A minority government passing a budget could happen if the independents support a confidence vote. If the speaker comes from either the opposition or the independents then it would be a hung parliament with out the independents vote as the speaker must support the status quo.
The government will run out of budget sometime before the end of the calendar year, that leaves warrants until the 5 year constitutional rule that no government can last more then 5 years should apply.
If no other party comes to the support of the liberal government by taking the speakers chair or voting to pass a confidence motion then the writ of 2013 should expire and an election should occur.
That gives basically a year of status quo to enjoy, you can hardly buy that for love or money! Parliament is going to be recalled on June 22nd the first oppurtunity for a speaker…

On this Day: June 9th 1934

Donald Duck makes his film debut.

Leonard George

Leonard George has the arts council Old Courthouse Gallery show for June. Titled in the Siege of Roots , the grandson of first nations actor Dan George presents his aboriginal impressionist collection with  two new additions. Featuring  the eye George in his  first new rendition shows the focal face of a large predator cat with compelling  engaging eyes. A single eye centers the other painting in an impression of Cambodian elephants and temple tops “a  retrospective”

Dorothy Spahan also has a first nations pine needle display as well as mini teepees.

On this Day: June 8th 793

Vikings raiding Northumbria starts the practice of Norse activity in the British isles.


All that remains of the Kengard Apartments.
Photo KDG

The Kengard apartment building  on Merritt Avenue was torn down after a fire earlier this year, leaving a pile of broken foundation blocks.


On this Day: June 7th 1975

The first world cup of Cricket game….

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