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TGIF-Happy ” Hot enough for you Day”

David Suzuki Foundation ” Hot Enough for you Day”

Today is the Hot enough for you Day, A voice of caution that is needful in your times.

July in Merritt ,gives sunflowers.
File Photo KDG

Sun Dog: June 12th 2021, Merritt BC.

Bryan Adams Please forgive me.

On this Day: July 23rd 1840:

Act union, the province of Canada comes into being.

Have a great weekend!

The Olympics are on with the official opening on tomorrow. The thing to watch is Softball and in particular the Canadian team. The spring time community sport is one of the host countries three choices of non regular sports in the Olympic line up. The Japanese like softball and it has a place in its communities as a regular sport.

Safe at home, File photo KDG

Japan has its first game won against Australia ,8-1 on the Wednesday opener.

Gold medal game 1 Yokohama baseball stadium July 27th, 11am.

The Canadian team is going for gold, what else is new.

On this Day: July 22nd 1976

Japan completes reparations for Philippines occupation in the second world war .

The civics of sports is a good thing for all and most for the young..

As BC said: we are all in this together…

Original thought July 8th 2021:

Toast the future,


and remember your friends…

Summer Wine : Ville Valo and Natalia Avelon

Recorded earlier

Goodness and health to you and yours this summer.

On this Day: July 8th 1775

The Olive Branch Petition.

Space launch Jeff B…

Moon base coming…

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On this Day : July 20th 1940

The first freeway in California.

Covid-19 on to normal!

Friday new cases 45 confirmed, weekly average 56…

Stage 3 in effect for return to normal.

File Photo KDG

Stay out of the hospital…

Summer and seasonal considerations are working along with vaccinations to lower the new cases down to a manageable amount. Vaccinations are central to the health authorities program to leaving restrictions in September. The key to the thinking is that when enough people are vaccinated to keep the systems going then restrictions will come off. This will leave a minority of people that could suffer at a rate the same or greater then when the whole population was at risk. These can be a awful personal tragic suffering with remorse and guilt that will be harsh when realising vaccination was within easy reach.

Yes some may have A symptomatic reactions and be strong enough to live through this disease but some will be a big burden on those close to them. Neglecting vaccination could be considered as selfish. We recommend that you shallow your pride and get the shot.

Do it! Small pox, Polio and to some extent TB are gone because of science and cooperation. So its academic do the deed, today!

On this Day: July 19th 1983

The first 3D scan of a human head.

The Phase 4 restart in BC begins after the Labour Day holiday on September 6th. Will Covid -19 get another popular day with the cowboy bunch in Merritt. It seems to be maybe the 62nd annual rodeo in 2020 was cancelled according to the website. The organization has events in August including a drive inn movie night and little britches. Good luck and good bubble. And at this writing is planning for a 2021 63rd annual event.

Rodeo weekend in Merritt File Photo KDG

On this Day: July 16th 1377

King Richard the second of England crowned.

Have a great weekend…

Suits the Country…

As reported by TechCrunch in July 2018, aviation currently accounts for four percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. With this flight, Norway announced plans to do their part to cut into that number and fly all short-haul flights from its airports on electric planes by 2040. While current models of the Alpha Electro G2 aircraft only seat two people, multiple companies around the world are working on plans to develop commercial-ready electric aircrafts. No commercial airplanes are currently in the production stages of development, but the officials believe they will be ready in time to be implemented prior the the self-imposed 2040 deadline.

Norwegian officials believe the goal is possible due to the layout of the country’s airports. Commercial airports are spread across the country but the vast majority connect via short flights on smaller aircrafts, making it a viable step towards the country’s goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Regional district Rep aircraft,
File Photo KDG

Chevron oil running progressive research adds July 2021..

It is human to try, according to Chevron they are looking at everything from electric , solar , and fusion to diversify energy. It looks like one politician found a way to save the environment by getting at least a half century of use from a bush wheeled airplane here in Merritt BC, It is human to try, and every one can support future concerns in their own way. If it suits them and the country!

100 million cars off the road…

A concept that immediate relief may need 100s of millions of cars off the road may not be that far away for North America. Rotating seasons of use restrictions by imposing mandated even odd day licence plate use may be a proactive measure to curb consumption. That measure would surely produce reliable data on cause and effect. Something to think about on our next 50 degree day. Were all in this together!

Transit is an option, including air transit where it fits. The saying we will overcome this by hard work, and application of good morals , and a little belief may not work on the macro level but in spots it still flies.

2018 a record year for EV sales in he US.

A 64 % increase in electric vehicles in the US in 2018 added over 2 million EVs being used in the US. The world wide number of EVs is something over 2 percent. The current EVs can be enjoyed and have a stand alone carbon foot print about 3 time lees then fueled cars. Watts per meter value goes way down manufacturing from scratch and if you generate electricity where you are by burning fossil fuels. In any case they are enjoyable to some people and surely don not poison your immediate life space like fuel can. Norway came into 2021 with 49 percent of sales being electric this is somewhat by decree however the coercion is probably because it suits their situation, and the population agrees with it. That sort of thing does not fly as well in our North American culture. Choice still remains supreme.

Tesla sold 160,000 units in 2019

Tesla is still the driver in some of this, selling 160,000 units in 2019. The projection for the US is 20 percent of sales by 2027 how much of its share tesla will have is likely to decline with most manufactures having a EV product in the sales..

Cars in operation in the US.

At the end of the 4 quarter in the United States there were 281.4 million cars in operation. They did not punt to EV that quarter as they never have as yet in substantives way.

We recommend purchasing a n EV at this time as they can be very enjoyable safe and effective if you plan your consumption of power.

Enjoy an electric aircraft if you can.

The same goes for EV planes be an early opted person for a EV plane it should be enjoyable and maybe can replace your car. The first FAA approved EV plane was the Alpha Electro in 2014. It it had nothing to do with the Bob Cummings show in the 50s and 60s and everything to do with reality. What ever that is.

On this Day: July 15th 1916

Pacific Aero-products becomes Boeing incorporated.

File Photo KDG Click for survey 2040

On this Day: July 14th 1881

Billy the kid is shot dead.

Happy Bean’s and Frank’s Day

Gross beak ” Can I take your Order Please” Beans and Franks”
Ok Fly through…

On this Day: July 13th 1249

Alexander the third becomes the Scottish King.

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File Photo KDG

Get vaccinated while you can.

Get vaccinated to help herd immunity and ensure phase 4 . Vaccination can keep you from a painful deadly virus affliction.

Friday July 9th 116 new covid-19 cases in BC…

The weekly average of covid-19 cases was brought up to 60 a day by way of 116 new cases recorded on Friday.

TOTAL BC cases July 12th, 2021- 1,420,531 up 253…

On this Day: July 12th 1971

Australia flies the Aboriginal flag.

The commercialization of space has been a process that mirrored some of the disasters of the governments attempts to get into space for national defense purposes. This utilitarian outreach is something to be considered ,as it is still a pipe dream in some sense .

Good luck!


There is nominations for recognition of any community that completed a project using wood.

Nominations are open for the 2021 Community Recognition Awards, sponsored by Wood WORKS! BC. These are the 16th annual awards, and are open to any local government that has completed a community project using wood within the last three years. 

The awards will be presented to communities that have been leaders and advocates for wood. This may be demonstrated through the specification of wood in a community project and/or through visionary initiatives that work toward building a community culture of wood.

The deadline for applications is July 31, 2021. More information on the awards and how to apply is available on the Wood WORKS! BC Source UBCM

Culture the art of people.

A artisan impression of a comedy
icon made from wood.. File photo KDG

On this Day: July 9th 1540

Anne of Cleves gets her marriage to the English King annulled.

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