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TGIF- Covid- 19 a perspective (news)

No personal contact church interaction…

Friday before US thanksgiving the 26th sees restrictions that reflect results of interactions of large e groups. BC has seen a steady climb in positives for weeks. Gatherings seem to be the most reasonable course of action.

On this Day: November 20th 1945

The Nuremburg war crimes trails begin.

Misleading numbers editors note…

John C. Woods bragged of 347 hangings he preformed as a US army NCO. Not documented in the above video.

Covid-19 BC, No NET between Health Areas…

Non essential travel banned between Health areas until… December 7th

Outbreaks up.

On this Day: November 19th 1881

A meteorite lands at Grossliebenthal in the southwest of of Odessa in the Ukraine.

Before and after

Career choice…

Being human is not so bad, minton that is!

On this Day: November 19th 1969

Apollo 12 lands on the moon.

Happy National Occult Day…

Occult means covering of the moon..

Moon at three quarter August Merritt BC Photo KDG

Its National Occult Day in 2020 and should we be afraid of the witches’ sabbath on that date?


To begin with, where did that mystic thing come from?

In fact, the orthodox church assumes that the occult appeared right at the moment when the Fall happened. Influenced by the Serpent, Eve bit into a forbidden apple longing for getting a special knowledge. The mistake of the first people hid in their perception of the tree from Eden as some mysterious symbol which could give the power over the whole world. The Fall was the beginning of the occult and magic practices and opened the search for the arcane knowledge.


Be not afraid understand where people ideas come from…

The terror of fear comes with disease weather and upset.

Love and understanding gives relief…

On this Day: November 18th 1963

First push button telephone.

COVID-19 update November 16th 2020…

1959 cases over the weekend…

The weekend count reflects in part the midweek stat holiday ( incubation time) More then 22000 active cases in BC at this time.

Four outbreaks done over 50 remain..

On this Day: November 17th 1796

French revolt, battle of Arcole.

TGIF- Last day of Jean Kiegrel show…

On this Day: November 14th 1770

Nile head waters found .

Covid-19 update November 12th…

More then 500 for two days…

On this Day: November 12th 1912

Robert Scott found dead on Antarctic ice.

Remember the fallen…

No winners in conflict everyone loses. something.

On this Day: 1918

Hostilities end in the Great war.

Happy National Forget me not Day US…

Remember me me i n the seasons of your life.

You live so long as you are remembered. Today in the US its Forget Me Not Day.

“When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love …” ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Source National Days Author

On this Day: November 10th 1989

The Berlin wall is started to be removed.

More then 16000 cases…

There are more then 16000 COVID 19 cases in BC as well as over 7000 people being observed.

Weathers good stay safe

Have a good weekend!

On this Day November 6th 1850

First Fire engine in Hawaii.

Trans Mountain pipeline running at full for November…

Pipe for oil field File: Photo KDG Click for video

The Trans mountain pipeline that has run from Edmonton to Burnaby is to run at full for November according to the company.

Expansion to be done in 2022

The Burnaby tank farms are under construction to be ready for the bigger volumes of bitumen rich crude.

Stay safe the world is beyond martyrs.

Thanks to all those that gave their time and talent to a process that will give many a better quality of life. Everyone’s view point is worth something at some level , most often when it is timely, productive and without malice. The dead are dead for ever sometimes our words live on a long time so choose them wisely and carefully they can wreak lives past your experience. Or grow in maturity beyond you.

On this Day: November 5th 1983

Diving bell from Norway accident kills five injures one.

Federal Housing program, UBCM…

Known as the trans-mountain apartments File Photo KDG

A rich resource country grew used to a good supply of affordable housing. The 1950s building went from transient to a school teachers abode in the 1960s.

Twenty- Five million for gap finding BC 2019 budget.

The BC 2019 budget made 25 million dollars available for data finding. Applications are still available at the link in the above photo.

One Billion For 3000 units.

There is 1 billion bucks budget for 3000 units of housing.

Two Streams

  • The Major Cities Stream for identified municipalities, which has allocated $51.5 million to Vancouver and $16.4 million to Surrey.
  • A Projects Stream that will accept applications until December 31, 2020 from Provinces, territories, municipalities, Indigenous governing bodies and organizations, as well as non-profit organizations.

Trans mountain establishing work camp for 400 North of Merritt at Stump Lake.

The temporary is in flux with the permanent the old age of pressure on development is abated by a temporary man camp outside Merritt BC.

On this Day: November 4th 2001

The Arizona Diamondbacks take he world series.

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