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TGIF- keep your eye on the ball

Markey93 keeps his eye on the ball at the nicola valley golf and country club in Merritt Photo KDG

keeps his eye on the ball
at the Nicola Valley Golf and Country Club in Merritt
Photo KDG

There is a number of good courses in the region some like the local links in town here in Merritt are reasonable and have daily rates as well as membership.

On this Day: May 22 2009

The credit card act of 2009,is signed into law by Barack Obama

Electric car

New Tesla S Photo KDG

New Tesla S
Photo KDG

Another new Tesla S owner charges his car in Merritt. The Kamloops BC resident that just bought this new EV says charging here works for him as he loops through Kelowna and back home. The model also sports a D Designation meaning 2 axles under power or (four wheel drive ). There is also to seats with belts to secure two “Grand Kids” facing backward behind the rear seats. Suitable for kids nearing 4 feet in height it looks like loading a raised trunk a with children with a view of the road behind.
The car was purchased for about 130 thousand dollars and reflected a discount in the Canadian dollar.
The Tesla Corporation had a half billion dollar cash infusion from the US Government, the owner also recovered a 5 thousand dollar incentive from BC hydro, he charged his car with out cost at the 500 amp charger at Voght and Merritt Ave, here.

On this Day: May 21 1937

The Soviet Station North Pole 1 becomes the first research station on polar drift ice.


Apartment building built in lake 1950s

Apartment building built in lake 1950s
” The Trans Mountain”
According to some sources
Photo KDG

Paul Witt a long time resident of the Nicola Valley says that this apartment building next to Voght Park in Merritt was known as the ” Trans Mountain” and may have been built for the construction of the pipeline.

The City of Spruce Grove and the Trans Mountain Expansion Project have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for a Community Benefit Agreement that will see a $200,000 contribution toward funding enhancements to Jubilee Park. Trans Mountain has been pursuing Community Benefit Agreements with those along the pipeline corridor to provide direct benefits to communities if the proposed expansion project is approved and constructed. “We are extremely excited about entering into this Memorandum of Understanding with the Trans Mountain Expansion Project and thank them for their commitment to providing benefits to the communities they work in,” said Spruce Grove mayor, Stuart Houston. “Jubilee Park is enjoyed by thousands of people each year and the ability to enhance the park through a partnership such as this further adds the quality of living we all enjoy in Spruce Grove.” “We are committed to working with the communities we operate in to maximize the benefits of the Project,” said Ian Anderson, President of Kinder Morgan Canada. “This agreement will provide local and direct benefits to the people and City of Spruce Grove. We all appreciate the outdoors and are happy to be able to provide funding toward enhancing local parks.” Kinder Morgan values the relationships it has with the communities along its existing pipeline system and the proposed pipeline project; these span over more than 60 years of history. This agreement was signed as part of an overall effort underway by Kinder Morgan Canada to work with pipeline-affected communities to identify local opportunities to give something back in recognition of the public inconveniences and temporary disruption created by construction of the proposed expansion. Additional agreements with municipalities and communities along the pipeline corridor are expected as project planning continues.

Merritt received a grant from Trans Mountain to build trails for hiking in the area. The 60 year operation of the Trans Mountain Pipeline here produced one permanent job that was automated decades ago. Construction jobs can be permanent but move on project to project requiring public relations and cooperation to keep their impact reasonable and safe.

Editors note: We think that the twinning of the line is good for us as it will bring scrutiny to the 60 old existing line and may employ modern methods to its continued operation.

On this Day: May 20th 1916 The Saturday Evening Post Publishes its first copy with a Norman Rockwell Painting on the cover: ( boy with a baby carrige)

Regional District Show and Tell

Buds of May Need nutrients Photo KDG

Buds of May
Need nutrients
Photo KDG

The public works are having a show and tell of composting at the local works yard on May 23, from 11 -2. There is  a seminar of about one half hour at 11 am and one PM .

Some different composting tools are for sale including a digesting cone for one hundred dollars.

Various conservation method are promoted by government and non government organizations from time to time here in Merritt, including zero scape landscaping.

On this Day: May 19th 1911

Parks Canada the worlds first national park service is established.




On this Day: May 19th 1911

Parks Canada the worlds first national park service is established.

TGIF-Farmers Market

The farmers market in Merritt is up and running . It uses the parking lot at the curling rink of Voght street and operates 9 -2 pm Saturdays. Last week there were 7 tables but it was not part of the regular program , it was a special day for raising a 400 dollar bursary. We want to target someone that is trying to get schooling without acquiring debt or accessing grants, said the marketing manger for the group. The groups bursary is going in memory of Millie Mitchell the elderly women that died working to locate Bio solid sites, here.

The market is open may through October, Saturday morning and early afternoon.  There is expected to be more tables on the official start this Saturday.

On this Day: May 15th 1929 The first Academy Award is given out.  

Big Brothers P/U

DSC_9644The Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization has a Drop off/ PU bin outside the Pharmasave store on Garcia Street here in Merritt British Columbia. A sources says the new services generates income for the group at 46 cents a pound 23 cents goes to a person that services the bins and 23 to BBBS.
The clothes and household effects are sold to Value Village for sale in their retail outlets.
On This Day: May 14th 1973.

Sky Lab is launched from Cape Canaveral.

Cape Canaveral, from the Spanish Cabo Cañaveral, is a cape in Brevard County, Florida, United States, near the center of the state’s Atlantic coast. Known as Cape Kennedy from 1963 to 1973, it lies east of Merritt Island, separated from it by the Banana River.

It is part of a region known as the Space Coast, and is the site of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Since many U.S. spacecraft are launched from both the station and the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, the terms “Cape Canaveral,” “Canaveral”, or “the Cape” have become metonyms that refer to both as the launch site of spacecraft. In homage to its spacefaring heritage, the Florida Public Service Commission allocated area code 321 to the Cape Canaveral area.[2]

Other features of the cape include the Cape Canaveral lighthouse and Port Canaveral, one of the busiest cruise ports in the world. The city of Cape Canaveral lies just south of the Port Canaveral District.[3] Mosquito Lagoon, the Indian River, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Canaveral National Seashore are also features of this area Source  Wikipedia

Bill Gates Plaque

Giving by those that have recieved Photo KDG

Giving by those that have recieved
Photo KDG

A plaque was placed on the wall of the local public library here in Merritt British Columbia remembering the donation of 33  computers from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation that started the computer lab here. The computers have long since been replaced and  the plaque insures that the memory will live on. The lab also was supported by the donation of the six corporate terminals and 20 Microsoft software applications.

On this day: May 13th 1994 Johnny Carson does his last tonight show as host.

Photos from Vietnam

A local is giving his photo tour of Vietnam and the flora and fauna that he photographed.

Bob Scafe is a Naturalist Society director and one of our club’s keenest photographers. Bob and his wife Bev recently traveled through Vietnam and Cambodia and will share their experiences with the local people, wildlife and places that they visited. Something tropical and exotic – this will be fascinating.

The Nicola naturalists meet at the local community college NVIT, the west top of Belshaw avenue in Merritt. They say all welcome, membership or donation requested. No food or drink in the lecture theater start time is 7:PM

On this Day: May 12th 2008

Four hundred emigrants are detained for identity theft and document fraud in Post Ville Iowa.

TGIF- Gender equal

Have a great weekend!

Have a great weekend!

The community college NVIT has placed gender neutral signs on the facilities next to the library refit. The slide in signage says ” rest room ” and joins Starbucks down the hill from them and others as first come first serve cans.
There is no connection to the fact that the Alberta Legislature elected an historic half and half gender mix in the election this week.
On this Day: May 8th 1990
The World Health Organization confirms the eradication of small pox.

lone pole

Poles in place for the 130 KV line from the Merritt Substation to the Highland Valley Photo KDG

Poles in place for the 130 KV line from the Merritt Substation to the Highland Valley
Photo KDG

On Monday we talked to a member of the BC Hydro team at a local coffee shop he pointed out a pole on a trailer going by on highway 5A. The large greenish pole is seen on tuesday as standing in the parking lot area of the Extra Foods complex and is part of a 130 KV line to the highland valley from the upgraded substation. The source says that poles that are green are ceder and are treated with arsenic and copper in solution. Don’t chew on them. A number of the poles were strengthened with galvanized channel iron driven into the ground next them, they are being replaced after decades of service.
On this Day: May 7th 2000
Vladimir Putin becomes the president of the Russian Federation.

Country fun run

A marker tells the palce where a young a man was murdered and his body left in Voght park, the site of the Merritt Country run to promote diversion, for youngsters at risk.....

A marker tells the place where a young a man was murdered and his body left in Voght park, the site of the Merritt Country run to promote diversion, for youngsters at risk…..

On June 14th the annual country fun run will take place. Starting a 8am, at Voght park in Merritt the event is a jump rope for heart endorsed event.The run is the 6th annual and it raises money to fight deprivation for children for activities like organized ball and hockey.

The MCR has grown to include over 350 registrations, 100 volunteers and well over 100 spectators. The race distances include Twice Around the Track, and a 5K, 10K and a 21.1K.

Merritt is located in the sunny Nicola Valley and conveniently accessed from Vancouver, Kelowna or Kamloops. Merritt’s rolling hills and cattle ranches, resort lodgings and fishing lakes combine a rich culture and history with outdoor adventure. Great location and wonderful climate are just two reasons to make Merritt a running destination or even a “runcation” for runners of all ages.

We are a registered non-profit society, and all profits from this race go directly to the local Jump Start program (of which Canadian Tire matches our donation dollar for dollar).

On this Day: May 6th 1989

Coaster wars begins with the construction of  a two hundred foot ride at Ceder Point, Sandusky Ohio.

TNRD toxic waste pick up

On Saturday the regional district dealt with materials not allowed in the local landfill, the free pick up of toxic materials was at the parking lot of the Civic Center and included glycol products, paint, batteries and other household toxic s. The event is a yearly one and happens every spring. The local radio station was on hand broadcasting the event life. For results and information on what to do with toxics your home generates contact : The Thompson Nicola Regional District on their face book page:

The paint products and had produced  a token amount at afternoon, however the local machine shop also takes paint as used motor oil , and Home Hardware will take cell phone batteries at any time.

Editors note: The government is attempting to bring in an adjudication process for bylaw enforcement that may effect your rights.

Press release from TNRD face book page April15

Press release from TNRD face book page April15

Illegal dumping is a concern of the district as well as maintaining reasonable fees for dumping.

On this Day: May 5th 1964

May 5th becomes Europe Day


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