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TGIF- Destroyed home

A home was destroyed on Midday Valley road on Friday according, to some at 8PM. A couple of people from the neighbouring industrial project were the ones to report it ( source). A person cleaning up on Wednesday said that there remains about 15,000 dollars clean up costs.

The home was in view of the security recording cameras at the nearby storage facility, it was closed at the time.

On this Day: October 2nd 1452

Richard 111 of England is born.


Glider activity Merritt BC Photo KDG

Glider activity Merritt BC
Photo KDG

There have been a couple of days this week when gliders were seen in the skies above Merritt. Gliders are mostly used for recreational purposes,however they can be used for military as well as commercial activities in hostile places.

Learning to soar is one of the least expensive ways to learn to fly. The gliders are club-owned and are simple to maintain, compared to powered aircraft. Because fuel is only consumed during the launch, the cost of flying a glider is much lower per-hour than flying a motorized aircraft. Training costs are kept low because our instructors are unpaid volunteers who simply enjoy the rewards of introducing new people to the joy of soaring. At a gliding club, everyone pitches in to hel


On this day: October 1st 1908

The Ford Model T is marketed for $825 dollars USD


Pole installation and work on Voght street Merritt Photo KDG

Pole installation and work on Voght street Merritt
Photo KDG

The work continues for the Merritt Green energy and new substation power project. Poles on Voght to transmit power from the substation and generator.
A worker on site says that they are putting pipes in the road to bring three phase power to some business’s for after they move the poles to the other side of the road.

On this day: September 30th 1955
Popular entertainer James Dean dies at 24 in a car crash.

Super moon


Moon over Merritt 27th September Photo kdg

Moon over Merritt 27th September
Photo KDG


There will be others and the skies here cooperated for the event although it was maximum eclipse when we saw it here 7:47 PM.

On this Day: September 29 1966

The Chevrolet Camaro is produced renamed from the Panther.



Moon rising file photo KDG

Moon rising
File photo: KDG

The total lunar eclipse this weekend coincides with the end of the….. nomination period for the federal election. Elections Canada will publish all registered candidates on Sept 30th.


In the US, Canada, and Central and South America, this rare Total Lunar Eclipse of a Supermoon will begin on the evening of September 27, 2015. In Europe, South/East Asia, Africa, the Arctic, and in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans it starts after midnight on September 28, 2015.

Also called a Blood Moon this eclipse will last for about 1 hour and 12 minutes.

Is this Total Lunar Eclipse visible in Kamloops? source:


On this Day: September 25th 1890

The  US, Sequoia National park is established.



Art displayed at the Baillie house File Photo. KDG

Art displayed at the Baillie House,art follows life then who,what,where, when and why.
File Photo. KDG

The press is a 20th century phenomenon in its present form. Oral communications and book publishing flourished for antiquity and through the middle ages but only since modern constitutions guaranteed a free press has it been so proactive and investigative. In times when things published were usually the dictates of authorities  a separate press and library system ensures democracy.

Pre World War 1 press ribbon...

Edwardian Era press ribbon at the Baillie House
 File Photo: KDG

On this Day: September 24th 1968
Sixty Minutes debuts on CBS

Dress for success

Dress's for formal events File Photo KDG

Dress’s for formal events
File Photo KDG

Fund raiser File photo KDG

Fund raiser
File photo KDG

Sometimes having an expensive dress for a grad or occasion is a barrier for young people. These file photos shows a group that made dresses for those that had trouble.
They also had a fun night to raise money for the project. It was at the Merritt Desert Inn, here in town and it was successful. No word if the activity continued.
The Merritt Desert Inn is On Voght street in Merritt and the Proprietor Melba White is a Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, as a supporter of country music including local festivals. The Hall of Fame is on the 2000 block of Quilchena Avenue here in Merritt. It is open during summer months and some long weekends displaying the inductees plaques and a 2 hr video panel of activities including a young looking
On this Day: September 23rd 1908
The University of Alberta is founded.

Land Rover.

This land rover is a rebuilt  with . Photo KDG

This land rover is a rebuilt with .
Photo KDG

Land Rovers are iconic to naturalist activity. The British built vehicle also had military application. A source says finding new parts for these in forgotten p0laces were the British military explored the world is a desirable.The vehicle above was made at a land rover business between Merritt and Spence’s bridge a number of years ago.
The 1948 to 1985 iconic style The series 1 was built by Land Rover in Solihull England. They maintain that 70 percent of the all aluminum body vehicles are still in use.
The ” series” version 1948-85 including 1,11,111 were rough riding and the transmission was not that synchronized and required skill in matching engine RPM to shifting. It remains the image most associated with the plains of Africa and deserts of the world.
Editors note this information relys on some personal experience and info from Wikipedia that calls for some more sourcing to be considered fact.

On this day September 22 1888

National Geographic magazine is first published.

TGIF- 30 minutes to go

The sunset on the day of this writing is going to be at 7:12 and sunrise was 6:42, one half hour to go to equinox when its 12 hours of each. This will happen on the 23rd of September. then the march to the winter solstice begins. and the shortest day begins.

September 18th 2009

The decades run of the daytime soap The Guiding Light ends. The Talk eventually takes over the CBS time slot from long time soaps…

Film society AGM


Osprey in flight
File photo KDG

The Nicola Valley Film Society has its AGM on October 6th,6:30 PM  at the local public library. Its film season starts Monday at the lecture theater at the local community college. It features Pride as its first of the six films to be shown this season.


On this day: September 17th 1987

The Pope visits an Aids infected boy in San Francisco.


Nicola Naturalists AGM and photo night

Osprey File Photo KDG

Osprey File Photo KDG

The local naturalist society is having their annual public meeting on Thursday the 17th at 7PM. The Nicola Naturalist Society meets at the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology monthly through the winter and has guest speakers. The registered society is presided by Alan Burger the founding President and PhD. Members will  show photos after a brief meeting, in the lecture theater Belshaw Street Merritt BC
They group is also involved with projects like the annual Christmas bird count.

On this day: September 16th 1980

General Motors Corporation is founded.

Drive defensively, your smaller then you think.

Conditions for driving are about to change are you ready and are you thinking in those terms… Please enjoy these file photos.

Altitude can make a difference!
Editors note: High cloud ceilings can indicate that temperatures on roads at higher levels may be colder…

On this day: September 15th 1971

The first Greenpeace ship sets sail to protest nuclear arms programs.


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