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Clear night skies


The first week of December saw clear skies, twinkling planet’s making 5 point star signatures, silvery moon’s

There is a whole school of thought that the gravitational influence of the moon has a triggering effect on geological  events!

In theory, this slight deformation of the Earth’s crust could be sufficient to trigger an earthquake—like the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

“Most earthquakes occur on preexisting tectonic lines, and the majority do occur as a result of geophysical processes, but there may be some correlation [between the moon] and earthquakes,” Chester said. source National Geographic News

” Geoff  Chester, US Naval observatory. Washington.”

Today: Moon rise 12:22 PM Sunset 4:01 PM.

On this Day: December 6th 1907

Over 300 coal miners die in an explosion Monongah, West Virginia.



TGIF- Darkness rules for 19 more days….

Nicola Avenue Merritt lit up for after pavement and traffic island redo.

Nicola Avenue Merritt lit up for after pavement and traffic island redo.

Some people suffer from SAD , Seasonal Affective Disorder. Seasonal celebration lighting may help.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine notes that “some people experience a serious mood change when the seasons change. They may sleep too much, have little energy, and may also feel depressed. Though symptoms can be severe, they usually clear up.”[6] The condition in the summer can include heightened anxiety.[7 source Wikipedia

The affliction may happen it summer change and may also have something to do with course change.

The shortest day is on December 21st at 10:44 UTC time. The north pole will be at its greatest distance from the Sun at minus 23 degrees . The sun will rise at 8:01 AM and set at 3:59 PM making for 7 hours and 58 minutes , 7:57:58 for you rocket science people.

Be happy be glad today is yours to have its 24 hours just like everyone else alive.

On this Day: December 2nd 1936

The CBC is created by legislation in Canada.



Stewardship, Canary in the Coal Mine

700 rivers/ creeks on the trans mountain, expansion., consultation was made to address them. KDG

700 rivers/ creeks on the Trans Mountain, expansion, consultation was made to address them.

These creatures were crossing the Nicola River off Garcia street this week the day before the Trans Mountain announcement. People feel that the health of the creatures are a Bell Weather or Canary in a coal Mine for the state of the environment.
The area is next to a 5 acre piece of property that was just re zoned back the Agricultural from Single Family Dwelling. Human attitudes toward development are also bell weathers and the fact that a family (Gary Ware’s) wish to have a hobby farm as it was in the past speaks well of them. Especially when properties are under pressure for profitable development in the urban centers of the province.
There is a film tonight in Merritt at the local college about frogs and the reading of damage to the environment by the health of their populations.

The film is called Toad People and is sponsored by the local Nicola Naturalists, . It begins at 7PM at NVIT, Belshaw RD, top of the hill. ” Save BC species: contact Suggested donation 10 dollars.

Everyone’s point of view has weight including industrys.


A demonstrator outside the public meeting for the information of waste dumping in the Sunshine Valley File Photo KDG

On this Day: December 1st 1919
Lady Astor becomes the first women MP in the UK.



Canoe quest to north west coast of BC

Canoe quest to north-west coast of BC

No pipeline through the Great Bear Rainforest, a definitive decision. Success to many.

The Burnaby from Edmonton approved expansion will see one medium tanker a day every day. One tanker a day should be safer then the possibility of collision. Some diligent people will need to secure the confidence of Vancouver people.

One hundred and fifty seven conditions came out of consultations on the approval of Trans Mountain’s expansion and some conditions by the province need to be met.

The Government is probably interested in carbon schemes .(to help pay for the fiduciary duty to people)
Editors note: Bad faith must be avoided!
When permits are let there must be a reasonable expectation of completion for the risk taken. Permits were let and a 63 year operation with a proven track record and a good community record is not valued enough.We lose something in this.

Trans Mountain’s operation effects us all; what did they expect to happen when permiting the original development. What do you expect when hiring someone…. This is Us not Them!

Keep up the scrutiny….
That’s it KDG


On this Day: November 30th 1829
The first Welland Canal opens for a trial after 5 years of construction.


Black Friday parade

Merritt girl guides involved in Black Friday parade November 2016 Photo KDG

Merritt girl guides involved in Black Friday parade November 2016
Photo KDG

A Christmas parade on Friday saw participation by 51 groups including the local girl guides.
The troop is having a winter coat drive tomorrow from 5-9 PM and will be going door to door collecting them for distribution.
Coats can also be dropped off until December 9th at the Merritt Advocacy Center 2025 Granite Avenue.
The evening was complete with hot chocolate at the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame with the local member of the legislature.

Happy giving back day…
Editors Note: The time for the door to door is 3-8PM on November 30th

On this Day: November 29 1965
Canada launches a space satellite Alouette 11.



The city is celebrating 100 years of Incorporation

File photo KDG


Jackie Tegart the MLA for Fraser Nicola will be at the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame after the parade tonight and is hosting Hot Chocolate.

The Hall of fame is at 2025 Quilchena Avenue Merritt BC.
On this Day: November 25th 2015
Pope Francis makes his first visit to Africa.

Girl Guide Coat Drive

In the window of the CPO , the United Way charity, funds many things including shelters. File Photo KDG

In the window of the CPO , the United Way charity, funds many things including shelters.
File Photo KDG

On November 30th the local girl guide troop will be going door to door canvasing for coats. The drive will be from 5-8PM.
Winter coats are dear to some around Christmas;you may also drop them off at the Advocacy Center 2025 Granite Avenue Merritt.

A 2010 single homeless,camp on a traffic island on a freeway... File Photo KDG

A 2010 single homeless person camp on a traffic island on a freeway,left for winter… File Photo KDG

Children’s coats are posted as going to the Food Bank, adults to the Extreme Weather Shelter.

The drive is from November 21st to December 9th, 2016. The drop off time is 9AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Friday.

On this Day: November 24th 1932

The FBI opens its scientific crime lab.

Christmas week

Merritt has a walk of stars walk and a hall of fame. File photo KDG File Photo KDG

Merritt has a walk of stars and a hall of fame.
File photo KDG

The City, Chamber, mainstream press and businesses have cooperated once again to have a Christmas week before and after Black Friday the day that starts the Christmas shopping season. Meaning there is no big observance day per say in the way of an advent to the 25th of December and Christmas celebrations.
The big one is on Friday a evening parade with Santa Claus and midnight madness of the downtown shopping area of Merritt. Coming this Friday there is hot chocolate in the Canadian Country Hall of Fame in the 2000 block of Quilchena avenue during and after the parade as well as other interested offerings of escape and diversion.

Any day this week can find some activity marrying the commercial and the spiritual to the countdown to Christmas 2016.

Schedules are  published in the Merritt Herald
Editors note: Stay out of unmanageable debt as January can be hell…

On this Day: November 23rd 2015

Blue Horizon’s space craft New Shepard makes a vertical landing after returning from space.

Charging stations….


Best Western under construction in Merritt includes EV stations Photo KDG

Best Western under construction in Merritt includes EV stations Photo KDG
A couple of new motor hotels are nearing completion in Merritt. A Best Western and Comfort Inn have been under construction for some time. an unconfirmed source says that a Tesla quick charger will be included in the mix that will be twice as fast as the quick charger on Voght street, downtown.
The new buildings are at the entrance of Merritt, off highway 5 and 5A.


On this Day: November 22 1954

The Americans found a Humane society.



TGIF- new library head



Public library Merritt BC File Photo KDG




Meg Gregory is taking Deborha Merricks position as head of the local regional district library here in Merritt, Deborha’s last day is Thursday, December 8th and that afternoon between three and five there is a meet and greet and goodbye combined with coffee and baking.
Deborha is responsible for 10 libraries in the district now and will be working from Merritt.

On this Day November 18th 1963
The first push button telephone is in service.

Music by George Leach

Dr.Eugene Atleos speaks to staff members and interested public at the , NVIT Speakers series  He is now a Former grand chief. File Photo KDG

Dr.Eugene Atleos speaks to staff members and interested public at the , NVIT Speakers series
He is now a Former grand chief.
File Photo KDG

Three time peoples choice aboriginal music maker will be hosted by the NVIT speakers series at noon Friday the 18th of November 2016.
The Local community college hosts and invites topical aboriginal speakers and educators for presentations at the Belshaw avenue campus in Merritt and Vancouver.
NVIT is a public educational, university transfer, and technical school and has a 30 plus year history in Merritt.
12:15 – 1:15 Refreshments provided, Georges range is Classic Rock, R&B and soul.

On this Day: November 17th 1950
The 14th Dalia Lama is proclaimed:

Winter this weekend


File photo KDG


Winter weather coming: we saw snow in our 700 meter town  on Monday. The fore cast  is for some snow on Friday night and both Saturday and Sunday coming.

Reduce speed is always the norm which means possibly more time reserved to travel.

On this Day : November 16 1992

The Hoxne Hoard is found.

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