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You can not win a fair maiden with a faint heart! Nor can you win her with this quote!!

When I met you I started to whittle a lance! Hard wood and dull knife later, we pause.
To note that there was no shortage of worthy rivals to provoke.
 So, quote: if then you wait by the river long enough,  you will see your enemies  bodies float by.
  But I am not unnerved by seeing them with their smiles. 
A moment lost is a moment lost, without reply.   Philosophy a poor comfort to wrest.

The fact that you are more then the Rut, a mind worthy to test. With a high value put on the destiny of your thoughts, consent.
And never, a moment spent on frivolity and puss.
I will always stay my drive to see you, unless in the right. And judge it tight, a valor to you.
 With out a ruddy fight.
Kevin D. Griffiths,
Flood watch, 2021.

Moon at three quarter August Merritt BC Photo KDG

Water 🌊 restrictions, Merritct BC…

Class one restrictions in effect.

As of this morning Merritt has imposed class one watering restrictions,although they would have used usually been on in May the scuttlebutt is that they were still needing flushing after the City works Yard was flooded in a flash flood back on November 14th 2021.

The population suffered an evacuation that saw close to 20% of the people away from the city for protracted period of time.

So even house numbers Mondays Wednesdays Fridays. Odd numbered houses Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturday .

No watering on Sundays, and hours are 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Attend your watering

Handheld watering can be done at any time so long as you’re attending it. See the city website for automated times,you will find that they are at the optimal time for water usage also known as “during the night. “

Water of life, video

Good Day one view

RIP Olivia Newton-John, 1948 to 2022

Olivia we will miss you.

Magic ✨ ✨

Buy local be vocal homegrown is home enhancing…

The local you support can then support you.

carbon value there’s a carbon saving when goods don’t have to be transported long distance by truck.

James Webb phantom enigma films, Space Telescope

Eight hrs amazing video of Nebula

James Webb Space Telescope, Galaxy capture…

Billion light years away

Cosmos, Hazy …

file photo KDG

NASA trilogy of events: Artemis launch, …

Guardians of Grace

file photo KDG

local government risk abatement

The British Columbia government has grants of 2.3 million dollars for disaster risk abatement programs.


The sun west of Merritt, Red from smoke, of the 2017 fire season in the Southern interior of BC File Photo KDG

Know of a risk…

Get on your local government to be proactive.

Stay careful

So Einstein’s relativity E equals MC squared. (Speed of light squared equals mass) in simple terms means that viewing light generated in time is bent by where those observer seesaw sees from. Meaning that the waves of electromagnetic energy and light bringing heat with it in packets has to be viewed squarely to satisfy the Pythagorean theorem or the viewer sees the wave at different times on the both sides meaning the time is distorted by your point of view. So physicists had to invent the I equation to make the formula work out.I is for imagination and sets a value for the math.

Maybe they should have talked to Tammy Wynette before it all the telescopes might have been a lot more fun and save those saved us some money so we could go to Mr Mike’s for steaks.

Tammy Wynette imaginary arms

File Photo KDG

August 2022 astronomy calendar…

Up to 150 meteors an hour, Perseid shower peak.

Full moon on eleventh close to Saturn…

Taylor Swift, August…

File Photo KDG
Walk of stars, Merritt BC
File Photo KDG
Rocking on the River Concert July 28th -31 2022

relaxation 🎵🎶 music

space ambient music,
relaxation File photo KDG

Happy BC day and may the return come every year, of your exquisitely unique journey.

space ambience music, relaxation
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