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September 17th 2020.

School is back in the Covid19 is still with us CERB expires next week. Stay attentive, stay safe.

On this Day: September 17th 1939

HMCS Courageous sunk.

Old Growth Report released…

The BC government has released a report on a 4 phase plan foe old growth forest management.

Trees made this province what it is, opinion File photo KDG

Looking for a strategy

As of September 11th 2020.

They are looking to work with 4 areas :

  • Have indigenous leaders involved
  • Deferring harvesting in 4 areas
  • Data improvement
  • Engaging stake holders

On this Day: September 16th 1987

The Ozone Protocol is signed in Montreal Canada.

The sun west of Merritt, Red from smoke, of the 2017 fire season in the Sothern interior of BC File Photo KDG

Some smoke from the US west coast fires are about in Merritt , We expect it to clear on Thursday / Friday.

Good fire season in BC

The fire season in Bc was the lowest since 2017 /18 now with shorter days and increased humidity overnight we are better off then our American cousins.

Serious Issue…

Serious issue, as the death toll rises above 30 people in the US and cadaver are out looking for dozens of missing. Stay safe!

On this Day: September 15th 1958

Eritrea becomes part of Ethiopia.

Today is Felt Hat Day, stop it , quit feeling your hat! Today you wear a felt hat ( processed hair ). The day is for a stylish hat that makes a statement, ( not frig off).

Historically, men and women wore hats as protection and status symbols, too. This time of year, people traded in the lighter, cooler straw hat for the warmer felt hat. Additionally, etiquette dictated what hats men and women wore and where. For example, good behavior required men (mostly) to learn to don and doff the hat at an early age.


Have a great day!

On this Day: September 15th 1812

The French army arrives at the Kremlin.

TGIF- Six months of Covid 19 Pandemic…

Broken sign no contract…. File Photo KDG

Today it is six months since the WHO declared a pandemic. Since March 11th 2020 the world saw lock down, oil price go to zero, airlines grounding and many demands on liberty.

Global Deaths

The world has about 60 million deaths per annum, the six month tally on Covid19 confirmed deaths stands at about 921,545 world wide this afternoon.

Nothing to add

This to will pass, is the hope we leave with you as you make the awareness permanent to your lifestyle and prepare to move on.

On this Day: September 11th 1997

NASA’S Mars Global Explorer reaches Mars.

One year of Construction Westridge Terminal…

Pipe for oil field File: Photo KDG

Trans Mountain pipeline has marked one year of construction to its Westridge terminal outside Burnaby BC.

A lot can change in a year – just watch the Westridge Marine Terminal timelapse! We restarted construction a year ago and our crews have made a lot of progress at the terminal. ​ View video at :

Source Trans Mountain today

On this Day: September 10th 506 CE

The Council of Agde.

Good luck with school…

Schools going back is a essential thing good luck and be careful.

On This Day: September 9th 1850

California becomes the 31st US State.

Happy Another Look Unlimited Day…

Repurposed bus used for training… Wreakmaster towing course. Photo KDG

Today is Another Look Unlimited Day it is the day after labour day. Instead of throwing out stuff take another look and see if it can be repurposed , recycled or given for use.

On this Day: September 8th 2016

Osirus- Rex launched..

TGIF- Full pipeline…

Pipe for oil field File :Photo KDG

The trans mountain pipeline got its September allotment this week. The pipeline will be running at full capasity for September.

What is pipeline ‘apportionment’ and why is it important?

The energy sector around the world works on a monthly cycle. The Trans Mountain Pipeline is part of that cycle. Apportionment describes the amount of demand shippers place on the pipeline in excess of its available capacity. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the apportionment determination that’s carried out every month for the existing Trans Mountain Pipeline system. Source trans mountain… see

Trans Mountain is taxpayer owned..

The pipeline is currently under expansion and doubling its ability to carry, as well as storage in Burnaby.

Revenues go into the company and the government can take dividends.

The crisis in public health ad stopped oil flow last spring and caused crude price to go below zero . The supplies of crude in the US had been falling at a rate of around 5 million barrels a week during the summer. Light sweet crude prices are just under 40 dollars US today down 4.5 percent.

On this Day: September 4th 1998

Google Founded.

Happy Coupon Month…

Christmas will come, KDG File Photo KDG

September is Coupon Month in Canada, as a marketable observance, it is useful for buying to give advantage for discounts. Ask for coupons!

On this Day: September 3rd 1932

Saudi Arabia is unified.

Active transportation grants who has a plan?

Get used to it . got a better r plan…

The province is offering money to local governments for active transportation.

A new Active Transportation Planning program was launched this week.  Local governments with populations up to 25,000 can now submit applications. The goal of the program is to support local governments to incorporate or enhance active transportation components of formal planning documents, including research, consultation, and policy development. 

Local governments with a population up to 25,000 that meet the grant criteria are eligible for up to $10,000 toward their active transportation planning costs.

The program is funded by the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure and is administered by UBCM.  For more information, contact or 250 356-5193

Source UBCM

The program is geared to planning for municipalities.

On this Day: September 2nd 1935

Labour Day hurricane hits Florida landfall.

Happy Building Code Staff Appreciation Day, 2020.

Merritt BC incorporation File :Photo KDG

Today September 1st is observed ass Building Code staff day.

he Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day is celebrated every 1st of September each year. This day focuses on showing love and appreciation to people who dedicate their time in making buildings secure and up to code. They work hard to make sure that all of us are safe in our respective buildings, regardless of how high they are. They also make a lot of sacrifices to keep us safe. Hence, to pay them forward to all these sacrifices that they do, we celebrate the Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day each year.

On this Day: September 1st 1982

The United States forms the Space Command.

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