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Secret Door show


Shirley Reynolds view work of displaying artisan at Secret door group Photo KDG

The meeting room at Brambles Bakery has hosted different artist work for several months. Shirley Reynolds is seen viewing paintings by Roger Kemp. Roger’s work will be at the 2100 Quilchena avenue location in Merritt through the end of the month.

ÉDITOR’S NOTE: The artist’s name is Roger Kamp not Kemp.
On this Day: February 22 2012

French Photographer and Journalist Remi Ochlik, dies at 28.


Indoor golf

Home show

Merritt Civic center, site of indoor golf this weekend: File photo KDG

The local Rotary club is having its 19th annual indoor golf fun day this coming weekend. The group raises funds for community projects and has been involved in the local skate board park, a full park and a water park. The organization takes on polio intervention internationally.
The event is at the Merritt civic , 4-11:30 PM  Saturday February 25th.
On this Day: February 21 1925

The New Yorker is first published.



The whole world is published some where

KDG Photo

The Nicola Naturalists had their speaker cancel last night ,due to sudden illness. Allen Burger showed a film in her place. People of the Feather, produced by an SFU student, it had won three international awards. “he is now an established scientist” Allen Burger.

The film did not displace the usual photos by members segment .

Members such as  Murphy Shewchuck  are freelance photographers, the society remains not for profit at its core

On this Day February 17th 1933

Newsweek magazine publishes for the first time.


Rural development

Projects are sometimes funded by government when conditions are correct File Photo KDG

Projects are sometimes funded by government when conditions are correct
File Photo KDG

The government of BC has promised rural economic development support in the next fiscal period. Starting in the spring they are committed to :

This spring, the government will implement a new Rural Economic Development Strategy. The Strategy has three key elements:
Moving forward with projects like Site C and LNG that create jobs in rural communities.
Investments to create jobs through necessary infrastructure improvements.
A long-term plan to diversify rural economies by encouraging the growth of new and emerging sectors.

Merritt is applying for support with the Community Theater project this spring.

Stimulus plan

Government activity includes infrastructure File Photo KDG

According to Rich Hodgson MCTS
On this day: February 16th 2006

The US military ends its use of MASH hospitals.

The Man who Knew Infinity… NVFS



The Nicola Valley film society is presenting its February international film, at the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology.The February 20th at in the lecture theater and will be the 5th of its six film season. Show time is at 7 PM. Admission 5 dollars and a 2 dollar seasonal membership.
The Society is a not for profit organization and is part of the TIFF ( Toronto International Film Festival). International films give a broadening perspective and understating to situations cultural engagements and human drama.

On this Day: February 15th 1954.

The US and Canada agree to build the Dew Line across the Canadian Arctic.


Once they were Hats ,Frances Backhouse


File photo live beaver on the Nicola River.:KDG

The Nicola  Naturalists are having their February meeting on Thursday February 16th and have invited author  and biologist Frances Blackhorse to present.

The evening begins at 7 PM at the NVIT lecture hall, top of the hill on Belshaw Avenue in Merritt. “All welcome membership or donation requested.”


Frances Backhouse has published books on a wide range of nature topics, including owls and woodpeckers, and also on historical topics such as the women in the Klondike gold rush. Her latest book examines humanity’s 15,000-year relationship with Castor canadensis, and the beaver’s even older relationship with North American landscapes and ecosystems. This will be a fascinating presentation blending biology and history.



On this Day: February 14th 1998

Over  hundred people die in a fire caused by one person  trying to salvage fuel from a oil tanker train collision in Cameroon, Central Africa.


TGIF- Subtle Eclipse

Moon at three quarter August Merritt BC Photo KDG

Moon at three quarter August Merritt BC
Photo KDG

There will be a subtle eclipse of the moon this weekend . The event should be visible if there is no cloud cover at moon rise tonight here on the west coast.

A light shadow will be visible for two days as the penumbral event sees the moon pass through the earths shadow. There is comet activity as well this evening.

On this Day: February 10th 1870

The YMCA is founded.




Snow and driving rain…

 File: Photo: KDG

File: Photo: KDG

The temperature in Merritt ( 700 meters above sea level) is -7 Celsius. However there must be some warm upper level trough as freezing rain is spitting on the ground. A traveler at Starbucks said that the freeway to Hope is closed till at least 2PM this afternoon. Unconfirmed: he saw a half dozen vehicles in the ditch after having difficulty with freezing rain.
The freeways have video cams at the summit, and once again we recommend that you do not do unnecessary driving when winter conditions are in effect. The Coquihalla highway to the Okanagan was designated as a road way subject to quick on set of unfavorable conditions.

That said it is about an hour under best conditions from Hope to Merritt.

There is public weather alerts at:  and Drive BC has highway cams for your safety and convenience.

On this Day: February 9th 1971
Apollo 14 returns from the moon. from their 9 day trip.

Full Spectrum Light


Nicola Avenue Merritt lit up for after pavement and traffic island redo.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a condition that is like what its anachronism implies SAD . A low feeling of mood contributed by less light in winter or more in summer. It is believed to be a treatable condition with full spectrum artificial lighting. The term full spectrum lighting is a marketing term and high spectrum lighting may refer to blue light boxes that filter out other colors.

“Full-spectrum” is not a technical term when applied to an electrical light bulb but rather a marketing term implying that the product emulates natural light.[1]

Products marketed as “full-spectrum” may produce light throughout the entire spectrum, but actually do not produce an even spectral distribution, and may not even differ substantially from lights not marketed as “full-spectrum”.[

Sleep time is a matter of biological clock and can be effected by less light in winter this can be addressed by numbers of disciplines including dark therapy, (sleep mask)and behaviour therapy ( don’t be in bed except for sleep and relations.)

If you feel better after spending money then there are many ways to do that but understanding that your bio-clock may be out from a differentschedule is a key to making adjustments.

On this Day: February 9th 1922

Brazil joins the Berne Convention, treaty for copyright.

This hawk seems relaxed around electrical fixtures. Photo KDG

This hawk seems relaxed around electrical fixtures.
 File :Photo KDG

The local club is having their annual get together in March. The potluck and trophy night on the  Saturday the 4rth will have a number of awards.

The group has a particular relevance at this time as the Conservation Officer is looking into the death of 5 serious birds of prey, and ongoing access to the public issues are at decision stages here.

The event is held at the Merritt Senior Center and a 10 dollar admission is required.

Hawk File Photo

File Photo

On this Day: February 7th 1935

The game of Monopoly is introduced.

TGIF-Snow again

Snow and cold back the day after ground hog day. Photo KDG

Snow and cold back the day after ground hog day.
Photo KDG

On this day: February 3rd  1995

Eileen Collins becomes the first women to pilot the space shuttle.

Yard sale, starts now,ends in the spring…

Where are you living... File

File Photo: KD G

The Baillie is having its annual spring yard sale in the historic property located at 2202 Voght in Merritt. The property is run by the local historical society and they show the 1913 Edwardian home after the sale items are removed May 1st to September 30th yearly.

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On this Day: February 2nd 1901
Queen Victoria’s funeral.

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