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BC Covid- 19 update, April 19th 2021…

Hospital demand up ” more challenging “…

The Nicola Valley still enjoys the close proximity of a small hospital with a full Lab File Photo KDG

On this Day: April 20th 295

Eighth recorded visit of Halley’s comet.

TGIF-Covid-19 April 15th update for BC…


On this Day: April 16th 1947

The term Cold War is coined.

Happy World Art Day… Use your Imagination…

Dr. and wife Edmonds Court house gallery show: Internet Identify. Art has healing effects.
File photo KDG Photo KDG

On this Day: April 15th 1892

GE starts to bring good things to life.

Art show for high school grads…

On this Day: April 14th 2003

Human Genome project is done.

Third Wave Stay Put asked for…

The British Columbia health authorities are calling the Covid-19 weekly results as being a third wave ,meaning that surgeries and other health concerns are at risk.

Click on photo for graphs OUCH File Photo KDG

On this Day: April 13th 1870

New York Metro Museum of art comes into being.

TGIF- WHO me batty…

The World Health Organization still deals in generalities with first cases of virus infections unless someone has specifics. without speculation to bring forward. Like the Recess monkey for aids its will settle somewhere! So be careful with nature and environment and in all dealing and don’t let the sun go down on your wrath.

Dr Kerridge gives a talk on bats at local college File Photo KDG

2013 presentation on bats in the eco system Merritt BC ,Click for more…

However the shine has gone off bat boxes in Merritt as Norm Hanson and is pal Paul Wit two local retired elders are building nest boxes for blue birds instead. Norm a member of the local naturalist society and aa professional forester had been in agreement that bats were a bonus to the eco system here . This is without saying and demonstrates how fickle and reaching is the quest for resolving the mysteries of natural ecology is.

On this Day: April 9th 1967

First flight of the Boeing 737.

Pet tags to UBCM members..

The UBCM is offering pet tags to its members for 2022.

Watch dog watching File Photo KDG

World has 900 million dogs

The population of the worlds dogs is about 900 million, free range dogs are hard to estimate making the 900 million estimate soft.

Dogs are widely considered to be man’s best friend having been the first species to be domesticated by man. Although around the world many families keep dogs as pets, the majority of the world’s dogs are free-range. In 2012, the total population of dogs in the world was estimated to be about 525 million; today that number is estimated to be at 900 million. Establishing the precise number of dogs in the world is challenging attributable to the free-ranging dogs roaming the streets and neighborhoods around the globe.

World atlas

The city of Merritt has about 8 thousand people and an off leash dog park…

In Merritt, you may have up to two (2) dogs, and up to (2) two cats per residence (a residence includes any secondary suite).  Bylaw Services may, upon request, allow an owner to have more than two (2) dogs in exceptional circumstances.

If you live in an area zoned Agricultural, you may keep livestock, fur-bearing animals or poultry.


The City of Merritt requires that all dogs hold a valid licence. Licences may be purchased through our official licensing partner, DocuPet, online at

Dog licenses no longer expire on January 1st; licenses will now expire 365 days after the initial purchase date. Dog licence tags must be affixed to their collar and visible at all times.

In addition to your pet’s official licence, DocuPet also provides:

  • Full access to the HomeSafe™ 24/7 lost pet service
  • A selection of over 160 designer tag options that double as your pet’s official licence
  • A central dashboard for your pet’s medical records and information
  • A quick and easy online solution for purchasing and renewing your pet’s licence

The licence tag must be affixed to the dog’s collar and worn at all times.  If your dog is found off your property and not under control, there is a $50 fine which increases with each offence.  At any time, being found with an unlicensed dog can be a $50 fine. By having your dog licenced, we will be able to reunite you with your pet.

Pet licence fees are as follows:

For any neutered or spayed dog$24
For any un-neutered or unspayed dog$50
Lost tag replacement$10

Licences are available online at and allows you to register online, by mail, or by phone. You will need to provide a vet certificate to prove that the animal has been spayed or neutered – you only have to show this certificate once.


Dogs must be kept on a leash and under the control of a competent person at all times when in public.  If your animal is found running at large, Bylaw Services will bring your dog to the City pound facility, and while your animal will receive good care (and even veterinary attention if required), you will be subject to fines, impoundment fees and expenses.

“Guests” at the pound are kept for 72 hours.  If you can be traced as the owner, you will be notified with instructions on how to reclaim your pet and any required fees.  After three days pets may be sold, adopted out, or sadly, destroyed.

Quote source

Editors Note : the offer is to the Union of British Columbian members and we present as news worthy and contextual picture highlights some of the issues coming out of pet ownership.

Like Covac for vaccines the UBCM helps with a bulk buying purchasing power and an enhancing compliance tool for li pet control.

On this Day: April 8th 1820

Venus De Milo statue is found.

Former council member Alistair Murdock File Photo KDG

Of all things people love by the side of their cup of joe, coffee cake reigns supreme. The heavenly aroma and the taste are the factors that make the snack irresistible.


On this Day: April 7th 1805

Corps of Discovery goes west along the Missouri river.

The province had a slight down trend after the Easter long weekend. Still weeks to go in the fight for supremacy over Covid-19 and its offspring. It may wind up being endemic meaning requiring on going care.

On this Day: April 6th 1869

Celluloid gets patent protection.

TGIF- Have a safe weekend…

Bonnie Henry 1 shot or 2..

Doctor Henry outlines the plan to get as many people on the way to vaccines as possible, she tells the of the value to extend 2nd shots to up to 4 months.

Nicola Valley a history of care, are you the one…

1917 diploma from NVGH , Nurse training File Photo KDG

On this Day: April 2nd 4CE

Christ is put to death by the government of Rome and Israel.

You have the resolve to win over infection, be a bull dog with Covid-19

Click for info on strains that change…

Stay in the park . File Photo KDG

On this Day: April 1st 1867

Singapore is a British Crown Colony.

Young people being funny…

Innocent fun is healthy for all File Photo KDG

Today is National “She’s funny that way day”, observed on March 31st it is thought of as a world event, they are funny that way!

On this Day: March 31st 1889

The Eiffel tower is opened to the public

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