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Fish pond, backyard File photo KDG

Fish pond, backyard
File photo KDG

If you have the luxury of a back yard here’s a carbon sink you may want to try.

Professor Downing found that constructed ponds and lakes on farmland in the United States bury carbon at a much higher rate than expected; as much as 20-50 times the rate at which trees trap carbon. In addition, ponds were found to take up carbon at a higher rate than larger lakes.

“Aquatic ecosystems play a disproportionately large role in the global carbon budget,” Downing said. “Despite being overlooked in the past, it’s small bodies of water that are important because they take up carbon at a high rate and there are more of them than previously thought. The combined effect is that farm ponds could be burying as much carbon as the world’s oceans, each year.” source Science Daily…Iowa State University

Editors note: consult with your insurance agent before hand.

On this Day: April 29th 1997
The chemical weapons ban of 1993 comes into force.


Last week the Spius Creek Fish Hatchery and Fisheries and oceans unloaded 170 thousand juvenile fish into the Nicola River at the golf course. They are the produce of about fifty pair of mature fish.

There is much interest in supplementing exploited stocks of fish by releasing juveniles that may be wild caught and reared in nurseries before transplanting, or produced solely within a hatchery.[4] Culture of finfish larvae has been utilised extensively in the United States in stock enhancement efforts to replenish natural populations.[5] The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have established a National Fish Hatchery System to support the conservation of native fish species.[6]

source Wikipedia.

Editor’s note  The Fish on the bank was thrown there by a fishing black bear on the Nicola River. PP

On this Day: April 28th 1932

A vaccine for yellow fever is announced.


Darling Buds of May

Shakespeare for more than 400 years has been eternal in respect to mood and movement of feeling. The sonnet that has the Darling Buds of May reference still resonates even here an ocean away from England and Stratford on Avon.
The buds are breaking out all over to seemingly meet the Bards deadline here in the South Central, Interior City OF Merritt. More or less on time….

On this Day: April 27th 1810
Beethoven composes Fur Elise

Tesla and breakfast…

A Tesla S, 85 charges up at Merritt, with an adapter to a DC 500 Volt 120 amp Quick charger, Aug /14 File Photo KDG

A Tesla S, 85 charges up at Merritt, with an adapter to a DC 500 Volt 120 amp Quick charger, Aug /14
File Photo KDG

Al from Westbank was using the AC charger at the charging station on Voght here in Merritt on Sunday. A retired man and his wife he made the trip over to have breakfast at the Cold eater hotel. He was happy with the 400 thousand advanced orders that Tesla Corporation had taken on their new affordable model car. When asked why he bough this Model S 85 with the 500 K range he said he opened a Prius before and it seemed like a reasonable transition. I go to Arizona every year and like the Electronics for direction Al said. He leased the car to keep the initial price down including the 10 percent luxury consumption tax.
Growth, Coldwater hotel dome and flag Photo KDG

Growth, Coldwater hotel dome and flag
Photo KDG


On this Day: April 26th 1956

The world first successful container-ship goes into service.

TGIF-Earth Day

April 20th 2016 in the shade at Merritt Downtown 30 Celsius-3 degrees over recored record of 27.1 Photo KDG

April 20th 2016
In the shade at Merritt downtown 30 Celsius-3 degrees over record of 27.1
Photo KDG

Beautiful spring day felt like summer on 4/20. Heat fell back the next day rain expected on weekend. St Johns Newfoundland had snow on the 4/20.

The moon was full on 4/21, there will be another in 28 days near the start of the Canadian long weekend in May. Frost is sometimes associated  with the moon cycle.


On this day: April 22th 1970

Earth Day is  made an observance by the environmental lobby.

Countdown to earth day; 21st-22! EV

A Tesla S File Photo KDG Photo: KDG

A Tesla S
File Photo KDG
Photo: KDG

Mark from Osoyoos was at the Voght street quick charger on the weekend. He sais he was going to Hope for a tesla meet at the hope quick(Tesla provided) charger. He said that his charge here in Merritt cost him about 20 dollars. The rate was at 35 cents a kilowatt hour. A disabled man in an electric cart came by and Mark answered his question about cost ” you would pay 10 cents a kilowatt hour charging your cart at home as would I if I used household power to charge my 2010 Tesla S.”
Mark also related pleasure that 30 Quick chargers have been added in BC including some in the Princeton area. The Voght street quick charger next to the Downtown Tourist Info Center ( the Baillie House) is in the Green lots system its network number is 33013, it sits next to a 90 amp AC charger (70 continuous). The area has restricted parking for EVs.

On this day: April 21 1615 /
The Wignacourt aqueduct is inaugurated in Malta.

Countdown to Earth Day: 20th, 21st, 22!

This Cactus is pollinated by flies it smells like rotting flash KDG file photo

This cactus is pollinated by flies. It smells like rotting flesh
KDG file photo

On this Day: April 20th 1534 /
Jacques Cartier begins his first voyage to what is no Eastern Canada.

Count down to earth day: 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd

Plant them if you got them' file photo KDG

Plant them if you got them’
file photo KDG

On this day: April 19th 1971

The launch of the worlds first space station.






TGIF- Tax deadline USA

This hawk seems relaxed around electrical fixtures. Photo KDG

This Hawk seems relaxed around electrical  power .
Photo KDG
April 15th is the filing deadline for our American cousins across the line. Good luck ! Post marked by midnight tonight….
On this day: April 15th 1923
Insulin becomes generally available to people with diabetes.

Cow Trail Classic

Bee mine

Petal power…..

There is a bicycle event returning to the Nicola Valley in early June. The 2016 version of the Cow trail Classic XC Bike race will go ahead on June 11th in there stages 32 Kilometer as well as 32 and a 4 kilometer race. This according to the principal at the back alley bike shop ( Breathe Bikes) behind  the Royal Lepage building off Voght Street. A right turn in the first lane after the lights going south.

Partnerships are available as well as more info by emailing The event has a website at

the event is sanctioned by the Merritt Mountain bike association, and sponsored by among others the Nicola Valley Credit union.

On this day: April 14th 1881
Four dead in the 5 second gunfight in El Paso Texas

Wood tick

Horses can carry ticks in the spring File :Photo KDG

Horses can carry ticks in the spring
File :Photo KDG

We found a tick on us after going through some tall grass near new construction on the North end of Merritt this week. The dry grass at this time of year is often a transfer point for ticks. Dogs can bring them into your home.
Multiple ticks were also reported on persons hiking in the Southern hills about the town here.
Ticks can carry Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever, like all rickettsial infections, is classified as a zoonosis. Zoonoses are diseases of animals that can be transmitted to humans. Some zoonotic diseases require a vector (e.g., a mosquito, tick, or mite) to be transmitted from the animal host to the human host. In the case of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ticks are the natural hosts, serving as both reservoirs and vectors of R. rickettsii. Ticks transmit the organism to vertebrates primarily by their bites. Less commonly, infections may occur following exposure to crushed tick tissues, fluids, or tick feces. Source Wikipedia

When in doubt consult a medical professional.

On this day: April 13th 1997
Tiger Woods becomes the youngest ever Masters champion…

101.9 a liter

Crows at local gas bar !! File Photo KDG

Crows at local gas bar !!
File Photo KDG

The downtown Petro-Canada at the junction of highway 5, 8 and 97c  is offering regular gasoline at a dollar one a liter. Its been that way through the weekend and for about a week making for a bit of a stable period here.

The summer driving season is a couple of weeks away and even this weekend had glorious spring weather beckoning to be out on those roads. If everyone of us took some additional conservation measure for fuel consumption collectively we could more then probably stop any price increase in the cost of fuel  from May to September.

We could then take an interest in weather grocery prices stay down in step with fertilizer and fuel for food production.

On this day: April 12th 1955
The Polio Vaccine is declared safe.


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