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TGIF- + 30 degrees

Have a great weekend,

Have a great weekend,

The forecast for the next week is over 30 degree Celsius weather .

On this Day: July 3rd 1644

The last pair of Great auks is killed.

The great auk was an important part of many Native American cultures, both as a food source and as a symbolic item. Many Maritime Archaic people were buried with great auk bones, and one was buried covered in over 200 auk beaks, which are assumed to have been part of a cloak made of their skins. Early European explorers to the Americas used the auk as a convenient food source or as fishing bait, reducing its numbers. The bird’s down was in high demand in Europe, a factor which largely eliminated the European populations by the mid-16th century. Scientists soon began to realize that the great auk was disappearing and it became the beneficiary of many early environmental laws, but this proved not to be enough. Its growing rarity increased interest from European museums and private collectors in obtaining skins and eggs of the bird. On 3 July 1844, the last two confirmed specimens were killed on Eldey, off the coast of Iceland, which also eliminated the last known breeding attempt. There are unconfirmed later reports of roaming individuals being seen or caught. A record of a bird in 1852 is considered by some to be the last sighting of the species. The great auk is mentioned in a number of novels and the scientific journal of the American Ornithologists’ Union is named The Auk in honour of this bird.

Source Wikipedia

A cold one for a dollar

We tried the cold drink for a dollar offered at Mc Ds today, and for the whole summer YOU can have a cold type iced drink for a dollar. We tried a mcafe carmel iced coffe small or large for a dollar and 5 cents roued off Tax. The server said we had an option to have a large for a dollar and 3 quarters plus taxes. But no pressure added. The drink had about one third ice but hit the spot that a cold drink will do on a warm summers day.

Rates: for price and quality four stars.

On this this Day: July 2nd 2002 Steve Fossett becomes the first person to fly around the world, solo and nonstop in a balloon.

Happy Canada Day

Tourists come through Merritt on many forms of transportation Photo KDG

Tourists come through Merritt on many forms of transportation, BC to Quebec trip on a bike….
Photo KDG

Happy Canada Day from the PR bunch!

Off the grid


Driven in part by eco footprint a couple starts life a little different.
photo KDG

A young couple were on their way home to north central BC on Monday they had just bought a new home. The home was off the grid on a wheeled Vin numbered  tow trailer. For $50,000.00 the two hundred odd square foot home included a sleeping loft The home was meant to be parked off the grid. A Japanese stand up bath tub and a shower were the only thing in the small second room in the rear of the home. The appeal is no taxes and its paid for. The area of the province they live in  probably still supports squatting, however acquiring land would certainly lead to an attractive future. The couple said they just want to be free and not trapped by debt.

The unit was built in the Untied States , ordered and paid for 2 years ago when the dollar was at par. They took it complete except for finishing paint as ” we are not sure of the colour we want yet.”

Editors note: staying with the program can lead to success but taking risk can add a flavor to life that is unique. Both are acceptable and considered rights in Canada. The ability to arrange your life to your advantage may cause someone else difficulty as well as your self. Forest cutting rights as well as road usage and private land are a restraint and if you were to do something like build a tree house you may be surprised. Permission while not always required is still desirable.

On this day: June 30th 1953

The Chevy Corvette goes into production.

TGIF- hamburgers hosted

The local legion at 1940 Quilchena avenue is hosting hamburgers starting at 4:30 PM on Saturday the 27th of June, for public information of their activities concluding Legion week.
They have various fundraising activities and community involvement and invite the public to have burgers on them and ask questions.
On this day: June 26th 1977

Elvis Presley performs for the last time.

Spring fed pond diverted

This roadside pond was drained because of its proximity to the green energy project. Photo KDG

This roadside pond was drained because of its proximity to the green energy project.
Photo KDG

Midday Valley road was the scene of  a  drainage project recently. The spring feed pond was piped to the north and into a field near the Coldwater river leaving the bulrushes in the drying mud.The road is next to the Merritt  Green energy project and diverts the water to a new area to the North.
There are several springs that make their way down the slope from the hills and mountains to the south of Merritt and the coastal mountains.

The diversion was made with large diameter pipe accessible by fauna.

On this day: June 25th 1982

Greece makes shaving heads for military recruits against policy.

Legion week

The Royal Canadian Legion is having an emphasis for their service this week. Branch 96 here in Merritt is located in the 1900 block of Quilchena Avenue and has a hall upstairs and a social club down, its members often have meat raffles and other activities to support itself.
The Legion was chartered to help veterans make adjustments to civilian life especially after combat experience. It is now open to most anyone but keeps its themes.–iKVfJoksSiBIakpKgK

On this day: June 24th 2004
Capital punishment is declared unconstitutional in New York

Aboriginal Day

Sunday saw a national observance of Aboriginal Day. The 21 is not a legal holiday but an endorsed observance. Government funding underwrites the activities but other then salaried employees that may take it in there is no Statuary holiday pay involved. The Truth and reconciliation commission recommended that it be a legal holiday. However it effects less then 4 percent of the population and is not enough to justify a holiday. However friendship between our peoples, even as it flows to mutual citizenship remain.
On this day: June 23rd 1683

William Pen signs a friendship treaty with Lenni Lenape Indians in Pennsylvania

TGIF- gas price stable $123.9 a liter

The retail price of gas has remained stable here with 7 of the 8 outlets offering it at $1.23.9 cents a liter. All but is also the truck stop who offers at $128.9 reporting 20 hours ago instead of the others at 4 hrs. ago. The Husky station also has a compressed hydrogen( LNG Liquefied Natural Gas) outlet in the large lot behind the gasoline service.
Merritt is a small community in the South Central part of BC , and is in the center of the Coquihalla highway system connecting the cities of Kamloops, Kelowna and Princeton with the lower mainland and Vancouver.
On this day: June 19th 1961

Kuwait becomes independent form  the UK.


The Local public library is having an adult summer reading program and there is a bingo game were you have squares to fill in to complete a row. The rows are completed by tasks on a card available at the front counter from library staff. Registration starts on June 15th at : or in person.
There are 5 / 50 dollar gift cards from Chapters for prizes.
Must be 18 years old.
The local public library is at 1691 Garcia street in Merritt.
On this day: June 17th 1987

The Dusky Sparrow goes extinct with the death of its last individual.

A police cruiser was seen behind a hedge on the 17th, when asked the officer was watching for cell phone use. Being behind a hedge may be a shock to those caught unawares but it is not entrapment.
Entrapment is being enticed to do something you normally would not do. A person with a record of an offence has little defence against it. so pay attention to the rules of the life, so things never escalate to that level. The best thing you can do for yourself in this life is a clean record and good credit.
Editors note: There is a whisper from sources that fines for distracted driving may be going up.The best way to keep any fine down is broad-based compliance. So tell your friends.

The last indoor meeting for the year is on June 17th at the NVIT Lecture Theater, starting at 7PM and will feature bear and other wildlife photography by Ontario native Kyle Blaney.

Kyle Blaney is an avid nature photographer from Belleville, Ontario who has extensively travelled all over North America. He is visiting our area while on a photo/camping trip from Ontario to Vancouver via Northwest Territories. In this presentation, Kyle shares his favourite photos, discusses where they were taken, and talks about his photography techniques. Note: that this meeting is on a Wednesday rather then the regular day of Thursday.

The Nicola Naturalists President is  Alan Burger PhD, U Vic and has presentation meetings by guest speakers during the year and has a number of nature programs including a frog monitoring one and a Christmas bird count. It is an NGO and operates with volunteers. Membership includes a newsletter and insurance for outings. It is under the umbrella of the provincial naturalist society. On this day: June 16th 2010 Bhutan bans tobacco completely.


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