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TGIF-seed swap


Tulips breaking soil in Merritt, next to a warm house in a sheltered area.February 17th /15 file Photo KDG

The local garden society in Merritt is having its AGM meeting of the season on March 21 2018, it includes a seed swap.The meeting will be at the Local public library 6PM.


On this Day: February 16th 1937

Nylon is patented.


Happy birthday Galileo


File Photo KDG

Its the 454th birthday for astronomy pioneer Galileo. The scientist and inventor, thinker is still remembered for contributions that effect us today. Good job he did the math!

Galileo Galilei was an Italian polymath. Galileo is a central figure in the transition from natural philosophy to modern science and in the transformation of the scientific Renaissance into a scientific revolution.

You the next one?

On this Day: February 15th 1923

Greece adopts the Gregorian calendar.

Happy Valentine’s day.

Lots of people love it
Valentine’s day goes back St Valentine who is purported to have performed marriages for soldiers who were not allowed to marry. In the 14th century the observance was enhanced by the court under the influence of Geoffrey Chaucer’s writings. during the 19th century sending flowers gifts and cards became a tradition. Valentines were often used to “unlock a heart”
Besides romance  valentines were used to protect  children from epilepsy, epilepsy was  know as Valentines disease in the past.

Valentines Day is an observance both Christian, cultural, and commercial.

On this Day: February 14th, 14th century

The Christian feast of St. Valentines becomes associated with romantic love through the writings of Geoffrey Chaucer


Nicola Naturalists host Bruce Walter


Merritt and its surrounds abound in natural splendor and local attractions that vary in scale and subject.  From stunning landscapes like Nicola Lake to burrowing owls and cactus blooms, beauty is in the “local” eye of the beholder. “I think that the beauty of this area is often overlooked in our daily lives, but when I have my ‘camera eye’ on I see this beauty and I am compelled to record the image.” says Bruce. “I enjoy spending my free time looking for photographic moments.  I can be found in the grasslands, at a local branding or on top of a mountain.”

Bruce will be presenting at the February 15th meeting of the  local naturalists at 7:pm. The meeting will have naturalists input until the break then Bruce will present on photography  . He has called his presentation The Seeing the Light, a local eye. He will focus on digital processing.

NVIT Lecture Theater, membership or donation requested, all welcome. The top of the hill on Belshaw avenue in Merritt BC. Ca

On this Day: February 13th 1542

Catherine Howard is executed for adultery by her husband Henry 8th of England.

TGIF- Good luck to the Olympics

2018 Winter Olympics February 9th to 25th , Pyeongchang South Korea.

Good luck to all those in South Korea as they start the 2018 Winter Games. Lets hope that politics will take the time off and that healthy young people, who are our future will enjoy a time of free and fair completion and up hold the personal value of sportsmanship.

On this Day: February 9th 1922

Brazil becomes the first member of the Berne copyright treaty.


National pride

Land of Mine, NVFS


A sign displayed at a local pre owned shop in the down town of Merritt.
File Photo KDG

The Nicola Valley Film society is having its monthly film on February 19th. The film will be shown at the NVIT lecture theater starting at 7 PM.
The local film society is a member of the tiff circuit Toronto International Film Society and is headed by local Cathy Star. This is the second to the last for the season the final film is in March, Glass Castle. films
% dollars for admission and a two dollar season membership. No food or drinks in the lecture theater, free parking, top of the hill on Belshaw avenue.
Season ticket holders should come 15 minutes early to ensure seating.

On this Day: February 8th 1952

Elizabeth the second is proclaimed Queen of the UK and Commonwealth.

Mars or bust, some time.


File Photo KDG

Yesterday the private space corporation Spacex sent its Falcon heavy rocket into space and placed a payload in space ( a cherry red tesla sport car owned by Elon Musk).
On this Day: February 7th 1907

The Falcon heavy rocket has nearly three times the payload capacity as the retired space shuttle. With 27 engines and two rocket boosters that successfully landed after use. The rocket is the most powerful in use to day. Not since the days of the Apollo program has a heavy lifter been used in this league.

The risk was great in the mission and the odds were 50/50 of a successful launch according to Musk.

Yesterday’s exciting and admittedly risky launch, SpaceX says, could mean game over for its private space company rivals. The Falcon Heavy will provide the United States a heavy-lift capability in space not seen since the Saturn V rockets of the Apollo era. source earth sky news.

The old 100,000 dollar Tesla roadster, was released and sent on its way to  No word on any way of controlling the vehicle with its space suited dummy (named Starman) behind the drivers wheel or if  it would survive a trip to Mars. It is apparently in orbit around the earth.

A trip to Mars mission with the heavy lifter should take 6 months to cover 54.7 million KMs trip ,which includes and an asteroid belt will be in its path.

The mission is deemed experimental and risky. Look for a landing of the main rocket making it reusable to measure this flights success.

There is a recording playing in the Tesla the song by David Bowie,  Life on Mars.

Mud march for women’s suffrage.

Form, Figure, Faces

The Nicola Valley Arts Council is supported by the City of Merritt, the Thompson Nicola Regional District, the Province of BC, and the BC Arts Council.

The NVAC has a very good website  Nicola Valley Community Arts Council and are increasing the profile of art in the valley with consistent shows that allow access as well as quality to the enjoyment of art in the Nicola Valley. They have also won grant support for their participation in Canada Day, National Aboriginal Day, and the Lower Nicola Garlic festival.

The Societies current showing is titled Form, Figure, Faces, and runs through March 3rd 2018. The show is at the Old Court House Gallery , 1840 Nicola Avenue and is open noon to 6 PM Thursdays through Saturdays.


On this Day: February 06 1919

The American Legion is formed.

TGIF- The bread of life


Recent bake sale at local non profit...

You can always bake at home…Or:

So as to the recent bread price scandal:

Here’s a claim of a local artisan that may give you an option:

Our selection of artisan breads will have you coming back for more – and we have a different feature every day of the week, ranging from Alsatian Rye to Baguette and Multigrain Bread. Favourites like Country Bread and Sourdough are available daily, as is a variety of buns. Bakery’s’ Best Buns make great burger buns!

On this Day: February 2nd 1840

The first rememberance of a ground hog day observance.

Poverty reduction consultation. What is poverty?





The BC Government is having a consultation on poverty reduction, reporting at the end of March  2018.

Interested parties can participate by attending one of the 20 community meetings across BC; submitting feedback by email, mail or phone; completing the online feedback form; or hosting a small group discussion. More information is available on the Province’s website.

Key questions to consider include:

  • What does success look like in a BC Poverty Reduction Strategy?

  • What do you think are the best ways to reduce poverty in BC?

  • What can we do as a province, a community or as individuals to reduce poverty and contribute to economic and social inclusion?

    On this Day: February 1st 2003

    The Space shuttle Columbia breaks up on entry after losing heat tiles on its mission.

Total lunar eclipse and blue moon.


Animation of the blood moon.
A super (close to earth, Blue (twice in a month) and a total lunar eclipse today.
photo KDG

On this Day: January 31st 2018

A blue moon and total lunar eclipse occurs.

Health and wellness show


Wheel of knowledge
File Photo KDG

There is a health and wellness show at the Merritt Civic center on February 3rd 2018.

The booths include Planet Fitness, 3 Bar Farms, Dr. SK Saint and more, there is a 3 hr Cause for the Fitness Challenge  with a 1:30 PM  start 15 years old an over 30 dollars. Some proceeds to Body Love Scholarship. Register at the Civic Center 250-315-1050 .

Free admission to the public, the show runs from 9 am to 12 pm. Merritt Civic Center, 195

On this Day: January 30th 1969

The Beatles last public performance.

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