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TGIF-One month to daylight saving

March 13th is daylight saving time, at 2 AM the clock will go ahead one hour giving the clock an hour of sunlight in the evening and taking it from the early morning.

Some tulips are pushing through in a sheltered area outside the house at this writing, some heat from the home has always broadcast into the soil about it and are usually in bloom about Easter weekend.
Sunrise is at 7:29 AM now and sets at 5:25 PM we are gaining about 3 and quarter minutes a day on ward to the Spring Equinox on March 19th at 21:30 Hours.Vernal Equinox is 12 hours dark and daylight and happens twice a year.
Degree days are the number of days of above freezing temperatures needed for different plants. For open gardens planting here is most effective in the second half of May.

Some people have been complaining about Flem in their throats and that it persists this winter, others feel a little sad from light deprivation. Light and warmth is on its way , a month to go to help these and other winter afflictions with a significant change. You can take comfort in the momentum and watch sheltered gardens like the Baillie house here in Merritt for plants coming back .

You can start eyeing the molasses and sulfur for a timely spring tonic in a few weeks.

There is also a total lunar eclipse on March 8th at 11:19 PM to look forward to as you watch the night sky.

The city garden at the Baillie house  File Photo KDG

The city garden at the Baillie house
File Photo KDG

On this day February 12th 1947

The Soviet Union gets am impact crater from the largest recorded iron meteorite to that time.

Bentall Taylor Ulrich

Brambles Bakery, Merritt BC, CA.

Tickets are available at this 2100 block business

Fundraiser for the Nicola Valley Community Theater Society.On Wednesday,February 17th,2016 at the Merritt Civic Center Cocktails at 6:30 PM; concert 7PM. 45 dollars admission there is a 5 dollar discount for members of the group.
Barney, Tom and Shari on strings.Reserve a table for eight when you buy tickets at Blacks Pharmacy or Brambles bakery.
The trio is from Vancouver and has played together sine 2007. BTU is their symbol they are on face book at
Come out for an evening of Folk and support the Community Theater project.

The theater project acquired a property on the corner of Garcia and Coutlee in Merritt. The project has a budget of 5 million dollars.

On this day February 11th 2015

A student is murdered resisting rape in Turkey causing a public outcry.

Dance for Heart

DR, Snee and company, Merritt BC 2010 File Photo: KDG

DR, Snee and company, Merritt BC 2010
File Photo: KDG eye exams may help with other conditions…*

February is Heart Month and the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation is organizing for awareness and proactive action on Heart Health Making more Survivors Together  is its theme once again this year .

Dance Party:

One of the activities in Merritt is a Dance at the Merritt Seniors complex .”Dance your Heart Out” is on Thursday February 25th from 9:30 – 11:30 tickets are 5 dollars apiece  for 1 and 2 guests.

The event is endorsed by Love to Dance Studios



Medical is personal and second opinions are a good thing in our view.

On this day February 10th 2009

Two  communications satellites collide in space, one American,named Iridium 33 and Kosmos 2251 a Russian are destroyed in low earth orbit.

Kindness and caring for animals


Feral cats in downtown store front
File photo KDG    

Where are they now! The city had this store front for feral cats some years ago this time of year would be hard on these creatures . An activist group later stared a sanctuary for feral animals on a piece of property in an unincorporated area west of Merritt. They called the the place Angels. Angel’s Animal Rescue – Merritt, BC. They have a Facebook page:

Here s another example of this dynamic In Oregon:

On this day: February 9th 1855

The devils footprints appear in southern Devon.


TGIF-92.9 a liter gas


broken sign no contract.... Photo KDG

broken sign no contract….
Photo KDG

The price of gasoline is down again in Merritt BC to 92.9 cents per liter at the down town Petro Canada, corner of Nicola and Voght.
A check on Gas Buddy shows that it is a full 5 cents a liter less money here then 5 BC outlets are selling gas for. The BC average is 96.9 a liter national is 10 cents a liter less and prices are trending down.
The City of Merritt has just received delivery on two replacement 21 passenger Chevrolet buses, they are replacing two diesel units and are gasoline. Reasonably there can be no connection to this with gas price however we don’t have a gasoline levi for transit in the City such as Vancouver’s.
A referendum over transit tax was defeated in the lower mainland last year. That tax would have been a increase to the Provincial Sales tax like US cities Seattle and Los Angeles.
Merritt is part of the provincial transit system.
British Columbia Transportation Financing Authority (BCTFA)

The dedicated tax for the British Columbia Transportation Financing Authority on clear gasoline and clear diesel fuel sold anywhere in the province is 6.75¢ per liter.

Trans Link:Vancouver area.

The dedicated tax on clear gasoline and clear diesel fuel sold inside the South Coast British Columbia transportation service region (SCTA) is 17¢ per litre.

Frank Trenholm installs new license plates to new buses delivered to Merritt, Feb 3/ 16
Victoria Area:

The dedicated tax on clear gasoline and clear diesel fuel sold inside the Victoria regional transit service area (VRTA) is 3.5¢ per liter.
Total BC taxes including 7 (6.5) cent carbon tax is 21.17 cents for us here in Merritt. Most expensive is Vancouver @ 31.17 a liter.
The carbon tax element is supposed to be a neutral tax and is used to reduce personal and corporate income tax:

The tax puts a price on carbon to:
Encourage individuals, businesses, industry and others to use less fossil fuel and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions;
send a consistent price signal;
ensure those who produce emissions pay for them; and
make clean energy alternatives more attractive.

There is also federal excise tax of 10 cents and a 5 percent GST, there are no taxes dedicated to transit or road maintenance or construction on alternate energies. This in our view can make carbon tax regressive.
Tax on diesel fuel is slightly higher for BC but federal taxes are less then half that of gasoline.
Merritt’s total minimum tax on gasoline is 32.73 cents a liter,Vancouver is 44.28 cents. As taxes move toward 50 percent of the pump price it raises the specter and possibility of regulation and world market Alberta oil less attractive.


On this day February 5th 1958
A hydrogen device is lost by the US Air force off the coast of Georgia never to be recovered.

Hydro rates

Freen energy project has address. Photo KDG

A Green Energy project has an address. This site is an” IPP” independent power producer.
 File: Photo KDG

Smart meters give the ability to monitor your power consumption on line.  Rates are the same all day and the dream of off peak time is not here yet. However if an appliance is a big power user there are programs for better and more efficient ones, including are rebates for buying Hydro endorsed Energy Star  brand appliances and a buy back program for working fridges.

Increased supply does not necessarily mean a possibility of better rates as the utility’s charges are commission regulated, but when efficiency is increased the benefit of better rates is to go to BC consumers.

There is also talk of breaks for industrial users. If this concerns you call or email your MLA and say you want the direct benefit of the non profit status of Hydro.

It’s the time of year when many of us face higher bills than usual. If a spike in your electricity bill has you wondering whether our rates are the cause, be sure to take a look at how our rates compare across North America. One way to keep a handle on your bills is to monitor your electricity use online – hear how it works. We also share some incredible photos of what’s happening underground at the John Hart Generating Station. And in northern B.C., a look at the new First Nations gallery taking shape at the W.A.C. Bennett Dam visitor centre. Source BC Hydro Power Smart…

IPP’s ( Independent Power Producers) give an opportunity to sell at peak times at a higher rate. If this happens then it may be that the off peak rate may be perverted  however if users use the smart meter to advantage it could be a benefit to us all.

We are a mixed economy meaning that capitalism is not the only player in the system and basic utilities, and water are monopolies to the benefit of the society and as well as the industrial base. Profit should be  only a small part of that . Anyway you are empowered by technology to monitor your usage and adapt it by your smart meter.

Publishers notice: Found a fit bit device, email us at:…. with a description.

On this day: February 4rth 2004
Facebook is founded.

Spring library program Merritt BC

The library has produced a schedule for its programs here in Merritt, The Newshound, Thompson Nicola Region. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Thursday, February 11, 4-6 launch of the new local news app. ( 1000’s of local news articles published over the years. Local historian Murphy Shewchuck, will be the guest of honour,  presenting an App for the  News Hound with a bone cloud.
  • Learn to Knit with Louisa Robertson Thursday, February 18, 6-8 PM
  • Mediation for beginners with Roslyn Ducios  four Thursdays in March,6-7 PM
  • Fly tying, Wednesdays, 6-8 PM all welcome ,materials supplied.
  • Photography, Wednesdays 6-8
  • Get help with technology, ongoing sign up with Anne Pang
  • Please register at the front desk or call 250-378-4737

On this Day: February 3rd 1908
The Panathinaikos Athletic Club is formed.

Happy Ground Hog Day

ground hog

Urban living: this marmot takes advantage of a concrete pad for shelter.
Photo KDG

Groundhog Day (Canadian French: Jour de la Marmotte; Pennsylvania German: Grundsaudaag, Murmeltiertag) is a traditional holiday celebrated on February 2. According to folklore, if it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day, then spring will come early; if it is sunny, the groundhog will supposedly see its shadow and retreat back into its burrow, and the winter weather will persist for six more weeks.[1]

Modern customs of the holiday involve celebrations where early morning festivals are held to watch the groundhog emerging from its burrow.

Source Wikipedia
Be up early: There is a story going round that the Ground Hog ran off with the pardoned Thanksgiving Turkey to South America: heard in a murmur as departing:” Dam climate activists. ”

On this Day: February 2nd 1988
Auntie Anne’s restaurant chain is established.


TGIF- 16 feet

Auger on Voght Photo KDG

Auger on Voght
Photo KDG

There are some higher power poles being installed on Voght street in Merritt this week. The poles have a three tiered vertical stake system for power lines like the one installed north of town to the highland Valley substation. they end at the Merritt substation underground hub in front of the Court House and at the corner near the Rotary park entrance to the south.
There is a mark out for more poles going through the area of Central Park, ( just got a lacrosse court) and a gated community and on through the golf course and over to the Merritt Green Energy wood waste generator.
An apprentice using a plum bob on a pole says that the remaining 61 KV line west of Merritt is still in place and is to remain. There is unconfirmed talk of another Hydro IPP in the future out that direction.
The 61 KV line was removed from Voght street and was the line to the highland valley before the Green energy project.

The poles on are being steel cased 16 feet in the ground with crushed backfill.
The has town green energy project with 14 people working to complete the 40 kilo watt wood waste burner.

The casing are about the style and diameter used on pipelines. A source says there is an advantage of being able to remove a pole with a jet pump truck.

On this day: January 29th 1900
The American baseball league is formed with 8 teams.

International and Canadian films coming together…

Images of crushed people that tried still resonate. Photo KDG

Images of crushed people that tried still resonate.
Photo KDG

The Nicola Valley Film Society is having a film that is claiming a continuity of value for Canadian and international films. The film Phoenix will be shown on February 22 2016 at the local community college lecture theater. Showing starts at 7:00 free parking and no food or drink in the theater. Five dollar admission with a 2 dollar season membership.
Lots of notice for you planners….
Human drama at its ugly self…
NVIT is a the top of the hill,at the Eagles Perch campus, Merritt,4155 Belshaw Avenue.
The trailer is available at:


On this day: January 28th 1915

The United States creates a separate Coast Guard.



Merritt BC incorporation Photo KDG

Merritt BC incorporation
Photo KDG

The local public library in Merritt is having a night to launch a digitization project done by Murphy Shewchuck and Tom Edwards  at the local museum and archives. The pair used a digital camera to photograph and archive the hard copies of a local newspaper the Merritt Herald. The evening begins a 6PM refreshments are provided by the library a sign up sheet is at the front counter, 1691 Garcia street in Merritt.

A sources says that the record goes back to 1906 and that it will be available at the public library as it as at his writing at the Museum. The record predates the incorporation of the city.

The Merritt  Herald is an award winning paper at the national level. A source at the Herald said it was done with permission.

Editors note: the event is from 4 PM to 6PM refreshments are available according to Anne Pang the person in charge of the event.

On this day: January 27th 1909

The young left is formed in Norway.

Budget discussions

Budget discussions are coming up for Merritt. Policing ,is a number one cost and results matter.
The City has in the past taken retreats for discussions. There is a drop in session at the city with the Mayor on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month they are advertised for times in the city page of the local Newspaper The Merritt Herald.

Mayor Neil Menard says he’s available for inputs…

low tech,

Old technology is heavy ! A nighttime attempted heist ended with the goods abandoned on the sidewalk. Coldwater Hotel, Merritt. File Photo KDG


Old technology is heavy !
A night time heist ended with the goods abandoned on the sidewalk.

Coldwater Hotel, Merritt.
File Photo KDG

On this Day: January 26th 1911

Glenn Curtiss has the first successful flight of a seaplane.


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