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Happy Thanksgiving

Nicola river, bank stabilation,
Rip Rap installed at Central Park File Photo KDG

Trans Mountain hiring…

Pipe for oil field File:Photo KDG

4200 workers

The expansion project is following up on its notification to its contractors to gear up for the expansion that it issued in August. Fully expecting to get approvals on remaining permits and authorities they expect to be hiring about 4200 people in a phased project timeline.

Trans Mountain remains committed to prioritizing and maximizing Indigenous, local and regional hiring to the greatest extent possible. Hiring by prime contractors is underway, with approximately 4,200 workers expected to be employed in various communities along the corridor in the fourth quarter of 2019. 

Source Trans Mountain news.

Presumed offset

A broken sign was a distraction a few years ago, the station has recently installed quick chargers ( yet to be opened).

Petro Canada has installed quick chargers a the local outlet of Belshaw avenue in Merritt and is committed to a national highway of chargers,

On this Day: October 10th 1957

An atomic accident grips the UK.

Happy World Post Day,2019

Alexander Graham Bell, 1946 stamp
File Photo KDG

On this Day: October 9th 1874

Good to have a post office , hey Amazon.

The Universal Postal Union is created.

Gardening on the moon.

First to land on the backside of the moon.

The Chinese rover carried a biosphere with a number of plants to try to grow on the Lunar surface. Initial reports said that the experiment failed, however it is being reported that they briefly grew cotton before the plants froze. The activity was in January 2019 and a mission from Israel and India since have had limited results and failed landings since.

On this Day: October 8th 2016

The death tolls hits 900 from Hurricane Matthew.

TGIF- registered to vote…

A hopeful federal candidate take part in a forum . .File Photo KDG

The registration cards are out this week for the federal election. A card with your address, name and polling places should be in this weeks mail. A 1-800 number is also included as is the address of an elections Canada office. You must also be able to prove your Identity and address to vote. Visit elections, ca to find out what ID is required they say!

On this Day: October 4th 1985

The free software foundation is organized.

National poetry day…

Three days to hang and to stay the fray.
Six months past the last true count.
Yet to see why a story of whoa, or a happy blow.
Years of slide to an end unclear, why the pry to undear.
Free but not, as blood still calls to many and few.
The price of wrath still abides, causing stow.
Now let go the dear is dear...

On this Day: October 3rd 1995

OJ Simpson acquitted.

Happy international day of non-violence.

General Assembly resolution A/Res/61/271

UN General assembly voted to make October 2nd an observance called international day of non-violence in 2007.

Mahatma Gandni’s birthday.

October 2nd is the birthday of famed Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi used non violence assembly that got independence from Britain. The responsible attitude helped with other sectarian problems as well.

100 puzzle pieces, one hundred bird extinctions since 1600 Don’t be a metaphor for missing… File Photo KDG

On this Day: October 2nd 2018

Journalist Jami Khashoggi is last seen alive.

Merritt BC incorporation File :Photo KDG

The Mayors Gala for the Arts attracted most living former mayors of Merritt to the jazz themed event on Saturday: The only living former Mayor of Merritt not in attendance was Neil Menard , Neil had a conflict for the event is well according to accounts.

The Gala presented a 18 piece big band, Michael Perkins and the Play More Junction Big Band. The Gala had lead up events including a Garlic festival, Fall fair photographic contest..

An immediate Tax receipt was available for sponsorships and admission. The sponsor was the Nicola Valley Community Arts Council…

Arts Council has history of gala success…

30 years an arts council gala!

Mayors attending

  • Jim Rabbit 1972
  • Bob Baird
  • David Laird
  • Clara Norgaard
  • Susan Roline
  • Current Linda Brown

On this Day: October 1st 1992

Cartoon net work launched…

TGIF- Arrest in Kamloops..

Dave Macauly of Nicola Valley Search and Rescue talk about missing person, with RCMP.
File Photo KDG

Merritt has had a lot of interest in cold cases for years after the disappearance of a local young person many years ago. We have no other info other then the retweet below.

On this Day: September 27th 1998

Google is born.

UBCM logging truck convoy…

Trucks from a distance working here in Merritt,In the past and present.
Logging trucks BC interior File Photo KDG

A convoy of logging trucks from the Prince George area have traveled to the UBCM general meeting. The convention is being held at the Vancouver Trade and convention center until the 27th.

Two dozen mill closures…

There have been two dozen mill closures in the province in recent times effecting ” thousands of jobs”. The hundreds of trucks are pressing the local governments for support in the industry.

On this Day: September 26th 1953

Sugar rationing in the UK ends.

Happy National Women’s Health and Fitness day…

Innocent fun is healthy for all File Photo KDG

Rated as a weird holiday NWHF day is worth observance. National Comic Day and Math Day is on the same day according to Holidays . Good to think well of ladies health and sensitivity on any day.

On this Day: September 25th 1963

The Profomo Affair report released in the UK.

Welcome to Fall…

The sun is our source for life. and is fair to all. File Photo:KDG

The Fall equinox came September 23rd at the same time all around the world, (that’s equal). In the middle of the night at 12: 50 AM ( 7:50 UTC) the North American continent stood up straight to the sun and then began right away to tilt on its 23 degree travel away to the winter solstice. Have a great fall!

On this Day: September 24th 1935

First outdoor electric lighted Rodeo.

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