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TGIF-Happy International Plastic Bag Free day…

Grocery stores here are giving free plastic bags because of the virus thing. But you can still keep them out of the environment.

Plastic bag sare a nusance to weed wackers File Photo KDG

On this Day: July 3rd 1913

Confederate reunion. of 1913

Transit forum…

Get used to it …

The UBCM is hosting a forum on transit. June 16th a forum was held on the state of transit in the world of CORVID 19. Coming out of the meeting was a further medd lding of minds do use thw 14B dollars allocated to provinces and territories to restate transit.

In follow up to the Forum, UBCM, in collaboration with the TransLink’s Mayors’ Council and BC Transit communities, offered to support a collective advocacy effort to provincial and federal government. With the latter announcing $14 billion to assist provinces and territories with restart plans, transit was identified as an area for potential funding. While funding details and allocations are still being worked out between the two orders of government, UBCM sees this a potential opportunity for transit communities.


The Federal government is expected to do a fiscal update on July 6th, Monday. It may be that there is little alternative to the present government at this time with oppositions in flux. The present government had a budget on March 19th 2019. It projected a 20 billion dollar budget deficit. The expendaures were projected at 355.8 Billion.

On this Day: July 2nd 1898

First steam engine gets patent.

Canada 135…

The flag the flies atop the hill entering Merritt from the west highway 8, it is kept by the ready-mix company that owns the land and gravel pit. File Photo KDG

On this Day: June 30th 1960

Belgian Congo gets its independence.

Happy Camera Day

A ghost from the past film camera.

Today is Camera Day, the whole world is affected by cameras now. Enjoy the day its not going back. Thanks Steve Jobs RIP.

On this Day: June 29th 2007

I phone introduced by Apple.

It seems that the pandemic is what can slow down conflict better than charters. It is likely that travel can work against war better than diplomacy after all a disease stopped the mighty conquering Khan. Yellow fever sent Bonaparte packing to the old world and making the Louisiana purchase. Plaque stopped the reunification of Rome for Justinian and many other quirky historical moments around disease and pestilence.

Quirky moment Covid 19

This emergency moment has come many times before so don’t get your hopes up as man can’t seem to stand prosperity and when things get to good things often go ban. So as not to cast your pearl before the swine make a pact with your self to be self satisfied and RISE TO THE OCCASION FOR YOUR SELF AND NOT THE CAUSE. Be cause it sill not last.

The remains of your apartment building are as significant as those of Rome, Ancient Egypt, Persia, and alike. That’s because you lived out your life in peace and wisdom not inciting trouble or borrowing it from those that didn’t.

Peace Out!

All that remains of the an Apartments. File Photo KDG

On this Day: June 26th 1945

The UN charter is signed by allies in San Fransico

From the Earth…

A art show celebrating indigenous peoples at the Olde Court House Gallery in Merritt BC.

On this Day: June 25th 1993

Kim Campbell becomes Canada one and only Prime Minister

World Water Day:

Water File Photo KDG

Happy world water day! B ring life to the poor, bring clean water!

97.2 % of the water in oceans

The earths water is mainly in the oceans , 2.8 % in lakes, ground atmosphere, ice, rivers and inland seas.

60 % of bodies made of water

So your made of 60 percent water be happy as you can be renewed every day. refreshed every night as you cleanse in your sleep with the magic of water.

Water flows by in every life time. File: Photo KDG

I want to be like water slip through fingers but hold up a ship.

JHIeSS Krieg

On this Day: June 24th 1981

The Humber Bridge opens.

Happy International Widows Day…

Today is international widows day. The UN sanctions this day it is to bring awarness to the plight of widows and their children so far as poverty and isolation and the injustice that it causes. It is observed on June 23rd each year since 2010.

On this Day: June 23rd 1946

Vancouver Island earthquake.

TGIF- Happy Dads day weekend…

One hundren and ten years of fathers day. Those poor orphans pre 1910.

Be him ever so humble Dad endures !

On this Day: June 19th 1910

The first Fathers Day is celebrated in Spokane Washington.

Online observance

Starting at 2020 UTC saturday night there will be online solstice observances. Look for on line live.

The sun is our source for life. and is fair to all. File Photo:KDG

On this Day: June 18th 1923

The first Checker taxi.

When to wear a non medical mask…

Masks are usefull for the prevention of tranmission and are recommended by officals in certain cercumstnces.

Wearing a non-medical mask or face covering is recommended when it may not be possible to physical distance from others, particularly in crowded public settings, such as:

Stores.Shopping areas.Public transportation.
1917 diploma from NVGH , Nurse training File Photo KDG

Wearing a mask alone will not prevent the spread of COVID-19. Continue to wash your hands frequently and keep your distance from others.

On this Day: June 16th 1885

The Statue of Liberty goes to New York.

Happy Blooms Day… James Joyce!

The friends of the Library sell book bags. File Photo: KDG

No idiots need apply. June 16th is blooms day. The day that the Irish author James Joyce is celebrated.

Ulysses novel

Set in Dublin in 1904 the novel Ulysses sees Leopold Bloom a advertising salesman going about his day.

How to observe…

Read the book or order it…

On this Day: June 16th 2010

Bhutan has a total ban on tobacco.

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