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Emergency kit.

Power pole replaced on Merritt . The activity saw a marked power pole replaced crews have a time frame to respond as well and need cooperation. File Photo KDG

BC Hydro is promoting emergency kits for your home this winter. Most authorities say you should have enough to last a number of days. (hopefully with in responders time frame).

BCAA 20 percent discount.

BCAA membership gets you 20 percent off on kits. Most big box stores also have the makings of a good kit.

On this Day: December 5th 1952

Great Smog of London

Vikram lander found…

Moon Photo KDG

India’s failed lander has been found on the moon according to Nasa. The Vikram lander didn’t complete its landing intact on September 7th 2019 (North American time. ) There have been three countries make a successful landing on the moons surface the US, China and Russia. Only the US has landed people on the moon.

Google’s inexpensive landing…

Prizes by Google and donations saw Israel attempt a low cost lander. in February 2019. They would have been the 7th country to land on the moon, however engine failure in decent caused a crash as well. The mission was still deemed a success for various reasons. India’s attempt was also a low cost attempt.

Surface photos NASA

On this Day: December 4th 1998

The Unity Module is launched.

Happy make a gift day…

A disply at a local library promoting wood and value added. File Photo KDG

Crafts are a privilege of time if you have some time it is a great expression of yourself and your creativity to make a gift for a friend or loved one. If it can’t be a CD of your last song how about something out of wood.

On this Day: December 3rd 1965

Rubber Soul is released by the Beatles.

TGIF- Black Friday

File Photo KDG

Happy count down on Christmas shopping. Black Friday has arrived…

The bells are a ringing people singing its up to you to bring your joy.

Get used to it …

The committee on climate action met on November 13th. This was their third meeting. The group included BC Hydro with an interest in advancing their step code.

FortisBC also presented its Clean Energy Vision, and highlighted the different low carbon pathways that could be taken to achieve provincial emission reduction targets. 

The Committee reviewed and discussed Committee member submissions on key local government pathways for reducing emissions and for achieving a maximum 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius global temperature rise. The submissions focused on buildings, transportation, energy systems, waste management, land use planning, natural assets, and carbon sequestration. Committee deliberations addressed both the barriers to successfully implementing these pathways, as well as the factors that would ensure their successful adoption. The Committee will continue to explore mitigation pathways and extend this to issues related to adaptation at its next meeting in December.

Another view from Merritt…

Not a good alternative unless for waste.

Peter Clark professor emeritus U of Calgary Chemistry in Merritt ” The Earth will be a dead planet in 80 million years.” November 13-20-27th

Peter gave the last of three talks on the energy needs of humankind and its ability to switch to alternatives in energy from fossil fuels. The pessimistic facts based talks dismissed many alternatives as political and we would use all fossil fuels with in the next few hundred years. He said carbon, phosphorous , ammonia etc is an crucial element to life on earth as fertilizer as well as energy. They are needed to support populations. ” In 80 million years the earth will be a dead planet with all its carbon locked up in limestone.” No reasonable escape to Space”

Population impact lessened by old age.

Peter estimated that if world followed Japans example of a population of 30 percent old people then crisis would be managed better. Material prosperity is also having a positive impact on smaller families in many countries.

On this Day: November 28th 1895

The first American auto race.

Happy national pins and needles day.

A sign displayed at a local pre owned shop in the down town of Merritt. File Photo KDG

Since 1937 and a pro labour Broadway play Pins and Needles day has been observed.

Pins and Needles Day might not have its origins in what you think! Though when we say ‘pins and needles’ today, you’ll think of that tingly feeling you get when your leg goes to sleep, the original Pins and Needles Day started up in 1937 to commemorate the opening of the pro-Labor musical play of the same name on Broadway. The production would eventually have a massive 1108 performance run, but its namesake day has grown to mean something else entirely.

Ladies Garment Workers Union

The play pins and needles has played London as recently as 2010.

On this Day: November 27th 1945

Care packages start to Europe from the US.

Twenty nine days to Christmas…

Less then a month to prepare…

Christmas is on a the 52nd and last Wednesday of 2019.

A view Photo KDG

Christmas is also the 4rth day of winter this year and we are grateful to change the discourse from weather to people.

Santa ready for Christmas File Photo KDG

Celebrate the holidays your way, good luck…

Lots of cultural gems to add or subtract, but not peace on earth we hope.

Still waters are great.. Photo KDG

On this Day: November 26th 1983

Twenty six million in gold bars stolen from the Heathrow airport.

TGIF- 911 cell phone levy…

Telus tower
File photo KDG

Mike Farnsworth is saying he wants a levy on 911 for cellphones.

UBCM’s support is based in part on an understanding that revenue generated through a CAL would not go to provincial general revenue. Instead, a governance entity would be established to manage revenue distribution. This is generally consistent with past UBCM policy seeking the establishment of an independent body for 911 CAL revenue administration.

Source ubcm

There have been meetings about the levy and the government has sent a MLA to look into high costs of cell use in Canada.

Service gaps an issue…

The government is concerned about overall 911 service. If you have a concern don’t call 911 as it is an emergency number. Talk to your MLA.

On this Day: November 22nd 1968

The Beatles release the white album.

The season is about to be on us …

This guy,Ted Embury, has 4 service medals from operation rednose- taking drinkers home at Christmas time ” three person team”

Office party time coming up…

One glass of wine can impair you for driving according to ICBC.

On this Day: November 21st 1905

The mass energy equivalent formula is published.

BC to look into cell phone bills: Global news

On this Day: November 20th 1962

The Cuban missile crisis ends.

Thermal Refugia Nicola River November 20th 2019

NVIT Lecture theater 7PM

A returning Salmon rises out of the water at the Nicola river Hyway 8 train bridge walking trail, Merritt BC August 12th/16 Photo KDG

There is a speaker and topic change at this months Nicola Naturalists Society meeting. Tom Willms will present on the thermal disparities of the Nicola river.

Tom Willms is a PhD candidate with UNBC, an Instructor at NVIT, and an active member of the Nicola Naturalist Society. He will share some of his research in characterization of thermal refuge habitat in the Nicola River and the importance of these refugia to salmonid fish. His work explores groundwater-surface water interactions in streams and uses some new technologies, including drone-based thermal imagery.

Free parking membership or donation requested.

There is free parking and an opportunity for membership in the society at the meeting. No food or beverage in the lecture theater.

On this Day: November 19th 1998

Van Gogh ‘s Artist wiith out a beard sells for over 70 million dollars US.

Pipe for oil field File:Photo KDG

Work on the marine terminal and route expected to restart as plans develop.

Over the coming months Trans Mountain expects it will receive clearance of all other outstanding regulatory approvals and permits for the remaining construction areas. The timelines for approval of all outstanding regulatory matters could have an impact on Project costs, schedules and final in-service dates; however, if approvals are received as anticipated, the Trans Mountain Expansion Project will be in-service by mid-2022.

The expansion project by its prime contractors have hired 2200 workers, have received the first wave of permits and expect to have a plan to have the expansion in service by 2022.

“I am pleased to announce another significant milestone for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project with the commencement of construction activities and the issuance of the notice to some contractors to begin mobilizing equipment and crews in select areas in August and September 2019. With the first wave of regulatory approvals complete, we are confident that we have a path forward by which the Expansion Project construction can commence,” says Ian Anderson, President and CEO of Trans Mountain Corporation.

source Trans mountain today. August 21st 201

Editors note: in case you didn’t notice the expansion 30 day notice above was given in August work resumed, today there is a job fair including Trans Mountain at the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology.

On this Day: November 15th 1926

NBC Radio starts its broadcasting.

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