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TGIF – Youth ambassadors


The ladysmith team for the BC Youth Ambassador presention photo KDG

The Ladysmith team for the BC Youth Ambassador presentation
photo KDG

The ladysmith ambassador team ,pose for pictures ,at the Merritt Civic center last weekend. The team and support were given credit by a New Denver mom for placing high in a several categories including being one of the three BC Youth Ambassadors to represent the province.


On this Day: August 26th 2012

The 2002 Earth Summit in South Africa is held.



Hockey Camp

Cooking hamburgers for hockey File photo KDG

Cooking hamburgers
for hockey
File photo KDG

Junior A hockey camp is on in Merritt 44 young men are trying for 22 spots for the 2016/17 season for the Merritt Centennials BCHL hockey team.

The team is the oldest franchise in the league and has may professional players coming from its operations including Ed Beers and Paul Kruse. A pre camp was held in June in Abbotsford inviting 15 – 19 year olds to try out.

The over 4 decades of hockey in Merritt has also produced  serious support including a booster club, media support and a committed fan base .The team didn’t make the playoffs last season.

 Merritt Hockey selling season tickets at thre Granite and voght office. Ffile photo KDG

Merritt Hockey selling season tickets at the Granite and Voght office.
File photo KDG



On this Day: August 25th 2012

Voyager 1 enters interstellar space.


Team work

Power pole replaced on Merritt Ave Photo KDG Last week saw a marked power pole replaced Photo KDG

Power pole replaced on Merritt Ave
Photo KDG
Last week saw a marked power pole replaced
Photo KDG

The core sampling by rebel contracting saw a pole replaced on Merritt Avenue at the parking lot of the Lawn Bowling club. the pole had once been braced by a steel beam and recent core sampling saw it condemned.

On this Day: August 24th 1936

The Antarctic Australian treaty is created.



Construction Nicola Avenue Merritt BC

watch for signs similar for these in construction zones. File photo KDG

Watch for signs similar for these in construction zones.
File photo KDG

Construction started on Monday on the Nicola Avenue upgrade. The million dollar project starts over the Nicola River Bridge coming into town from the west on Highway 8, and continues to the ICBC auto body shop through the lights on Voght and up about three blocks. The work consists of two local gravel trucks and an digging machine taking out the traffic island in preparation for a machine to tear up the old pavement at this juncture  the island removal  has progressed to the junction of highway 8 and 5A south.

Two local small gravel  business were at work, Macdonald and  AE  James, registering equipment with general contractors  is a way for locals to get work..

Some cars may be able  to avoid delays coming into town from the west on 8 by turning left  by Norgaard Ready Mix and scooting  up the hill past the golf course and taking the residential streets across the bench area coming out on Parker where a left turn would put you in the direction of 5 and 5A north on Voght ST.

Watch construction speed  limits, heavy equipment can be upset in an  in-calm  and hectic climate, so head flag people and signs don’t be part of something like what happened to the cement truck  in the file photo.

Merritt transit is not expected to be greatly effected by the construction; source


Damage in a truck accident File photo KDG

Damage in a truck accident
File photo KDG

On this Day: August 23rd 1904

The snow tire chain is patented.

TGIF- watering restrictions

hand watering at any time or day. file Photo KDG

Hand watering at any time or day.
File Photo KDG

Watering restrictions remain as last year despite drought conditions from last summer. A debate earlier this year saw further restrictions deemed not necessary. Restrictions are published at and remain in effect through September.

Basic Sprinklers

6 am to 8 am & 7 pm to 10 pm
Even addresses:  Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Odd addresses:  Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Automatic Sprinklers
Midnight to 4 am
Even addresses:  Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Odd addresses:  Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Please note there is no sprinkling on Sunday.
Violations may result in a $50 fine for each offence.
For further information please call (250) 378-8628 source

Voluntary conservation is always welcome and a sign showing conditions is on the right going up the hill North leaving Merritt.

Water table level as of end of July/16 File photo KDG

Water table level as of end of July/16
File photo KDG

On this Day: August 19th 1932

The first all American soap box derby is run.



Full moon

Moon rising File photo KDG

Moon rising
File photo KDG

The Moon will be full again on the 18th of August at 11:26:36 AM Central European Time, or 2:26;36 AM Pacific Standard Time. here is a thought from our moon source if you are out standing watching the sky.

We humans have mostly a distorted perception of large numbers. Let’s create a little scenario: imagine, one would take the entire Earth’s population of 7.4 billion people and bring them to Japan, to distribute them evenly. All people in the world in this one country! How many people would be standing on 1 square meter (approx. 11 square feet) in Japan? Take a guess … you immediately would think of masses of people, of the confinement, of people standing shoulder to shoulder … far from it! Every single person would have around 51 square meters (approx. 549 square feet) of space for themselves and the rest of the globe would be deserted …Source Full Moon Info.

A small apartment still possible for everyone to move to Japan. I guess the story that nation started the second world war for fill from artillery shells is exaggerated as well.

Any way there is a chance on the 18th for lovers in all places to enjoy a moment in the moon light on the 18th.


On this Day: August 18th 1920
Suffrage comes to US women by a constitutional amendment.


Artisan individualism

Grinding stone abandoned but still working in a river dike File photo KDG

Grinding stone abandoned
but still working in a river dike
File photo KDG

On this Day: August 17th 1907
Pikes Place Market opens in Seattle.

Team work

White Flowers

Photo KDG

The British Columbia Youth Ambassadors had their event on the weekend giving title to three new youth for a year. The 2016/17 Ambassadors came from Lake Cowichan, Ladysmith and Quesnel.
More info is available at their website
On this Day: August 16th 2008
The Trump international hotel and residence is topped at 423 meters in Chicago.


TGIF-Youth Ambassadors


A moment of announcement. BC Ambassadors, 2013


The annual youth ambassador scholarship program is on in Merritt again this weekend. Thursday, Friday and Saturday candidates will gracefully and thoughtfully present to come up with three young people to represent the province as youth ambassadors.



On this Day: August 12th 1851

Isaac Singer gets his patent for a sewing machine.

Where would ranch's be without horses File photo KDG

Where would ranch’s be without horses
File photo KDG

110_3721 cow corn

Corn grown in the Nicola Valley Photo KDG

A little home on the range went to feedlots….

The Nicola Valley Ranch Rodeo, the other rodeo is being advertised for the 27th of August at the Rodeo grounds south of Merritt.  Merritt has had a labour day weekend rodeo for 58 years including the one coming up on the 3rd and 4th of September.

Merritt area has had many small rodeos  at ranch’s and reserves over time. there was once a suicide run on a very step hill at the Upper Nicola Bands Douglas Lake reserve. It was discontinued because  of injury and the possibility of cruelty to horses.

The rodeo bunch are civilized here now however an event can still become tragic if not properly managed. Merritt has produced clowns to manage bulls in riding events.

People like Bob Barker from the price is right have been instrumental in making change to attitudes that may effect stock and the way people perceive responsibility to them. Hollywood has also softened toward the use of livestock in movies. We invite the public to take an interest in the Nicola Valleys animals husbandry and attitudes that actions generate.

Local horses up for weather File Photo KDG

Local horses up for weather
File Photo KDG







The ranch rodeo is advertised as free admission and an 8:30 AM start on the 27th. The pro rodeo on the long weekend is a prize granting event; info is available at:

On this Day: August 11th 1968

The final steam powered train operates on British rail.


Bike security?

This person was in the restaurant or the pub, was the seat removed for theft prevention…

Bicycle theft is a common crime committed commonly in cities, areas with high population, as well as on college campuses. According to the Police Department at the University of Colorado Boulder, it was found that most of the bicycle thefts that occurred were due to bikes being unlocked, improperly locked, or locked with devices such as a lightweight cable or low-quality U-lock devices.

One can prevent bicycle theft by avoiding using bicycles with quick release wheels, as these are easy for anyone to take off without the use of any tools. Furthermore, one should use a strong U-lock to secure their bike. One should only lock their bike to sturdy structures and should not leave the bike in one place for too long.

The way in which the bike is locked to the structure is also important. It is important that a wheel and the frame of the bike is locked to a structure so that one’s wheel isn’t stolen and left with only the bike. Source Wikipedia


On this Day: August 10th 1948

Candid Camera premieres on Television.


When its hot remember them!!

has needs File photo kDG

has needs
File photo KDG

There are walking trails near the river here in Merritt. King your friend  from to being hot in cars!

Hyperthermia is elevated body temperature due to failed thermoregulation that occurs when a body produces or absorbs more heat than it dissipates. Extreme temperature elevation then becomes a medical emergency requiring immediate treatment to prevent disability or death.

On this day: August 10th 1899

The Norwegian football team Viking FK is formed.


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