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TGIF- speakers schedule


All presentations are on at 6 pm except for health services. which is at 1PM.

  1. The importance of Bees: April 9th
  2. Mars and Black holes: April 23d
  3. Go with the flow, waste water, Go with the flow: May 7th
  4. Health Services in Merritt: May 21 st
  5. Wills and estates May 28th.

The Merritt Public library is at 1691 Garcia Street, sign up sheet at counter.

On this day: March 27th 1975

The Trans Alaskan pipeline is begun.

Mars and Black Holes

Merritt Doctor Don McLeod is giving a talk on his view of the space and some quantum physics. Macleod is a patron of the arts a, a published author and a successful Doctor of the Nicola Valley. Originally from Penticton, McLeod lives with his partner at a rural Nicola Lake residence. McLeod has a general practice. Sign up sheet at Merritt Public Library, 1691 Garcia. On this day: March 26th 1931 Swiss air goes into service.

Computer availability

The local public library is finishing off its painting job by painting the doors inside. On the 24th only 3 of the 9 computers were available due to drying paint.
The Library is at 1691 Garcia in Merritt and has 9 public access computers and a couple of overload Wi-Fi laptops.
The lab is reopening at noon on the day of this writing and a sources there will be no more interruptions due to painting.
Guest passes for non members are available at the front counter with out charge.

On this Day: March 25th 1958
Canada flies its Avro Arrow jet fighter.

Street Cleaners

There is a mighty presence of cleaning here in Merritt, British Columbia, this week as well as crew out replacing winter damage to roads and light standards. Pleasant calm spring weather is about this week a change from windy and colder. Crocus are in bloom in some yards.

On this day: March 24th 1958

Elvis Priestly is drafted into the US Army


TGIF-wood ticks

There are reports of wood ticks being picked up on people here in the Nicola Valley. People that have dogs may want to check themselves and children for the creature. Wood ticks can be responsible for Rocky Mountain spotted fever. If you find one be careful not to pull on it as it is said to break its head off if its stared to burrow in flesh and the head may keep going. That’s according to home remedies and they include a method of heating a sewing needle on an element to cause it to back out.

Dermacentor andersoni, commonly known as the Rocky Mountain wood tick, is a species of tick.[1]

It can cause tick paralysis.

Diagnostic features: Larva only has 3 pairs of legs. Nymph has 4 pairs. Single pair of spiracular openings (stigmata) close to the coxae (leg bases or segments) of the 4th pair of legs (except in larvae) Terminal capitulum (mouthparts) visible from above in all stages except the egg, of course. A large sclerite called the Scutum present dorsally behind the capitulum. The scutum almost entirely covers the back of the male, but only partly covers the back of the female. Eyes, if present, are on the scutum. Sexual dimorphism in size and colour is frequent. The female is often larger. Posterior margin of opisthosoma usually sub-divided into sclerites callel festoons. Pedipalps rigid along the chelicerae, not leg-like. Single pair of spiracular openings (stigmata)

The bug can also carry the bacteria for Lyme disease and Tularemia. Spring is the time here to watch for them.

130 Kilo-volt line

Poles in place for the 130 KV line from the Merritt Substation to the Highland Valley Photo KDG

Poles in place for the 130 KV line from the Merritt Substation to the Highland Valley
Photo KDG

Work is well progressed on 130 KV line.
On this day: March 18th 1896
Lord Stanley donates his silver cup to the best annual hockey team.


Shelia’s Bluff

Shelia’ bluff visited Merritt on Sunday. Usally an eastern Canada phenomenon, Sheli’s bluff is a winter storm or snowfall just before St Patrick Day that makes you think winter is back.

On this day: March 17th 2013

Th largest asteroid to hit the moon since NASA’s scrutiny began in 2005.


book sale,  file photo KDG

book sale,
file photo KDG

The 10,000 item book sale ends on Saturday, prices remain at 2 dollars for hard cover a dollar for paperback. Proceeds to childrens programs.

On this Day: March 13th 1991:
Exon agrees with the US Dept. of Justice to pay a billion dollars in clean up costs for the Valdeze incident.

Dr.Dan Durall , UBC Okanagan,

The local Nicola Naturalists are having a botanist to speak and present on the 19th of March at the  NVIT lecture theater in Merritt. Dan Durall is from the University of the Okanagan.

Ever wondered about local mushrooms – whether they are edible or poisonous, and what roles they play in the local ecosystems? Dr. Durall is a mycologist (fungus specialist) with many years of experience studying fungi in the BC interior. He is especially interested in fungi found in our forests, understanding their role in carbon and nutrient cycling as well as the effect of forest practices on fungal populations and communities.

All Welcome: membership or donation requested. Program starts at 7 PM no food or drink in the lecture theater.

On this Day: March 12th 1961

The first winter assent of the north face of Elger mount.


Returning presently

Suffering a personal loss, thanks for your understanding.

Color, beautiful flower

On this Day: March 11th 1984

Marc Andre Grodin  Canadian actor born.

TGIF- used books and material

The 10 thousand items, used and withdrawn, from the TNRD system is in progress , at the Merritt Library, at 1691 Garcia Street Merritt.  The proceeds go to children’s programs and it promotes the mandate of literacy by making available.

The sale runs from the 3rd to the 14th and new boxes are opened every day. Pocket books go for a dollar and hard covers for two.

The library has an overhead railway given by the museum  and the model railway club. It can be run by request, usually about once a day.

On this day: March 6th 1965
The Premier of Australia, Tom Playford, loses office after 27 years.

Snow pack lower hydro income

A happy job Stewart talks to us at the start of the 3rd 500 KV line near Merritt. Photo KDG

A happy job stewart talks to us at the start of the 3rd 500 KV line near Merritt. Photo KDG

You may be miffed that the BC government takes a dividend from hydro when its supposed to be a non profit and delivering power at a rate that reflects your equal standing as a citizen in British Columbia now that dividend may be more attractive when a low snow pack creates less generating capsity then in other year. Putting pressure on that dividend against a reasonable rate. Is it a tax? It is against the mixed economy concept that is supposed to undergird our free system of profit driven business. Here’s what hydro is saying about the snow pack:

Lower-level snowpack is way below normal in many areas across province

No snow on the North Shore mountains. Mount Washington closed to skiing for the season. A record high temperature of 14°C at Vancouver airport a month after Christmas. What’s going on here? And what does it mean to 2015 water levels in B.C., including BC Hydro’s reservoirs? To answer those questions, and to take a deeper dive into the effects of climate change, we sat down with BC Hydro meteorologist Tim Ashman, author of a popular in-house weather blog that goes out to more than 1,000 BC Hydro employees. A member of BC Hydro’s hydrology and technical services team, Ashman agrees that this has been a weird winter in B.C. “It’s been unusual in B.C. and in much of Western North America,” he says. “It’s been warm quite consistently, pretty much all winter, with only a couple exceptions.” What makes the winter of 2014-2015 so unusual is just how warm and wet it has been compared to other so-called El Nino years. We had one in 2009-2010 during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, but that winter was largely dry. Not this time around, because this El Nino year is different. “All of our storm cycles have been warm,” he says. “And that’s had a significant effect on our snowpacks. We’ve had to deal with water runoff instead of storage into the snowpack. At elevations where we’re generally storing snow at this time of year, we’ve seen runoff.” That runoff was significant enough that BC Hydro was forced to spill water at several dams, notably in the Campbell River system. Meanwhile, a rainy October in the north recharged ground water and increased streamflows into BC Hydro’s largest reservoir, Williston, in what amounted to an unusual, but welcome, pre-winter influx of water heading into the peak season for electricity demand.

Maybe rain will come maybe taxs will go up. What ever comes we still have a lot of good people and an enduring community to increase our quality of life come what may. You may take this serous enough to do that solar project you have put off.   On this day: March 5th 1975 The first meeting of the home brew computer club.

For more from hydro visit the newsletter:


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