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Ducks and Ice


These creatures were at the Highway 8 bridge on Nicola Avenue , Sunday,few skaters among them.

The ducks came to me as if to want to be fed….

Editors Note: the Nicola Naturalists are having their regular monthly meeting on Thursday. The group did a Christmas bird Count in December and their is likely to be a report….

On this Day: January 18th 1670

Henry Morgan captures Panama.


Skating rink

Monday evening saw use of the Voght Street Rink used Photo KDG

Monday evening saw use of the Voght Street rink used
Photo KDG

The Lacrosse court on Voght street has been used as a skating rink with some success this year. Cold weather cooperated to give  a longer uptime to the facility this year.

“We are out tonight because the weather is warming Tuesday and it may be the last chance to use it.” A couple and a man with a grandson were getting ready for quiet enjoyment on the rink before show time at the Film Society showing.

The rink /court is a use at your own risk venue.

Editors note: Lacrosse is Canada’s official sport, Ice Hockey the official National Winter Sport.



On this Day: January 17th 17873

Sea Captain James Cook goes south of the Antarctic Circle.



Film Schedule 2016/17 NVFS

Monday the Local Film Society are back at it with, Captain America …

International Films in Review

The Nicola Valley Film Society presents six international films from September- March

( none in December) at the NVIT Lecture Theater Belshaw Avenue in Merritt. The film nights are 3rd Mondays at 7PM, no food or drinks in the lecture hall. Membership is two dollars 30 dollar seasons pass available.

Monday September 19th 2016

Monday, October 17th 2016

Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday, January 16th 2017

Monday,February 20th, 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Annual General Meeting of the Nicola Valley Film Society is on Oct 4th 2016 6:30 PM at Library 1691 Garcia Street Merritt, BC.

Tickets advance at Blacks Pharmacy….

Editors note tickets at the door….

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Wheel of knowledge File Photo KDG

Wheel of knowledge
File Photo KDG

Guard your health it has nothing to do with luck or fortune, it has to do with diligence and attitude.

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, your doctor will review your pathology report and results of any imaging tests to understand the specifics of your tumor.

Using a tissue sample from your breast biopsy or using your tumor if you’ve already undergone surgery, your medical team determines your breast cancer type. This information helps your doctor decide which treatment options are most appropriate for you. Source:

On this Day: January 13th

Born: Paul Higgins Canadian Ice Hockey Player.

Regulation and self government, CEPA

Pipe for oil field File:Photo KDG

Pipe for oil field
File:Photo KDG

Drilling equipment for dewatering Photo KDG

Drilling equipment for dewatering
File Photo KDG

The Canadian Energy Pipeline Assc. has been working to see better conditions for pipeline activities. The self governing body has as a member the Trans Mountain pipeline group and they have reported on successful lobbying to provide   assurance to concerned people that delivery of  oil from Alberta is well regulated and safe.Yesterday the CBC reported that BC is satisfied with the environmental  provisions of the approved expansion.

The international pipeline conference.

Pipeline professionals, engineers and scientists gathered to talk about leadership and innovation and to share insights into the future of the industry. Among other things, we saw that the importance of communication and sustainability is a key focus for our industry.

Inspector  certification

CEPA has been working with the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) and the INGAA Foundation, to develop a pipeline inspector certification program. The program will give a consistent framework for inspector training programs across North America.  Source: Trans Mountain Pipeline.

The CEPA has also been involved in local fire chief certification and  the using their members mandate  to get legislation that makes polluter pay the law on right of way properties along pipelines.

Its been four and a half decades since we first saw locals here in the interior of BC take up jobs exploring for tar sands in northern Alberta some of them have passed on after spending a good part of their life in the exploration and development of a resource for future generations. Companies like Tonto Drilling and Connors Drilling, and the engineering supervision that gave that first drive for a better life have been absorbed and fractured into a different lifestyle today.

Wages for a stand up citizenry were more the focus then . A global corporate structure demands more today.It  is still desirable that a big share go to the individuals that command a wage  reflecting the status of working people who will live here and contribute time and talent to the future  of the community.

Pipe File photo KDG

File photo KDG

You can learn more :

On this Day: January 12th 1998

Nineteen European nations agree to ban human cloning.




book sale, File photo KDG

Book sale, public library
File photo KDG

The local Public Library is having a fifteen minutes of fame day on January 27th 2017. Read anything for 15 minutes and tell the library about it and you will be famous for your fifteen minutes here.
The library is at 1691 Garcia street in Merritt and you can report your read at the desk or by calling at 250-378-4737.

Library self checker File photo KDG

Library self checker
File photo KDG








Read and report anything anywhere and anything to qualify. There is an entry in a draw for a prize included in your report.

contest prize

A prize package for a library program.
File Photo KDG

This post was constructed from published material and conversations at the local library. Literacy is a concern at all times, usage and interest is a public interest.

On this Day: January 11th 1908
The Grand Canyon is made a public monument.

Weather or not…

January 10th, 7pm shows  snow accumulated,Merritt BC Photo KDG

January 10th, 7pm shows snow accumulated, Merritt BC
Photo KDG

We have had snow on the ground here in South Central British Columbia, at 700 meters elevation, for about a month. The fist time in decades that snow lasted more then a week. The accumulation is forcast  for clear skies and at this writing there are heavy skies with moderately low ceiling.
This gives a feeling of normal to local long timers.

On this day: January 10th 49 BC

Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon River with his legions.

TGIF- A little bird told me…

Feathered friends File Photo KDG

Feathered friends
File Photo KDG

Remember our feathered friends,as our first nations friends say I,ts all connected to mother Earth….

On this Day: January 6th 1907

Montessori opens its first working class day care and school in Rome.

Raw Hide

 First drum made at local school.

First drum made at local school.

File Photo: KDG

The tradition is that the first raw hide drum a first nations person makes  is a gift to someone.

Traditional drum making at NVIT Photo KDG

Traditional drum making at NVIT
File Photo: KDG







Drumming and rattles are used in First Nations ceremony, as well as singing for  prayers for events.

Rattles for traditional functions also raw hide File Photo KDG

Rattles for traditional functions also raw hide
File Photo KDG


On this Day: January 5th 1944

The Daily Mail goes into trans continental publication.



Salmon and Eagles…

Alan Burger and a speaker discuss a presentation, File Photo KDG

Alan Burger and a speaker
File Photo KDG

The Nicola Naturalists are starting their winter program that includes an eagle count.The group is a member of the BC Naturalists and information is shared, it is also a registered non profit and has a track record.

Sunday 15th January – Nicola Valley Swan/Eagle count with Wayne Weber
Meeting place & time:  Merritt Civic Centre at 08:30 to car-pool.

Each year there is a mid-winter count of swans and eagles in the Southern Interior of B.C., with participants from many areas. A few members of the Nicola Naturalists have participated in past years.
Because of increasing interest by birders, in 2017 and future years, Wayne is organizing a special outing with all NNS members welcome to join in.
Duration: About 8:30 AM to 4 PM. (The count should take all or most of the day). Please bring a lunch and a hot drink!  Leader:  Wayne Weber
Area covered: Nicola River from Merritt to Nicola Lake; entire shoreline of Nicola Lake; Nicola River from Nicola Lake to Spahomin (Douglas Lake); Nicola River up to Douglas Lake P.O.  (NOTE: The Nicola River from Merritt west to Spences Bridge will be covered by a separate group, and will not be part of the main field trip.)

The Society will also start its winter presentation program on Thursday January 19th at  7 pm and are hosting the Nicola Tribal association in a presentation on salmon.

Thursday January 19th 2017, 7 PM at NVIT Lecture Theatre: Tracy Wimbush (Nicola Tribal Association) –  Salmon and salmon habitat in the Nicola Valley

The Nicola River system is the breeding site of important stocks of salmon, some of which are seriously depleted and threatened. Salmon are an important focus for local First Nations in the Nicola Valley. Tracy Wimbush is the program manager for the Nicola Tribal Association. She also works closely with the Nicola Lake Steering Committee, BC First Nations Fisheries Council, Esk’kn’am Management Committee, and is the Mandated Representative for two bands on the Fraser Salmon Management Council. She has been actively working to conserve and rebuild the local Early Chinook Stock that return to the Nicola System. Her talk will be about the Chinook and the work around them.

The local tribal council had a Salmon Count on the Cold water river, in Merritt that ended before Christmas. The study involved a ” unique trap, first in North America” according to the operator. The study was for Coho according to the operator and the the postings by the tribal council. The presentation on the 19th is on Chinook and the Fraser as well as the Nicola River system.

There is free parking at NVIT no food or beverages in the lecture theater. Admission is open to the public a membership or donation is requested.

Quiz: What left this track?



On this Day: January 4rth 1998

An ice storm in eastern Canada gives severe damage.


Feels like 29 below Celsius

Cell service is not infallible. File Photo KDG

Cell service is not infallible.
File Photo KDG

An Arctic front has moved in to BC again  after  a week break we are back to near dangerous cold. For those that are not acclimatized be careful  especially with exposed flesh. When traveling there are still some non freeway roads that are with out cell phone service in the province.

Coverage areas are approximate. Actual coverage, network services and technology can vary and are subject to change.  Source:

A ditched car situation can start going bad fast… a safety package with warmers and survival supplies is a  good investment. A  grey  wool blanket or facsimile can make a lot of shelter.

Monitor the weather forecast before setting out, especially  in rural areas. The website has advice on supplies for safety.

Editors Note: It is said that TELUS has coverage for 97 percent of the population of BC, that may mean that there is a reasonable expectation of service in proximity to populated areas.KDG

On this day: January 3rd 1999

Mars Polar lander launched.


TGIF- Happy New year


Happy New Year from the Proprietor Review:

On this Day: December 30th 2009:

A pipeline ruptures in China dumping 150 thousand liters of Diesel into the Yellow River.

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