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TGIF- shelter done

Last day for all weather  shelter at 1937 Quilchena Ave. The all weather shelter in Merritt is open daily through January and February, come March 1st it will only be open when temperatures are below Zero Celsius.

We hope not to see you there…..

new parking policy at hall Photo KDG

new parking policy at hall
Photo KDG

On this day: February 27th 1986
Television coverage is allowed as trial in the US Senate.


On Monday March 9th,2015 at the NVIT Lecture Theatre in Merritt The film society will show Calvary. The film starts at 7PM and parking is free. 2 dollar membership and 5 dollar admission.
No food or drink in the lecture theater. ” a serious inquiry into faith”

On this day: February 26th 2013
Nineteen people are killed in the crash of a balloon near Luxor Egypt.

Have a heart

February is heart month canvassers are out for honorary Chair Adrian Clarkson, who wants us together to make more survivors from, heart disease. On this day: February 25th 1991 The Warsaw pact is proclaimed disbanded.

The Ghost of the Crow

The local community college NVIT is in the middle of an expansion here in Merritt. Something over a million and a half dollars is being spent on leveling some ground and adding another trades trailer to the ones, they already have.
The existing trades trailers that include welding and metal work equipment for training and pre apprentice qualification were funded by Teck Corporation. The funding from the additions is coming from Western Economic Diversification , the federal government entity created to fill the hole left by the Crow rate when it was abolished. The Crow rate made freight( railway) rates more equal for western consumers of  goods coming out of the industrial heartland of Eastern Canada.

Western Economic Diversification   also funds The Community Futures program that assists small business with start-up and loans. They have a reasonable record with flower shops, motels, art  supply and support for cultural events such as music festivals here in Merritt.

Opinion: With deference to the constraints of the Free Trade Agreements that  regulate subsidies we think that (industrial )there remains a value to east west equity. There is value to large production lines effecting the price of consumer goods coming from North South transportation lines.

On this Day:February 24th 1996
February 24th is a leap day for the last time in the EU and the Roman Church.

February 29, also known as the leap day of the Gregorian calendar, is a date that occurs in most years that are divisible by 4, such as 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020. Years that are divisible by 100, but not by 400, do not contain a leap day; thus 1700, 1800, and 1900 did not contain a leap day while 1600 and 2000 did. Years containing a leap day are called leap years. February 29 is the 60th day of the Gregorian calendar in such a year, with 306 days remaining until the end of the year. For the Chinese calendar, this day itself in February will only occur in years of the monkey, dragon and rat.

Source Wikipedia


TGIF-Degree days


Appledorm tulips breaking soil in Merritt February 17th /15 Photo KDG

Appledorn tulips breaking soil in Merritt February 17th /15
Photo KDG

The earth needs to warm up to germinate plants, for this various plants need differing  amounts of degree days. the lower mainland and Victoria are reporting plant germination.  We have seen some activity in sheltered area around warmed soil from buildings. Spring is still far off.

On this Day: February 20th 1965

Ranger 8 photographs the moon for landing spots then crashes .

Drill one hundred years

The local drill hall in Merritt is a hundred years old this month. February 1915 saw the building turned over to the owners the Federal Government.

Located at 1701 Coldwater avenue it has been the home of the Rocky Mountain Rangers for most of its existence, the Trudeau government sold it to the Elks in the 1960s for a dollar and that organization sponsored the 950 Merritt Cadet Corp for some years. The Reserve unit a mortar platoon support company was wound down at that time and later the Cadets moved across the street to a youth facility.

When built the City of Merritt just incorporated in 1911 would have been about 600 people, the armory would have involved a large percentage of the population.

They are having an open house at the old armoury on February 21st, this Saturday. The Lt Governor Judy Guichon a Valley  native will be in attendance.


On this Day: February 19th 1986

Canadian Hockey Player and Montreal Canadians draftee, from Alberta Kyle Chipchura is born.

100 pieces of puzzle

100 puzzle pieces, one hundred bird extinctions since 1600  Photo KDG

100 puzzle pieces, one hundred bird extinctions since 1600
Photo KDG

There are reported to be 2 of these relief puzzles, and the maker quotes EO Wilson on the statistics of extinction of 100 species since the 1600s.

This puzzle is on the main entrance wall at NVIT, a community college in Merritt.

On this Day: February 18th 1930

Pluto is discovered.

Thinking inside the box

A boxy new car ids handled in a  parking lot near E V chargers in Merritt. Photo KDG

A boxy new simple gas car is handled in a parking lot near E V chargers in Merritt.
Photo KDG

This boxy Nissan Car was being photoed by a dealer in the parking lot of the local arena.”It looks like a milk truck” was heard to be said of it with agreement.
The parking lot is the site of the local farmers market that runs spring through fall in Merritt. The earthy appearance may appeal to that bunch. People sure go to lengths, to sell.
On this Day: February 17th 1933

Prohibition ends in the United States.

TGIF- have a great weekend

Have a great weekend,

Have a great weekend,

On this day: February 13th 2000
The last original Peanuts strip is published the day after creator Charles Schultz dies.

Pancake supper

There is to be a pancake supper on February 17th from 5-7 PM at the Trinity United Church, at the corner of Quilchena and Chapman in Merritt BC.
The supper is for shore Tuesday and is 6 dollars for adults and four dollars for kids under 9 years of age.
Trinity United Church is a member of the United Church of Canada and is a mixture of Methodists, Congregationalists and Presbyterians.
The Building in Merritt is a little over a hundred years old and represents a big portion of European contact here in the BC Central interior.
The work was struck by the Father of Merritt a man named Voght, in in recent times has produced public figures such as Bob Baird former Mayor and councillor, Richie Gage former councillor and School board member, as well as the local coroner.
The attitude of thrift and stewardship of resources here in Merritt comes in part from the activities of that congregation.
this day: February 12th 1992
The Mongolian constitution is brought into effect.

Murphy Shewchuck is a freelance writer photographer. He is from Merritt BC and has published a number of books on the area and trails. he is going to present on his recent trip to the sub arctic on Thursday February 19th. The Nicola Naturalist Society meets monthly during the winter at he Local College NVIT, presentations start at 7PM in the lecture theater and finish at 9PM. The Society is chaired by Alan Burger from U Victoria and the society is a member of the BC Naturalists in good standing. The Nicola naturalists have been involved in trying to apologise the recent flap on bio solids in the Sunshine Valley area of Merritt. Murphy presentation is titled Driving the Dempster. The Society says all are welcome membership or donation requested. On this day: February 11 1978 China loosens up  censorship on literature

Broken sign no contract…. Force Majour

broken sign no contract.... Photo KDG

broken sign no contract….
Photo KDG

Gasoline is selling at 103.9 a liter a broken sign at a local gas station makes for wishful dreaming.
On this day: February 10th 1870

The YMCA is founded in New York.


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