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Are we ready

It appears that the goals of phase 4 maybe not the conditions to

start and success will depend on individual effort as well.

Air ambulance siting at air field
Health care takes a lot of support
from many sources including you
keeping your own. File Photo KDG

Phase 4 starts tomorrow…

John Horgan says no Sept 7th restart to normal, two weeks ago…

Phase 4 will only be achieved when COVID-19 is no longer a risk, due to an effective treatment, vaccination, or evidence of community immunity. Until British Columbia reaches Phase 4, there will be no rock concerts, conventions, or large gatherings of more than 50 people. Resumption of business, but not business-as-usual


Get vaccinated.

The Variant is out there and Covid-19 will still get you, that will hurt people I have that work in the health care system, we don’t want it to create another dependant class of people to replace the Ingenious that may be coming out of that on September 30th. TIC

Restrictions during phase 4.

The only real restriction planned for phase 4 is business will still be under public health guidance, large events are only targeted for ” increased numbers”

  • Masks in public indoor settings a personal choice
  • Normal social contact
  • If you or anyone in your family feels sick stay home and get tested immediately

On this Day: September 7th 1970

Vietnam gets TV


OUCH File photo KDG

Iron lung triage

Polio was a scrooge to the population prior to vaccinations, put on US president in a wheel chair for life. But true horror was the triage for for who might live when recourses were needed to be rationed. The truth of it is that you don’t mess with these things when they can be resolved, because that door may not always be open. I am familiar with one case where a young girl inn the 30’s involuntarily traded. her high school time for a life never getting out of an iron lung capsule.

That was a better outcome for people that go triaged out of that limited resource. Covid.19 is out there and so are you, it will find you in that 20 percent of unvaccinated. and you may triaged out because of your present health and age and the availability of treatment resources.

As provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry was announcing tighter restrictions to cover all of the Interior Health region, she said it won’t be a surprise if the province doesn’t advance to Step 4 in September.

Bonnie Henry



TGIF- Baskets and Bowls

Annual general meeting:

The Nicola Valley Community Arts Council is having it’s AGM on November 8th at the next door Kekuli Café. Start time is seven pm.

On this Day: October 15th 1957

Mira Nair born.

Healing bowls

Art center came in part from the
interest of the Valley Visual Artists


The 2021 wild fire season was about the same as previous seasons,however the fires were much more aggressive.

The sun west of Merritt,
red from smoke, of the 2017 fire season
in the Southern interior of BC
File Photo KDG

Just south of 900,000 hectares burned. There were 300 fires at one time most of the summer with 67 of them fires of note. Dry fuel conditions may have contributed to a more exciting fire season then was realized. Over 1600 wildfires designated over the summer made up the active and most notable part of the fire season, The fire season will officially end March 31st 2022, the last day of the provinces fiscal year.

There were 304 evacuation alerts, 181 evacuations.. More than 4000 people worked on fires throughout the province of British Columbia. The fire season of 2021 also had over a hundred wildfire fighters from Mexico join the fight.

The the determining factor in the severity of a fire season is the loss of human life and property. The town of Lytton BC was 90% destroyed by a fire that purportedly came up the natural draft that the Fraser river valley provided. Two people lost their lives in a hasty evacuation that was called on in a matter of minutes notice. As of October 14th 2021 the notion that a CPR train started the fire was debunked by the RCMP on investigation.

The town of Lytton did break a Canadian heat record just before the fire started. During 50° c temperatures at the top of a inverting heat dome the fire that destroyed Lytton somehow was incubated.

The BC state of emergency lasted 56 days, ending on on September 14th 2021.There was 565 million dollars spent in this time frame.

Cooler weather and rain was the determining factor in the success of the fire suppression. Large forest fires often produce weather and rain by its submission of particulate into the atmosphere as it reacts with water vapor evaporated from the hot dry conditions previous to the fire. Human presence and property does not allow this dynamic to be fully exploited in our modern era.

Covid-19 update, October 14th, North circuit breaker…


Rate of transmission from north serious.

Delta virus spreads quicker, needs additional measures for younger people.

58 people transferred from north.

Stop transmission where it is strongest, midnight tonight personal gathering restricted to vaccinated in some northern areas …


Health care takes a lot,

File photo

A flu season is expected

While seasonal influenza (flu) viruses are detected year-round in the United States, flu viruses are most common during the fall and winter. The exact timing and duration of flu seasons varies, but influenza activity often begins to increase in October. Most of the time flu activity peaks between December and February, although significant activity can last as late as May.


October 1st BC school precautions

(includes statements on flu season), Covid-19…

Daily health check

Stay at home when sick


Best tool box part :vaccination

Respiratory flu season

Air circulation

Conditions of employment

Cohorts not optimal to reducing numbers and sharing activity times


Elected people in charge under the rule of law

This is the 3rd school year of Covid-19 regulated under numbers of jurisdictions and time proven applications.

Regular flu vaccination is becoming available through pharmacies and doctors offices.

On this Day: October 14th 1066

The battle of Hastings.

Get vaccinated!


A fellowship of history and wonder.

June 19th 2010 meet,
Merritt Railway enthusiasts club

Railways are celebrated all around the world! Today is national railway day in Azerbaijan. You knew that!

On this Day: October 13th 1988

The book Spy catcher survives UK government attempt to squash.


Blue Origin’s 18th flight

Blue Origins 18th flight.

William Shatner to fly today Wednesday. October 13th 2921. The brief rocket flight will lift Bill and three others to the edge of space for a view of the planet. The return will see the capsule under parachutes land in the Texas desert.

The TMX project is ongoing, and the existing line will be running at capacity for the month of October 2021.

Workers song:

Pipe for oil field
File: Photo KDG

Seven percent apportionment (nominations for tariff on possible shipping), over capacity.

The volume of oil to run is at capacity, with 7 percent to be apportioned.

The energy sector around the world works on a monthly cycle. The Trans Mountain Pipeline is part of that cycle. Apportionment describes the amount of demand shippers place on the pipeline in excess of its available capacity. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the apportionment determination that’s carried out every month for the existing Trans Mountain Pipeline system.

TM today
  • Each month our shippers submit requests for how much petroleum (crude oil and refined products) they want to ship through the pipeline to service their customers. These requests are called ‘nominations’.
  • Based on shippers’ nominations, we then determine the ‘capacity’ available on the pipeline for the month. Determining pipeline capacity is complex. Capacity is affected by, among other things, the types of products that have been nominated, any pipeline system maintenance activities that will reduce flows that month and carry-over volumes that haven’t completed their transit of the pipeline by month’s end.
  • Based on available pipeline capacity and the volume of shipper nominations we received, we calculate apportionment using a method accepted by the Canada Energy Regulator and forming part of our tariff. A tariff includes the terms and conditions under which the service of a pipeline is offered or provided, including the tolls, the rules and regulations, and the practices relating to specific services.
  • If shipper nominations are less than pipeline capacity, the apportionment percentage to that destination is “zero” and all the product volumes nominated by shippers are accepted to be transported that month.
  • If shipper nominations exceed pipeline capacity, the apportionment is a percentage greater than zero.

Apportionment has been up to 40 percent…

The apportionment ( over capacity nominations) is sometimes up to 40 percent. This is a good indication that expansion is a good business plan.

1958 footage

The pipeline in use at this writing is the one that was built in 1958. The expansion project is building another line beside it.

On this Day: October 12th 1968

Hugh Jackman, actor, born.

Air ambulance sitting at air field .
Health care takes a lot of support from
many sources including you keeping your own.
File photo KDG

Boosters to be offered, along with 1st and second doses.

Ambulances has more demand. 30 more paramedics hires

Aircraft fully in use, north has more demands.

Change in virus has brought higher demand.

Transmission coming from unvaccinated, virus runs into walls when vaccines are involved.

All Delta transmission in province.

Happy Thanksgiving (not an Oxymoron)

Thanksgiving music

Set table for goodness

On this Day: October 11 1492

Christopher Columbus men attempt mutiny.
Weather is one of the biggest
contributors to natural disasters

File Photo KDG

Natural Disasters world wide cost.

The most expensive year was 1986, 700 billion dollars USD for the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Four Hundred Sixteen disasters in 2020

The number of natural disasters globally was 416 in 2020. The range for the last 20 years go’s from 320 (2001) as a low to 430 (2006) as a high.

On this Day: October 8th 1970

The Nobel peace prize in Literature goes Alex Solzhenitsyn.


Webinar on health issue of substance abuse.

There is a local elected officials webinar coming up. The point is to lessen the harm to people that are small users or personal users of illicit substance. The discussion is , October 13th 10 Am-12pm registration is open until October 8th.

Editors note: This program falls in the venue of ” de fund the police” You may be concerned were participants will end up and what they will be doing. Your block may be effected by programs and the loss of some peace of mind. Talk to a local elected if you are concerned.

The UBCM is the host of this undertaking, they are at 525 Government St, Victoria BC V8V 0A8.

A 2010 single homeless, camp leaving
on a traffic island on a freeway… File Photo KDG

On this Day: October 7th 1996

Fox News starts its broadcast.

Happy Pumpkin seed day…

You can’t start out with a glass slipper, you need a pumpkin seed.


First Wednesday of October

Try a new pumpkin seed recipe celebrate nature and your place in it, princess not withstanding.

On this Day: October 6th 1217

Henry the third enacts the Charter of the Forest.

Deep in the Forest

Trees made this province what it is, opinion File photo KDG
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