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TGIF- March distracted driving month

Pay attention
File photo KDG

The law enforcers are viewing the month of March as distracted driving month. Fines are big and patience little. Its not just cell phones its anything from emotional upset to…
The point is pay the required amount of attention to driving…
On this Day: March 24th 1837
Canadian men of African extraction given the right to vote…

Personal Protective gear…

A happy job Stewart talks to us at the start of the 3rd 500 KV line near Merritt. File  Photo KDG

PPP: The Hydro crews were about this week as a power outage saw power out briefly due to a switch problem.
When approaching hydro crews working with their mobile repair trucks they will have pylons marking out the vehicles and activities however they are not comfortable with people coming to close without full personal protective gear as they have. This is sometimes hard to avoid as they are working on poles near to lanes and walks.
Be aware stay safe live laugh love…

On this Day: March 23rd 1909

Teddy Roosevelt begins his post presidency with a sponsored safari in Africa.

WWWater Day

Today is World Water Day, and its been that way since 1933. Fresh water accounts for a few percent of the water on earth but is crucial to our existence, aqueducts, dams, ditching, wells, reservoirs, plumbing, pools. ponds, (had to throw in an alliteration), troughs, tubs, tanks it goes on like a modern calculus equation. The point is when we pew in our water or worse we better have a way of dealing with it before it comes back to haunt us.
Water is life and life is water your life and mine…

And where would we be without ice?

On this Day: March 22 1894
Ice hockey’s Stanley Cup is first played for.

The Cold water river, Merritt BC mid July/15
File;Photo KDG

] Nicola River. Merritt BC… Rain…

Art …

The local public library has a Tuesday morning art painting drop in at their 1691 Garcia Street location here in Merritt. Set in the Multi-purpose room local artists can paint and collude on painting with some local success’s including Nancy Ellingson, and Fran McMurchy.
10 Am to 3PM Tuesdays, registration required.
On this Day: March 21st 2006
Twitter is founded…

Jean Kiegerl, book at Public library
File Photo KDG

TGIF- Those that are at a distance.

Andrea Rogers quilt hangs in the city hall foyer File Photo KDG

Andrea Rogers a long time resident from Merritt came here from post war Holland in 1948 and lived in the historic down town core with her husband a liberator of the Dutch and a veteran.

Andrea went to Kamloops for assisted living and to be near her sister a few years ago, she taught piano and was an enthusiastic artist gardener and community supporter.


On this Day: March 17th 1992

A referendum to end Apart ide in South Africa carries by nearly 70 percent of the vote.
( 2.8 million cast votes for 85 percent of registered voters)

First lanquage

Mandy Jimmie a grad from the local secondary system in Merritt BC
File Photo :KDG

Mandy  Jimmie teaches First Nations language at NVIT, the local community college. Mandy on the right with hands folded is  a product of Merritt Secondary School.

The friends are standing  at the entrance of the college lecture theater.

On this Day: March 16th 2014

Crimea votes to succeed from the Ukraine.



Visitor to the Nicola Valley
Ran a program with youth
File Photo KDG

Butterflies have  a following  in the Nicola Valley.

The Nicola Naturalists are having their March meeting on Thursday the 16th  . The speaker will be local Bob Scafe and will present butterflies and Moths of the Nicola Valley.

Bob is an active member of the Nicola Naturalists, a keen photographer and a very enthusiastic investigator of  butterflies and moths. Bob’s presentation on this topic was very popular so we’re getting him back with new photos and new information on these colorful insects. Bob’s documentation of our local butterflies and moths is a popular feature of the Nicola Naturalist Society website – .. Come and see great photos and learn about these interesting members of the Nicola Valley area fauna.

Start  time is 7PM at the  NVIT lecture hall, top of the hill Belshaw  Ave. in Merritt BC. Membership or donation requested

On this Day: March 15th 1892

The Liverpool Fo0tball Club is established.

Happy Pi Day!

100 puzzle pieces, one hundred bird extinctions since 1600 What’s the circumference of this circle, you Pie guys…
 File Photo KDG

Pi Day the mathematical equation for circles Pi r squared is a fascination of many math observers. A day of observance was supported by the Us congress in 2009 making March 14th an annual event.

Pi Day has been observed in many ways, including eating pie, throwing pies and discussing the significance of the number π, due to a pun based on the words “pi” and “pie” being homophones in English. source Wikipedia

On this Day: March 14th  1592

Ultimate  Pi Day gives the  biggest Julian calendar  correlation of Pi since adoption.


TGIF- Time change

Google mapping car computer driven clocks atomatically change
File Photo KDG

The time changes on Sunday, March 12th at two AM in the morning, you don’t need to be up to change your clocks…. Spring ahead Fall back!

Editors note; check your settings in your devices and be aware of clocks that are not automatic…

On this Day: March 10th 1947

Born Kim Campbell, first women Prime Minister of Canada.

Our little Sister

A sign displayed at a new local pre owned businees in the down town of Merritt.
Photo KDG

The Nicola Valley Film society is presenting its March film on the 13th. The film is entitled Our Little Sister, the start time is 7:PM at the NVIT lecture theater, admission is 5 dollars with a 2 dollar season membership. No food or drink in the theater.

NVIT is the local community college and is at the top of the hill on Belshaw avenue in Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.
On this Day: March 9th 1959
Barbie débuts at a toy fair.

International Women’s Day an activist.

Sharon McIvor is a local Nicola Valley First Nations  person and is a lawyer. Sharon distinguished herself by winning supreme court decisions on the repatriation of status lost to FN women.

Sharon is a principal educator and pioneer at NVIT the first nations post secondary school in Merritt and Vancouver.

On this Day: March 8th 1927

Born  Irene Tinker economist, teacher women’s studies.

Still a long way to the Darling buds of May

DSC_3693 (1)

Eagle eyes Looking for spring Photo KDG

On this Day: March 7th 1985
People and birds are weary of winter here in the south central part of BC. Even though its the shortest winter since the thirteenth century ending on March 20th.

We are the World is released.


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