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TGIF-Christmas parade

Have a great day from Proprietor Review

Have a great day from Proprietor Review

Tonight there will be the annual Christmas parade in Merritt, the parade will start off the Christmas shopping season and will have a midnight madness open shops after the parade.
Merritt BC is a community of 8000 people in the South Central Interior of British Columbia Canada. Its Chamber of Commerce has had a number of themes over the decades including, A lake a day as long as you stay,The Copper Capital of Canada, The Hub of the Coquihalla Highway System and its most recent The Country Music Capital of Canada. It has the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in the 2000 Block of Quilchena avenue and is the bedroom community of the Douglas Lake Cattle Company, it is also the home of NVIT, a local Community College started by its First Nations citizens over 30 years ago. Merritt’s parade will reflect a lot of that flavor.

Community parade as part of the Country Christmas week to help kick off the festive season.
Parade starts at the Civic Center goes down Chapman Street to Quilchena Avenue, down Quilchena Avenue to Charters Street, down Charters Street to Coutlee Avenue, down Coutlee Avenue to Garcia Street where the parade ends.

Start time 7PM (spectators)

On this Day: November 27th 2000
The Liberal Party of Canada wins a third mandate for Parliament.

Stolen car



Culture Day at Baillie House Constable T Dunsmore File photo KDG



CFJC News is reporting that there was a standoff in Merritt this afternoon. According to CFJC in an interview with Merritt’s Constable Tracy Dunsmore two men were taken into custody from the proximity of Funks Road Runner Motel on the east end of Merritt leaving town. A weapon is said to be being searched for. A stolen car is alleged to be at the center of the trouble.
Editors Note: This is a rare occurrence in this town and is not our normal expectation.
On this Day: November 26th 1476
Vlad the Impale r ( Dracula) defeats Basarab Laiota and becomes the ruler of Wallachia for the 3rd time.

Today in History November 26th 1789
Thanksgiving made an national observance in the US by the Congress.

Finish the Sentence

The Merritt public library is having a finish the sentence contest. Patrons of the 1691 Garcia street facility can take out three books pile them in a staggered row to make a continuous sentence from the combined titles.
The contestants are then to take a picture of the pile of books and submit it to the library for posting and a vote. There is a prize of a large chocolate basket. Entries are due December 1st.

On this Day: November 25th 1999
The United nations makes an international observance of women’s suffrage.


There is a risk from above when snow is wet and thawing….

On this Day: November 24th 1429

Joan of Arc fails to take La Charite in a siege.

TGIF- Coffee promotion


Coffee promotion starting November 20th

File photo KDG


The local Macs is participating in their chains coffee promotion starting today. The promotion is for a week and offers a free small coffee once a day one per customer.
There is an upgrade offer 50cents to a medium and 1 dollar to a large.
On this Day November 20th 1982
The labour union, The General Union of Ecuadoran Workers is founded.

Snow tires,8 degrees of frost.


Cold conditions can still result in Black ice: File photo KDG

The highways system makes winter tires required from October 1st to March 31st , this is to even be on some roads ( high altitude subject to changing conditions). These roads are posted with signs and there is a fine no matter what the present conditions are as you travel . The fine:($121.00) for unmarked proper tires of 3.5 mm of tread.

VICTORIA – With winter quickly approaching, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure would like to remind motorists that beginning today, Oct. 1, 2014, winter tires are required on many highways throughout the province.

Signs are posted on each of the designated highways to advise motorists where winter tires are required. These are generally located approaching high mountain passes and interior highways where conditions can change from rain to snow very quickly.

Maps showing which roads require winter tires can be found on the ministry’s web page at:

As a result of the technical analysis completed during the Rural Highway Safety and Speed Review, winter tires have been defined as those labelled with either the winter mountain/snowflake symbol or the mud and snow (M+S) designation. Winter tires must also be in good condition with a minimum tread depth of 3.5 mm.

There is also a new time frame that winter tires are required on the high mountain passes. The new time frame is October 1 to March 31 (it previously was October 1 to April 30).

The ministry encourages drivers to always drive to the road conditions and choose the best tires possible. Tires with the winter mountain/snowflake symbol provide the best level of traction and safety in severe snow and ice conditions. Source BC govt.

So what about where it is not posted as required at all times? In our opinion from time and experience if you are driving in your small town and have an accident and conditions contribute to it then you will be held responsible perhaps as seriously as not having used required care and attention.
This can make you at fault and hurt severely. Here’s the rule accidents happen for a reason and someone will apply it to any use of a motor vehicle, to a fault. You may have good all season radials and they work, however over night lows are going below -8 Celsius this week and next and our subjective experience tells us that snow is solid as compact and black ice can be a problem. These conditions are different then slushy watery snow.
All these weather conditions are a challenge to be addressed, good luck and be aware… Watch and beeeeeee winter smart….

On this Day: November 19th 1847
The second Canadian rail line, is opened, the Montreal to La-chine line.


This bird was at the Merritt public library first week of November 2015. A little different then the flickers usually about here. Sometimes its like a roll of the dice to see a bird…
On this Day: November 18th 1883
American and Canadian railways create 5 time zones ending the confusion of hundreds of different local start times.

Its finished


A sign displayed at a new local pre-owned business in the down town of Merritt. Photo KDG


Our conflict is between  us and our conscience, guard it and find peace. Avoid the error of relying on others and supreme direction as well as anything that leads to delusion. The scale is, do unto other as you would have it done to you…

Republic or empire is as current in our personal  experience as it always was. Rome and the East never ends,because it is in all of us to be responsible for…

Life does not have a Hollywood ending for most of us but to die hating anything is absolute failure.

On this Day: November 17th 1858

Julian day zero is modified.


TGIF- Veterans week past…

Historical military vehicles being displayed in Merritt. File photo KDG

Historical military vehicles being displayed in Merritt.
File photo KDG

All roads lead to peace but for how long….

On this Day: November 13th 1982

The Vietnam War ( American war if your from Southeast Asia) memorial is opened after a march of vets.

Nicola Naturalists -Island Conservation

Thursday the 19th will see Chris Gill present Guns, Traps, and Poisons to the regular  monthly meeting held at the lecture theater at the local community college on Belshaw avenue in Merritt.

Islands support fragile ecosystems and are the nesting sites for huge numbers of seabirds. Invasive alien species, such as rats, are one of the greatest threats to these sensitive locations. Chris Gill is a wildlife biologist from Salmon Arm and the founder of Coastal Conservation. He has been working for 15 years on island restoration in Haida Gwaii, BC where invasive rats, raccoon s and deer are a major threat. In 2014 Chris received the prestigious Parks Canada CEO Award of Excellence for the Night Birds Returning program – recognizing his excellent work in restoring breeding populations of birds on these islands. An important conservation success story.

Presentations start at &:PM membership or donation requested, no food or drinks in the theater.

On this day November 12th 1990

A proposal for a World Wide Web is published.

November 11th

Historical Military vehicles File photo KDG

Historical Military vehicles
File photo KDG

Have a good remembrance day… From the Proprietor Review.

On this day: November 11th 1918

An armistice is signed ending combat in the great war.

Community pictures

Diversity makes for a broader community. File photo KDG

Diversity makes for a broader community.
File photo KDG

We have a password protected page that has some pictures of community activities from about 2012. We think that it demonstrates a bend toward theater so we are sharing the current password today for your enjoyment.

Merritt is in the process of building a 5 million dollar Community theater and we think the pictures build a context of a possible support for Community Theater. Password : Community Theater

On this day: November 10th 1983

Bill Gates introduces Windows 1.0


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