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TGIF- Al Horne, the final chapter

Al Horne at discussion of Alexander with a fan. File photo KDG

Al Horne at discussion of Alexander with a fan.
File photo KDG

Local retired teacher in Merritt Al Horne will be presenting the last of his series on Alexander the Great at the local library staring Thursday the 13th of October, and continuing the next 2 Thursdays, 6-8 PM
Pre register at the desk of the library.

On this Day: September 30th 1968

The jumbo jet, Boeing 747 is shown to the public at the Evert Washington plant.





Even a small fence make a boundry against guessing File photo KDG

Even a small fence make a boundary against guessing
File photo KDG

Stable people are at a premium and to grow stability a virtue. Changeable is not always the same as adjusted, and adjusted not the same as successful but knowing your limitations  will help you to rely on the stable.

The two dimensions or axes, extraversion-introversion and emotional stability-instability, define four quadrants. These are made up of:

  • Stable extroverts (sanguine qualities such as outgoing, talkative, responsive, easygoing, lively, carefree, leadership)
  • Unstable extroverts (choleric qualities such as touchy, restless, excitable, changeable, impulsive, irresponsible)
  • Stable introverts (phlegmatic qualities such as calm, even-tempered, reliable, controlled, peaceful, thoughtful, careful, passive)
  • Unstable introverts (melancholic qualities such as quiet, reserved, pessimistic, sober, rigid, anxious, moody. Source Wikipedia/Eysenck personality….

If  you are quiet or loud, life’s for you or against you stability will be the better choice.

On this day: September 29th 1977

Wade Brookbank Canadian ice hockey player born.

Rally….September 29th-October 1st


A lone rally car was seen at the Tim Hortons, the picture is a file photo of a ralley last year...

File Photo:KDG

There is the 2016 edition of the pacific forest rally here in Merritt this weekend. The event will see 22 rally cars on two courses Friday and Saturday.
A ceremonial start will be downtown on Friday between 4:30 Pm and %:30 PM on Granite avenue. The Helmer Lake forest special will then take place followed the next morning by the Dillard forest special. at 9:am. A Mab Lake Forest special will begin at 1Pm that day, concluding with another Helmer Lake Forest special at 3:45
A 9 PM End of Rally: event will see a winners podium at the Desert Inn downtown.
The 2016 Canadian Rally Championships Top standings has Maxime Labrie ahead of the pack with 49 points. His closest challenger is Wim van der Poel at 36.

Wim will be in the race driving car number 003, a Mitsubishi lancer evolution IX FB.


Pacific forest Rally Oct 4-5th

Pacific Forest Rally : File Photo KDG


On this Day: September 28th 1951

Color Television is introduced to the public and then discontinued.

The Rally supports a house for the disabled

Rally for the cause PFR partners with the Abilitas foundation.

A 800 acer ranch provided room for Coldwater Lodge, opened in 2013.

Good luck to the Royals on their visit to Canada

Flowers for a visit File photo KDG

Flowers for a visit
File photo KDG

Wishes of wellness and success to HRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their entourage as they get to know our country better.

On this Day: September 27th 2008

Falcon 1 , Space X’s first spacecraft  in orbit is launched.

TGIF-politics as usual

Machine parts, File Photo KDG

Machine parts, File Photo KDG

Editorial Opinion:

Pipeline politics are in the news again, after a visit from the Chinese there is talk of the Northern Gateway project again about parliament. With Vancouver’s opposition to medium size tankers increasing traffic in their neighbourhood it seems a shift is occurring in the flow of activity. Foreign owner ship of expensive properties  subject to a new tax have dropped off .06 % and pressure has moved to Toronto.

We hold that it is in the national interest that one pipeline should be built, that’s the twining of the trans mountain line to Burnaby tankers and all. In fairness to foreign nations and their investments in the Petro industry and the  dynamic we have in law here for private property rights we need to show sovereignty before we don’t have the skills to do a project of that scope and will need development help to do it.

This is the national interest not coast to coast but by pipe but control of our resources and the ability to manage them as a country. PP

On this Day: September 23rd 1641

The Merchant Royal sinks at Lands End, Cornwall England…

Vinyl Reliefs

The city of Merritt has had some more vinyl reliefs covering utility boxes about town, Brad and a coworker covered the large DC chargers converter box at the quick EV charger on Voght street Wednesday with an early 20 th century vinyl reproduction of down-town   Quilchena avenue. The photo by H Priest a female photographer and chronicalor of the Nicola Valley.

The pair said they had some smaller ones to cover on the east side of Nicola Avenue.

Andrew a city worker said that the vinyl coverings give options when graphite happens as well as enhancing the look and feel of the utility boxes.

On this Day: September 22nd 1888

National Geographic Magazine is published.

Ants-Dr. Bob Higgins, October 20th…

The Nicola Naturalists have had heir AGM and are onto the fall program with monthly speakers and activities. A big one is the Christmas bird count likely to be in the weekend of the 17 th of December any one keen on taking on a supporting or another role in the count would do well to start thinking for this annual event.
The October meeting will be on ants with speaker Dr. Bob Higgins of Thompson Rivers University. The talk is titled Ants of British Columbia ecological giants; the meeting will begin at 7 pm on the third Thursday as usual.

Ants are one of the most successful groups of animals on the planet. About 15,000 species have been described and they contribute more biomass to most ecosystems than any other animal group. Dr. Rob Higgins is an entomologist at Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops – a keen naturalist and an enthusiastic speaker. He will describe this diversity of ants and the ecological roles that ants play in British Columbia. He will also talk about new arrivals – the fire ants – that are overshadowing our native species.

The Christmas bird count for members goes beyond the local count to compilation and a reading  of the health of the ecosystem in respect to how the critters are doing.

You don’t have to be an expert birder to participate in our Christmas Bird Count. It is a great way to get to learn the local winter birds – each birding group has at least one experienced birder. Followed by a festive potluck for participants. If you are interested in participating and not already on the contact list send us an e-mail


On this day: September 21st 1897

The yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus editorial make s it around New York.



Walking the straight and narrow... file photo kDG

Walking the straight and narrow…
file photo KDG

Chinook  salmon in the creeks, leaves turning, film society started. A particular pleasant context to shut out all bad conversations and enjoy the glory of the natural world.


On this day: September 20th 1946

After a 6 year delay for WW11 the Cannes film festival starts.



TGIF- leaf




Sean bought a Nissan leaf, used a 2013 with 30,000 KM on it. He got a charge in Merritt this week and is ” seeing how far east he can take it before returning to his home in Vancouver’.

On this day: September 16th 1987

The Montreal protocol is established.


Harvest Moon

Animation of the blood moon September 28th photo KDG

Animation of the blood moon September 28th 2015
File photo KDG

Friday, (Saturday some places)that pesky full moon will be a harvest moon. The event is close to the fall equinox on the 22nd so the angle that it appears in the horizon will be smaller then usual.

The Earth’s axis is always tilted at an angle of about 23.4° in relation to the ecliptic, the imaginary plane created by the Earth’s path around the Sun. On any other day of the year, either the southern hemisphere or the Northern Hemisphere tilts a little towards the Sun. But on the two equinoxes, the tilt of the Earth’s axis is perpendicular to the Sun’s ray.
The fullness of the moon will be at 9:05:06 Central European Time, here it will be 12:05:06 PDT, Pacific Daylight Time.
Full moons are often attributed to strange events including a recent study by the University of Tokyo suggesting large earthquakes correspond to large tidal events, these events are driven by gravitational pull on the earth from the moon.

University of Tokyo, found that tides—which arise from the gravitational interaction between the Earth and the Moon—can cause changes that may trigger earthquakes. Source Time Magazine.

Editors note: Or the last tidal event triggered the big one meant for you…


Moon at three quarter August Merritt BC Photo KDG

On this Day: September 15th 1971
The first Green Peace ship goes to Amchitka Island to demonstrate against nuclear testing.


Global – Cache in garbage out week


some birds fall to the ground File photo KDG

Starting Saturday the 17th there is a global geo cache emphasis on the hobby and the environment.

CITO Week begins this Saturday! For the first time in geocaching history, there will be a global CITO Week from September 17–25, 2016. You can earn a new souvenir by attending one of the CITO Events held during this week.  for more info….
On this Day: September 14th 1741
Handel completes Messiah

Salmon back…

A returning Salmon rises out of the water Nicola river Hyway 8 train bridge walking trail, Merritt BC August 12th/16 Photo KDG

A returning Salmon rises out of the water in the Nicola river by the highway 8  entrance,(train bridge walking trail, ) Merritt BC August 12th/16
Photo KDG
The weekend saw the return of the salmon to the Nicola River here in Merritt. Numbers of fish were in the river at the junction of the Nicola and Coldwater rivers on the weekend.

A fish trap is upstream from the junction on  the Coldwater River by  Voght park, there is little indication of fish taking to the trap route at this writing.

On this Day: September 13th 16o9

Henry Hudson reaches his namesake river the Hudson.

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