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Appledorn tulips


Appledorn tulips, for Easter,  Photo KDG

Appledorn tulips,April 16th 2014, Merritt BC
for Easter,
Photo KDG

These tulips have bloomed in time for easter weekend here in Merritt BC.  We enjoy thinking of Andrea Rogers who came to spend her live here in Merritt from Appledorn Holland. Andrea married a Canadian  solder Norm who passed a few years ago. Norm was involved in the liberation of Holland in the Second World War and managed the Super Value grocery store here in Merritt.  Andrea Came to Canada in 1948 and continues to live here and enjoys gardening and flowers of various kinds.

Today in history: April 16th 1985

Born: Mark Baker Welsh Author

File:Gleditsia triacanthos01.JPEG

Photo Source GNU Wikipedia

The Merritt Public Library has a new tree to replace the Pine Tree removed from the entrance of the building. A green Locust tree was planted by a landscaping contractor this morning and is to be “complementary of the trees on the front that are sunburst locus.”

Today in history: April 14th 1956

Video tape is first demonstrated in Chicago.

West Coast Amusements

The  carnival was in town starting Monday, for set up. On Sunday a man was measuring and putting out stakes in the field on Voght street. Next to the RCMP  station when asked if they had a sponsor  they said yes the local Elks club has sponsored us for 40 years and his contact was a local member Archie Rutz now. After dealing with brother Harold Winfield for a long time.

Both members are known to us and have long reputations in the City here.

The contact said that gambling is curtailed with licensing now ( seemed disappointed ) when asked if they could still play for stuffed animals he said yes but not for place a dollar win  a dollar, for sideshow activities like Crown and Anchor.

West Coast Amusements is a Canadian travelling amusement park company based in Langley, British Columbia. It was founded in 1962 by Bingo Hauser, who has been in show business since the mid forties. Raised and educated in Brandon, Manitoba, Bingo started traveling with carnivals at a very early age and became well versed in the business by operating a number of rides and concessions.

When he first went out on his own Bingo started an animal show, which is where the Lion in the WCA logo comes from. Bingo eventually sold the animals to zoos, bought a Merry Go Round and gradually built West Coast Amusements into the major Midway operation it is today.

WCA is one of Canada’s leading traveling amusement (carnival) companies, entertaining all ages with cost effective, safe, environmentally friendly, and fun services including rides, games, food, and much more.

WCA employs approximately 350 people every year and have four individual units that travel all over Western Canada and Washington State.

WCA is currently run by Robert and Wendy Hauser (son and daughter-in-law of Bingo Hauser) and most of the family also plays a role in West Coast Amusements’ midway operations. (Source Wikipedia)

They are advertised as being in operations here today , April 15th 2014 .

Today in history: April 15th 1955

The McDonald’s restaurant chain dates its founding to the opening of a franchise  in Des plains Illinois by Ray Croc.

Glint of red

The lawn grass is beginning to turn green this week on the 19oo block of Quilchena avenue.  With Easter a week away the Appledorn tulips that are a bell whether for the resurrection day remembrance have a ting of red as a precursor to blooming. A single plant in a sheltered place we are amazed that it is most often in bloom for the easter weekend regardless of whether it is in March or April.

No matter what your beliefs it is self-evident that rebirth is an astounding and energizing dynamic at this time of year.

Today in history: April 11th

Ugandan dictator Idi Amin is deposed.

The car wash on Voght street is getting new equipment. An installer is quoted as saying that the equipment is from Detroit Michigan and has the ability to turn a Ford into A Chevy ( something preferable according to his demeanor.) However hes was not sure of the benefit  that could be afforded a Dodge product. The conversation went on to  affirm the plight of Detroit as being hard and worth noting.

The equipment is a Saber Autowash with two computerized settings simply arranged on a drive gear.

The crew were welcoming of pictures .


Today in history: April 10th 1970
Paul McCartney leaves the Beatles for personal and professional reasons ( source Wikipedia)

The local public library has  taken a tree down from the front of the library.The tree was a ponderosa pine and provided a break in from the weather to a small bench outside the door. A source says  that the tree did not provide enough shade and will be eventually replaced by a variety that gives more shade.

The library is having a speaker, author on May 15th at 6PM, Dennis Robertson and his presentation is titled :Crackers ….come and hear… ” A true story of a hearing assist dog.

Today in History: April 9th 1981
A United States Navy nuclear submarine collides with a Japanese freighter causing it to sink.

Glynis Whiting


British Columbia author

The local public library is hosting a speaker with a new book . Her book is ” A Nose for Death” and it sub titles Wake up and Smell the Murder. 

The presentation will be on Thursday April 24th for an hour staring at 6 PM. The Merritt library is at 1691 Garcia street across from the Railyard mall.

Glynis was born in Alberta and was then” transplanted to the wet coast”. She is a graduate of UCLA with a masters in play writing.

Today in history: April 8th 1916

A race car driven by Bob Burman in Corona California crashes , killing three people and injuring 5 spectators.

Hearing order

The trans mountain expansion project has gotten its hearing from the NEB, national energy board. They still want your advice in the process. here is there latest on the ability to imput the hearing process:

Provide your feedback to help us optimize the proposed pipeline corridor & learn more about the NEB Hearing Order for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

Trans Mountain filed its Facilities Application with the National Energy Board in December 2013 seeking authorization to build and operate its proposed Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

Earlier this week, the National Energy Board (NEB) confirmed that our Application is complete and issued a Hearing Order, which lays out the key steps and schedule for the process to consider the Project. The NEB also released the list of participants for this process and information about upcoming online workshops to provide participants with information and assistance in preparing submissions. Read the news release, or see the full Hearing Order here.

Although we’ve filed our Application, our work to optimize the proposed pipeline corridor is ongoing. We value your feedback. It has, and will continue to be used in our planning as we continue ours. This current engagement focuses on locations where optimization of the study corridor is occurring or where a section of the existing pipeline is returning to service.
This phase of engagement runs until April 17, 2014. All the information you need to participate is available here:

  • Review the maps and proposed pipeline corridor details for your area
  • Submit a feedback form
  • Watch related videos

We want to hear from you. Our engagement is ongoing through the life of the project.

Have your say

Thank you for providing this vital feedback and making our project better!

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project Team

We in Merritt British Columbia have the experience of the single line that trans mountain pipelines operate on a toll basis going right by our community for the past 60 years.  the routing discussion has come up with two premises to base an affirmative opinion that the existing routing is the best option:

There are no land use, environmental or engineering reasons to develop a new right-of-way in the Merritt region

That the airport expansion plans have been taken into account and the pipeline can be modified to accommodate the use of the runway.

  Editors note: there are still 10 days to go to this online form and voice concerns.


Today in history: April 7th 1978

The development of the neutron bomb is cancelled by President Jimmy Carter.

A source with the Merritt Community Cinema Society says that there is a similar organization in Nelson organizing at this time to have a community theater society for first run movies and live theater. However the source says that they  have also gained charitable status as well. The local effort remains a non-profit but imply that Charitable status is desirable.

The difference between the two organizations is tax receipts for donations, as a non-profit, the tax advantage is limited to business donations that can use it as an expense for promotion of their business.

The project is aimed at being a stable source of funding for the local arts council and is touted at a price tag of 5 million dollars. The project has raised enough money to acquire land and has not yet gotten a design in place.

Today in history: April 10th 1970

Paul MacCartney leaves the Beatles for personal reasons.

Dead Beaver

File photo  live beaver on the Nicola River. Photo:KIDG

File photo live beaver on the Nicola River.

Beaver, one of the national symbols of Canada, an image of industry, tireless work and thrift ( on the nickel). We never expect them to be seen in a less the desirable circumstance!

On the weekend we came upon a dead medium size beaver on a beach of a local river. With a clutch of poplar sticks drawn up behind him he lay about 6 feet ahead on an open beach, tail flat on its stomach and resting its head on a forepaw in a dignified spread. Maybe winter kill with no signs of trauma. with great respect we came back several times and we somewhat amazed at its condition that it was no being taken as carrion by birds or coyotes but remained in its stretch producing several moments of wonder with us.

Heres to you Mr>Beaver in your image and likness to our selfs we wish you luck as you continue to be our symbol one step ahead of the penny.

Editors note: Beavers can be trapped in season by licensed trappers and they can be moved on by destroying their homes but a permit is required to do so. Aviod touching dead or sickly beavers as they carry a bacteria and can give you parasites.

Today in history: April 11th 1976

The Apple 1 computer is released.

Grasslands Cowboy Church

A local church Photo KDG

A local church Photo KDG

Introducing, the poster says. And they are calling on all Cowboys, Ranchers, Farmers, and all those that love the country life. There will be a Sunday service for worship on April 27 th 2014, 4 PM at the Country Music Hall of Fame building  on the 2000 block Quilchena Avenue Merritt BC.

Call pastor Brad Miller,Canadian National Baptist Plant 250-378-7991

Today in history: April 2nd 1912

Titanic begins sea trials.


There is a community meeting coming to the Merritt in respect to search and rescue. Hosted by the Nicola Valley Search and Rescue society, it highlights the society formed to provide recovery activities after a demonstrated need occurred when two young men drowned in their canoe on Nicola Lake.The meeting place is at the local community college NVIT Nicola Valley Institute of Technology on Belshaw Avenue in Merritt.

The presentation is billed as being by the founders of the recovery society and is on April 13th at 1pm.

Search and rescue goes to a recovery phase after a certain time passes.
Today in history: April 1st 1891

The Wrigley company is founded in Chicago Illinois


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